going green: 2018 eco-solar home tour showcases energy efficiency - in a heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-03
going green: 2018 eco-solar home tour showcases energy efficiency  -  in a heat pump
A couple love Edmonton's annual eco-park
They decided to build their own ecological home. friendly home.
This weekend, as part of the 2018 edition of the tour, the Corso Wanjia are opening the door for their energy --
Efficient dream home so that others can follow in their footsteps.
"My wife and I have been on the tour many times and we have been thinking about it for a long time," James coshwan said . "Enough home.
"We have had at least four or five tours over the years.
We have always been interested in this.
This trip is a kind of affirmation for us: it is possible that people are doing these things.
This year's tour includes 4,000-square-
Foot dreamer with Proof net zero home-
Houses that generate as much energy as they consume in a year-
Can be achieved on a large scale.
In addition, known as the first in Edmonton, the tour also includes a building that is completely disconnected from the grid. Eco-
Solar Home Tour attendees will also learn about the use of non-
Traditional building materials like containers.
"This is our biggest tour ever," said Andrew Mills, president of Eco. Solar Home Tour.
"We have 21 websites this year.
Of the 21 locations, 15 are families, 3 are churches, 2 are office buildings, and 1 is a Community Alliance.
The hotel is mainly located in Edmonton, one of which is located in molingville.
11 sites were opened in June 2 and 10 in June 3. "We're the show-
My tour, "said Mills.
"We will show you what is being done --
What can't be done-
With the resources available now, this is always very important.
Our goal is to connect the public with those who do so.
What is James corsowan's stryane family?
Website 16, 6 months 3 days Open on Sunday)
The desire to evolve and create more
In addition to accommodating Corso Wan and their two teenage children, his mother has her own space.
They chose to build on a corner plot to take advantage of solar energy and install passive solar heating with large windows in the South.
They installed 27 solar panels on the roof and installed them low
To reduce the impact on the environment, flush toilet, cork floor and LED lighting.
What you won't see is behind the wall where there are pairs
The Great Wall building is insulated with 1 feet to bring the R-
The wall is worth up to 40 and the ceiling is worth 80.
It is also important to take the motherin-
Legal suite on the main floor of the family.
It covers an area of about 600 square feet of 1,500-square-
The main floor of the foot and is specially designed to enhance the accessibility and make the space more advancedfriendly.
"I hope we can inspire people to follow the same path as we do," Kosowan said . " They also want others to know, he added.
Enough home for the big family to use.
"Our goal is to reach zero. we are close to zero now.
"The dirty state of a custom residential builder in Edmonton is disconnecting.
Effect Home Builders have purchased neighboring apartment blocks from their current Bonnie Doon location and will turn an energetic person into the first workplace in Edmonton to disconnect from the grid.
"The project is very exciting because it is more than just a renovation," said Les Wold, managing partner at Effect Home Builders, who is considering construction site 10, which opens on Saturday, June 2.
"This is considered a deep energy transformation as we are incorporating the most eco-friendly materials and systems into the building for maximum impact and effect.
"Home builder with ATCO 1 installed.
5 KW micro combined thermal power (mCHP)
As part of the renovation of the building.
This technology is an economic way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as it generates electricity while capturing the waste heat that can be used to warm buildings.
"When using the mCHP device, it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 31, or by 3-and-a-
Half a ton a year, "says Greg Caldwell, senior manager of research and innovation at ATCO.
In cooperation with the mCHP unit, SolNorth Engineering established a 4.
9 KW photovoltaic systems designed and installed by local company SkyFire Energy provide enough power to make buildings independent of the grid.
Wold noted that the technology presented in this office renovation also applies to residential renovations and said that the system will greatly improve the efficiency of old houses.
Different garden suites in Eco Park
Solar Home Tours will show you what you can do outsidethe-box thinking.
After all, you know how many container buildings have air conditioning
Tight building envelope, roof insulation R60, external wall insulation R45, high
High efficiency heat pump and integrated heat recovery ventilator (HRV)
The website 3 that can be seen on Saturday, June 2 has all these and more.
Its water supply system is on one side of the building, so the water supply line is short. There is a low-
Toilet Bowl, low
Comes with shower heads and taps, as well as a programmable smart thermostat.
"That's great," Mills said . "
"You can't see it's made in a container.
This is a very interesting concept.
And this energy
Mills pointed out that efficient products are not a net zero home, and builders have designs that allow them to increase it to net zero in the future. 2018 ECO-
19-edition solar home tour of the ecology of the year
Solar Home tours will be held this weekend, Saturday June 2 and Sunday June 3 to showcase 21 locations, including the 15 most dynamic in EdmontonEfficient family.
Cost: tours are free and there is no need to advanceregister.
Tickets are not required.
Hours: watch time from noon to 4: 30 every day. m.
Starting point: 11 sites are open on Saturday, June 2, and 10 other sites are open on Sunday, June 3.
Encourage tourists to find tourist maps in ecology
Solar Home travel website, visit the places they are most interested in, not just the family: the Evans Dale Community Alliance will hold a solar celebration on Sunday, June 3, children's games, food, an electric car show, visit their 26 KW solar systems, and stalls set up by community groups.
Education: Alberta will be at site 8 on Saturday, June 2 (Carlisle Church)
Sunday at 13 and 18 (
Evansdale and Belgravia Church)
Tell people about incentives to install solar components at present.
A representative of Edmonton city will also be on site 7 on Saturday (Prince Charles)
Sunday at 13 and 21 (
Evans Dale and Jingcheng).
More information: the exact location and other details of each website can be found on www. ecosolar.
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