geothermal heat pumps: the next generation - in a heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-02
geothermal heat pumps: the next generation  -  in a heat pump
The most effective way to heat and cool buildings becomes more effective.
Climatemaster, LSB industry (NYSE:LXU)
, Recently announced their new trilogy 40 geothermal heat pump (GHP)
Certified by the Institute of air conditioning, heating and refrigeration (AHRI)
More than 40 energy efficiency ratios (EER)
Under the conditions of grounding circuit.
EER is the ratio of effective cooling (heat removed)
The energy used at the maximum load is the standard measure of the cooling effect of the geothermal heat pump.
A quick glance at the Energy Star qualified GHPs list shows how much this is a leap forward: the current highest EER rating is 30, and the energy consumption of many energy star-compliant heat pumps is as low as 17.
Therefore, the efficiency of the trilogy 40 in cooling is once again the third of the most commercially effective ghp, and more than twice that of some energy star qualified GHPs.
Scott lanhorst, president of GHP installer Synergy Systems in Kingston, New York, said the efficiency improvement was "amazing. . .
30 EER has been max for a long time.
"Climatemaster Lankhorst said it is hoped that Trilogy40 will be fully operational.
According to Barry Golsen, president and chief operating officer of LSB, the trilogy 40 will also improve the heating performance and performance coefficient (
COP, industry measure of heating efficiency)
It is 5 under the condition of grounding circuit.
This is also a significant increase, with 4 policemen in the best GHPs on the energy star list. 1.
In addition, they added the name "Q-Mode. " Q-
The model is the result of collaboration between climate guru and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
It allows GHP to produce hot water even if it is not used for space heating or cooling.
According to Chris Williams, a technology communicator for renewable energy and energy efficiency training and certification provider Hot Springs, the annual production of hot water requires additional equipment (and cost)
Traditional heat pumps.
However, competitor Climatemaster did not enter 40 EER regions without any challenge.
About the renewable energy of the Water Boiler of GHP manufacturers (
TSX: WFI, OTC: wypf)
In a first-quarter conference call, an analyst asked CEO Tom Huntington if the Watters stove had an answer to a "competitor" breakthrough in efficiency. " It does.
Huntington thinks Waterfurnace's new 7-
The GHP series will be more efficient than the Climatemaster trilogy.
Frequency conversion compressor (see below)
There are many suppliers who believe that the compressor used in the trilogy is 7-Series.
How do they achieve these efficiency breakthroughs?
Both companies are talking about "variable speed technology ".
According to Lankhorst, they mean a variable speed compressor.
The current GHP model uses a two-stage rolling compressor.
Although special controllers are usually required, the variable speed blower motor and pump field have been around for some time.
The inverter compressor is new.
According to Williams, "there are already a lot of innovations in air source heat pumps," which are now being applied to ground source technologies.
Q of Climatemaster-
The mode integrates GHP and components with the hot water tank to enable the heat pump to deliver hot water throughout the year.
Previously, additional components or alternate heating sources were required for hot water throughout the year. Q-
Mode is applying for a patent, so if a competitor like Waterfurnace can't replicate the feature without an infringing patent, this may give the Climatemaster a competitive advantage.
The integration of application components and the improvement of efficiency should make these new systems attractive to field installers.
According to Lankhorst, the trilogy may be particularly effective at high cost
The integrated system will eliminate terminal residential applications for several independent components.
Annual Hot water is less advantageous in commercial applications, as commercial facilities are almost always operating in cooling mode, when free hot water is produced as a by-product of cooling buildings.
On the other hand, GHP's on-site efficiency rating is far from the only factor that determines the effectiveness of the GHP System.
Williams believes that appropriate ground loops, distribution, and system design may have a greater impact on system efficiency.
When contractors choose GHP, technology is more important in commercial operations than in residential operations.
The cost of the heat pump is only a small part of the cost of the drilling circuit field, so residential installers are more interested in the level of technical support provided by dealers, and these competitive advantages vary from region to region.
On the other hand, if Q-
Climatemaster's model makes the installation simpler, and unless a competitor is able to provide similar integration without infringing its intellectual property, it will gain a share of the residential market.
Conclusion the next generation of high-efficiency soil source heat pump is an important step in energy-saving climate control.
Still, over the next few years, I expect these variable speed compressor pumps to only be used in a fraction of the installation.
Geothermal heat pumps are already very efficient and additional savings may not be enough to prove higher efficiencyfront cost.
In addition, Waterfurnace has introduced a new 5-
The series GHPs series, with two-stage compression, is slightly lower than the Envision product it replaces.
In any case, the cost of energy conservation continues to decline, and as efficiency increases and prices decrease, the potential customer base of geothermal heat pumps will grow, making them a more economical approach to climate control.
Disclosure: WFI Dragon LXU.
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