geothermal energy facts - most efficient air source heat pump

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geothermal energy facts  -  most efficient air source heat pump
There must be Geothermal Energy Facts, geothermal home heating, and the coolest source of geothermal housing.
Geothermal energy is an attractive alternative energy source to generate electricity using traditional fossil fuels.
Reducing the use of coal, oil and natural gas means reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere and thus helping fight global warming.
In fact, both the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection recognize geothermal as one of the most effective and eco-friendly Geothermal
Friendly way to heat and cool your home.
Thanks to the favorable geothermal energy facts, there are more households using this energy to reduce electricity bills and help the environment than ever before.
As you may know, geothermal energy uses the natural heat flow inside the earth to heat and cool.
Geothermal heat pumps usually get heat from the ground through water/ethanol solutions and deliver energy to the surface for use.
The compressor heats the air further.
For the purpose of cooling, the opposite is true and the heat is taken away.
This process uses a circular system underground.
Typical geothermal housing-
Up is a horizontal closed loop system.
Rings can be inserted into trenches or holes in the ground.
Vertical Systems are often used in large commercial buildings.
Even ponds and lakes can be used as energy.
The heat is then allocated to the home through existing or improved pipes.
Even if the cost of installing a geothermal system is higher (
Sometimes 2 to 3 times)
Geothermal energy makes sense compared to conventional heating/cooling systems. . .
Investment usually pays off in a few years;
The cost savings per month are considerable and the efficiency is 50-
70% higher than conventional heating and cooling;
Energy consumption can be reduced by half;
Some systems can save homeowners up to 50% of their hot water bills by preheating the water tank!
Maintenance is easy as an extra bonus. . .
Some systems can last several generations with little maintenance.
In addition, some manufacturing companies, utilities and lending agencies offer rebates and rewards for the use of geothermal heating cooling systems.
In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the environmental dividend includes reducing ozone layer damage --
By using the factory
Sealed refrigeration system.
Other geothermal energy facts: quiet;
Uniform temperature in the House (
Where there is no "hot" or "cold;
Most of the infrastructure is underground.
It is unlikely to be damaged by storms, etc.
Children and pets are less likely to be injured;
Storage tanks without flammable fuel or potential hazards.
Some geothermal energy facts when considering the heat pump at home: 1)
The heat pump is easy to install but you need professional.
Once you find the supplier, look for approved installers through the international soil Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA).
In addition, vendors usually have an installer they work with or have a reference. 2)
The installer will determine the system that best meets your specific needs, which will determine the cost.
What they look at: the age of the family, the insulation, the size of the living area, the location of the family and the geological condition of the area. 3)
The installer will determine whether the existing pipe is sufficient to deliver heating/cooling air.
They will advise if changes are needed.
Usually the existing pipe is enough.
For new buildings, mechanical air exchange and plumbing works are factors that determine the price of geothermal heating and refrigeration houses. 4)
The size of the heat pump is similar to the traditional heating/cooling device. 5)safe. . .
No exposed equipment outside (mostly 4-6' underground);
No flammable solution, no unsafe storage tanks. 6)
Economically meaningful
Sometimes rebates and/or special financing are available
Investment is usually recovered within a few years (
For example, if your system has a difference of $2,000 and you save $700 a year for heating/cooling bills, you will pay it off in less than 3 years)8)
The only cost to operate the pump, compressor and fan is power, otherwise "free" energy! 9)
Example of saving: If you convert from oil to geothermal, bill will reduce by 70%;
For propane to geothermal, bill is usually down 80%! 10)
Three parts of typical system: heat pump unit;
Liquid heat exchange medium (i. e.
Underground loop); and air-
Delivery System (i. e. , ductwork)11)Final point. . .
Geothermal heat pumps do not require a large amount of electricity (
Your power company can decide your needs)
If you would like to learn more about alternative energy sources and climate change, please visit my website, wikiveclimatechange.
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