go green to get green - buy air conditioner online

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go green to get green  -  buy air conditioner online
Nowadays, consumers have a lot of green incentives at home: Rebates for saving energy and water or using solar energy, and even providing free trees.
Although getting most of the rebates may mean buying higher products
National energy has specialized projects to work with families on expensive electrical appliances and other goods
Owners of all income levels and rent r.
Peter Hidalgo of Southern California Gas said there was such a strong interest in conservation.
"There are 250 speakers of languages and dialects in our outreach program.
"Many rebates are prescribed by the utility regulator and are available anywhere in California.
"People are starting to come to us after the" Inconvenient Truth "and ask about renewable resources," said Kim Hughes, a spokesman for the Hydro Department in Los Angeles, referring to Gore's 2006 documentary.
"People are interested in protection.
"In Los Angeles, the water and electricity department is-
Stop shopping and offer most rewards and rebates to customers.
Staff can help with solar installation and electrical rebates, identify "smart sprinklers" eligible for rebates, and arrange for refrigerators to pick up the goods.
"For example, if someone is thinking about updating the kitchen, we can help them pick an energy star refrigerator with lower energy consumption and save them money," Hughes said . ".
"If they recycle the old ones, we'll pick them up and give them $35 and some energy --
Efficient bulb.
"This includes the old refrigerator located in the garage, which can cool down six
Energy costs are $200 a year.
Customers can also get rebates for dishwashers, washing machines and dryers that use more water and electricity ---
Anything that reduces the cost of the service life of the device.
In addition, for example, the Southern California Gas Company provides rebates for attic and wall insulation materials, which can save hundreds of dollars per year depending on their heating and cooling uses.
"Every time you run a stove or air conditioner, the money goes through the roof and the side of your house," said Hidalgo of gas . ".
Despite this, Mindy Spatt, a spokeswoman for San Francisco, said energy rebates may not be the best deal for every consumer
Public utilities reform network-public utilities consumer advocacy group.
Many high-
Efficiency appliances are hundreds of dollars more expensive than the basic version, she notes.
Spatt, for example, cited rebates for more expensive clothes dryers.
"What about the clothesline?
Do we really think that when people can buy a clothesline for $3 to dry, would it save more money using an expensive dryer? " Spatt asked.
"The bottom line for customers is that the most frugal thing we can do is to use less energy.
"Although the rebate for installing solar energy
Power systems can reduce the cost of a system by 30%, and consumers still need at least $15,000 to install such a system, which makes it impossible for many people to afford, Spatt said.
Many new homes have been built to increase energy
With better insulation and sealing of doors and windows, high efficiency appliances and solar energy.
But for people with older homes or less cash, it can be expensive to be green.
Starting from the family auditorium, where the environment can be protected
Are interested consumers starting?
Electricity and water companies provide free home audits when reviewing power and water usage and making suggestions to owners.
Some utilities, including Southern California Edison, offer
Gene Rodriguez, director of energy efficiency at the company, said service audits were conducted online.
"We only ask for a little bit of information and give them good advice using their billing history," said Rod rigz . ".
"The most common advice includes replacing old bulbs and appliances with more efficient bulbs and appliances.
"However, these proposals can also include significant changes and financial assistance to complete them. Qualifying low-
Income families can get special assistance for labor and new doors and windows, as well as for furnace maintenance and replacement costs through gas
Hidalgo says the company's projects. One-or two-
Individual families with a total annual income of less than $29,300 are eligible;
Larger families can have higher incomes and qualifications.
But of the nearly 40,000 eligible families in the company's service area, only 1 million have used the assistance. Low-
Hughes said that the income LADWP family can even get a free replacement refrigerator, provided that they are now using refrigerators over 10 years of age, over 15 cubic feet, and have ground gas, three-
New equipment outlets at home.
The owners, landlords, tenants and businesses of the apartments are eligible for a green award, Mr. rodeitz said.
"Over the past five years, we have saved 4 billion kilowatt-hours of energy, enough to power 5,000 households a year, equivalent to taking 250,000 vehicles off the highway," said Rod rigz.
More than 100,000 of residential customers use these rebates to buy energy
High-efficiency appliances, says Mr.
The Shade power water area has been urging protection and helping to achieve these goals, including partnerships with green L treesA.
A group that provides people with up to seven free trees.
They provide climate-appropriate trees and provide shade for natural cooling.
The Metropolitan Water area is pushing for smarter sprinklers and a new version of The xeriscaping, the demonstration garden is a beautiful site for low installation
Water landscape.
Super Discount is also available in the arealow-
Low flow toilet
Washing Machine and fine sprinkler
Use temperature and humidity sensors and historical weather data to determine the system timer for when to water the lawn.
Old low rebate-
Even lower traffic toilets are being phased out
The flow toilet occupies a spot on the rebate list, offering a $30 to $165 offer to help pay for the new technology of the toilet.
So far, more than 2 million of the 18 million Southern California customers in metropolitan waters have switched toilets.
"We have so many families,
Water toilets, we are almost saturated, "said Tim Blair, manager of the water efficiency protection program at Metropolitan water area.
"Now we are looking for ways to improve people's existing irrigation systems ---
We will see the next big water savings here. "--
Start the test of the infobox how to get more information about protection and kickbacks in Los Angeles and Southern California Contact Details: * metropolitan water area (213)217-6416www. bewaterwise.
Com * Los Angeles Mew (800)374-2224www. ladwp.
Tree of Green L. A. (800)473-3652tree. program@ladwp.
Com: Edison, Southern California (800)655-4555www. sce. comLow-
One or two of the income families with an annual income of less than $29,300 are eligible for protection assistance :(800)736-
4777 * Southern California Gas Corporationwww. socalgas.
ComFor Home Rebate :(888)431-
2226 tenants or landlords :(562)803-7493Low-
Income households :(800)331-
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