geothermal dispute heats up battle of experts raging over blatchford - in a heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-03
geothermal dispute heats up battle of experts raging over blatchford  -  in a heat pump
Development of blatford-
Iconic Green community in Edmonton
The geothermal industry has been criticized internally and an external "fair advisor" has been hired to address contract and design issues.
Mickie Poon, CEO of general contractor Karlen, said: "We are satisfied now --"
His complaint led the city to hire an independent fair advisor.
The company had wanted to bid for a contract to build the first phase of the blatford energy system, which would use the heat on the ground to keep homes warm at the former downtown airport.
City officials first ruled that the company was not qualified and that its contract experts were not.
After the Poon complaint, the city hired a fair advisor and withdrew its decision.
Prior to this, Edmonton officials spent 18 months trying to improve their procurement system and went through a thought-provoking city audit in September.
City auditors warn that poor procedures could cost the city millions of dollars.
The development of Blatchford was approved by the Council on July 2014.
Part of the Blatchford project to be built this winter is expected to be tendered in a few weeks.
Pan believes that procurement is biased.
His team earned 41 out of 100 for the first time, including one of 5 points from a consultant, Mark Metzner, a geothermal expert who hosted the writing of North America
A wide range of geothermal standards.
This is frustrating for the whole team.
"If I am 1/5, who is 2/5," Metzner said . ".
"It seems to me that the people in the City Hall are traveling around the wagon because they realize that they spend too much money and if they find out, there will be political consequences.
The city will not discuss the specific details of this qualification requirement, but Roxanne Kits, branch manager, said the officials learned the lesson.
"We should always have a fair advisor on things that are highly watched by the public," Kit said . " They are working hard now, he added
Get a list of external consultants to do the job.
"We have been looking for ways to improve.
Families and businesses in the North
Blatchford's central community will get most of the heat from a series of shallow geothermal holes drilled under rain ponds this winter.
Energy will enter a central factory where the city wants to concentrate heat into two pipes --
One colder and one warmer
Each building makes it easier for individual customers.
But there is a heated debate in the geothermal industry about this design, as this project will be Canada's largest display project, so it becomes more enthusiastic.
"We spent millions of dollars, more than we expected," Karlen's Leigh Bond said . "
Elecom field director with geothermal expertise.
"We can't turn a blind eye to it. We just can’t.
It will destroy the whole industry.
"The main disagreement is whether or not Edmonton should establish a single
Pipe system or doublepipe system.
Several geothermal experts say,
The pipeline system is inefficient.
They want the city to deliver a pipe with warm water to each building, allowing each home or business's heat pump to be heated or cooled with water as needed.
In this way, there is no need for a large central plant in Edmonton to increase the temperature, nor for a second set of pipes to be delivered to each home or business.
In each home, the heat pump uses technology similar to that of the refrigerator, using compression to move the heat energy from one place to another.
It can get energy from the water to heat the room and vice versa to cool the room.
Thomas Barr of NuEnergy said: "People in the industry are very concerned about this design . " He competes with Karlen. Elecom.
His team was also rejected by the city.
But he did not appeal, hoping that he could still do some work if the drilling company he worked with was selected.
"I think it's valuable, release (full)
He said he urged officials to recognize the importance of the project and allow more industry experts to participate.
The city has promised two. pipe system.
In the first phase of the project, these pipes are now embedded under the street.
City officials hired joint engineering in Edmonton and engineering in BC in December to design.
They also hired two other engineering companies.
Corwood Ryder in Calgary and GEOptimize in Winnipeg-
Do peer review.
The city's documents show the intense battles of experts in the design details.
Geoptize's Ed Lohrenz criticized the two.
The pipeline solution, which will "increase capital costs, reduce energy efficiency, increase system complexity, and increase operating and maintenance costs.
The relevant engineering company said in the reply,
Overall efficiency of pipeline solutions is not necessarily low.
They wrote that this is the best option, in part because it reduces the amount of electricity that homeowners use to warm up in their units. Plus, “a two-
The piping system ensures that a consistent supply temperature is available to all customers on the system.
Brian Latte, infrastructure department manager, said this is about designing a system that can adapt to new stages and changing technologies.
"For anything designed, you have a variety of ways of doing things," he said . ".
"This is about understanding the system --Broad goals.
Latte said he was not interested in releasing a complete design to the expert community for further comment.
"We believe we have retained a professional team with a strong reputation and a high level of skills," he said . ".
"We believe they will provide the right design for the car.
"Estolte @ postmedia. comtwitter.
Three men died from an ammonia leak in B a Fernie. C.
Last month, hockey fields and critics argued that the use of ammonia in blatford's main heat pump would increase unnecessary risks.
"There are other safer and more effective alternatives," said Leigh Bond, a geothermal expert . " Fear that the city's use of highly toxic gases will lead to liability issues and higher insurance costs as the government reviews standards.
Peer reviewers in the city also raised concerns.
A consulting engineer at Kelwood Leidal in Calgary suggested switching to another R134a refrigerant, etc.
Brian Latte, City division manager, said the city would review Fernie's findings on occupational health and safety but still plan to use ammonia.
It is more effective than a replacement.
"It has a very safe record given its scope and scope of use," he said . ".
Officials of two tubes and one tube hope that 30,000 people will eventually live in 217-
The Blatchford site covers an area of hectares and has a shared energy system that helps to achieve a community entirely powered by renewable energy.
They haven't decided where the electricity comes from, but the heat and the air conditioner will come from a combination of heat from the ground, waste heat from the sewage and shared energy.
For most of the year, businesses use energy to cool the space, while homes still use energy to heat.
Water pipes circulating throughout the community will allow one person to take advantage of the waste heat of another person.
Edmonton is hiring a builder for the first phase of the energy system.
But it intends to have an independent utility operate, own and expand it, similar to Epcor.
The energy price paid by homeowners depends, at least to a certain extent, on Edmonton's performance in the initial design.
Co-engineering, the city's designer, said both sides had valid arguments --pipe, two-pipe debate.
They believe that pre-heating hot water at the central plant, delivering water to the home with two pipes, will reduce the end user's electricity bill and make the system more adaptable when expanding.
Transparent sourcing the City of Edmonton uses a collaborative process where staff sit in a room and evaluate bids based on the set criteria.
Roxanne Kits, branch manager, said they have at least three people, including a technical expert. Karlen-
Elecom CEO Pan mickie said organizations like the University of Alberta use independent experts, each of whom has their own submissions and rank them individually according to the predetermined criteria.
"You spent time and energy on it.
"You have to believe that you have a fair chance," Pan said . ".
The city's new commitment to "fair advisors" is definitely a step forward, but it would be very good to look at models like universities.
"Estolte @ postmedia.
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