google to invest in geothermal - in a heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-01
google to invest in geothermal  -  in a heat pump
Google. Public number-
The mental department of Google.
Com, which is responsible for addressing "climate change, poverty and emerging diseases", is using the context of the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas to announce a new round of clean energy financing.
In short, the amount invested by the company can be said to be medium
Over $10 million-
In the development of an enhanced geothermal system (EGS.
This technology is different from the "traditional" geothermal because EGS is not a deep drill to mine existing ground steam and hot water wellsmiles down —
Enter the heated granite layer that is everywhere on Earth.
Water can be cycled downward and then powered up the turbine to generate electricity.
According to the report, Andy deconstructed EGS after a study by the Department of Energy last summer: In Australia, Europe and Japan, there are successful plants that get heat from deep hot rocks, he added, research on the technology has largely stopped in the United States, with a brief study during the 1970-generation oil crisis.
18 authors of the report, from academia, government and industry, said that public investment of less than $1 billion in 15 years may be sufficient to overcome technical barriers and make initial large-scale investments --
Scale deployment of technology.
Power generation by 2050 could be 100 billion watts, or about 10% of the country's current power generation.
Google yesterday added an explanatory video to its YouTube channel: of course, $10 million in R & D support is negligible compared to the roughly $1 billion needed for the massive deployment of EGS proposed by the Department of Energy, but the three beneficiaries of Google's start-up are certainly not complaining.
Including AltaRock Energy, which will receive $6. 25 million;
Potter Drilling is expected to receive $4 million;
The Geothermal Laboratory at Southern Methodist University will receive about $490,000, which is conducting geothermal potential mapping in North America. Curious?
Check it out: AltaRock energy potter of the Geothermal Laboratory at Southern Methodist University said in a press release this morning, Google: "When the US debate drilling oil in the ocean, we focus on developing renewable energy-and a lot of it-right under our feet.
"Comments are no longer accepted.
One of the largest geothermal fields in the United States is located in the Island Park area of Idaho, adjacent to Yellowstone National Park.
It is fully leased and it may enter the phase of exploration and development when the wind transfers.
The development there may affect wildlife entering and leaving the park, or it may affect thermal features in the southwest of Yellowstone.
Just want you to know that there is a cost to these steps.
So now, if you search for "energy" with Google, it will return to "Google ". ”Brilliant.
Drill into the ground for miles before pumping water to produce steam.
It's not the worst idea, but is it about green PR or actual energy production.
By the way, if they hit oil on the way down the hill, will the process become an evil attack on Gaia?
So when people say we can achieve energy independence in our way, they are right.
Geothermal is a way, but with the rapid development of the world, there is moneysaving-free-for-
All the energy in the wind.
S. oil giant T.
Brian Pickens is promoting his own plan. S.
By turning to wind power from foreign oil.
That would reduce oil imports by 38%, he said.
The industry lobby of the American Wind Energy Association cited the United States. S.
The Department of Energy's analysis confirmed that by 2030, wind energy could generate 20% of the country's electricity, while the benefits far outweigh the costs.
The company is buying domain names quickly (web addresses)
Like wind energy.
Wind turbines at the back.
Money from wind.
Com and wind turbine 411.
To educate consumers and promote new and popular products.
All this should provide much needed stimulus to the US economy, most likely the world economy.
But if we
Sources of pollution, we will not be able to comply with the exercise that John McCain is doing here, and the philosophical exercise is now --
Will no longer be able to leak 3 million barrels of oil into offshore waters, 800 square miles of polute killing millions of fish, depriving fishermen of their lives and keeping surfers and swimmers away from the beach, as in the 1980 s, due to the fact that the new offshore drilling is stopped, the same thing happens.
So what Google wants is their reaction.
Drilling and defense
McCain, thereforeBush and anit-
Oil company, corresponding counterAmerican.
People, Google has to do this.
We are looking forward to killing and Google scams on the patio and Google.
Google's refusal to return John McCain to the age of the dirty oil dinosaur as our only source of energy is unfair.
My tongue is firmly inserted on the cheek, which I can guarantee --
George Bush, Dick Cheney, John McCain and their billionaire partners will never buy Google's shares after this bold adventure of finding alternative energy.
I think it's better than not investing.
But I don't understand why.
I can understand that founders have their own funds and interests, but in the name of Google, it seems like they are trying again to go beyond what they should do.
I think I will write an article on how to get greener.
Please visit:/afewtips.
It is hard for ComI to believe that we can cool the Earth's core by removing heat stored on a large scale without having a significant impact on the environment.
Is there any credible scientific research on the effects of cooling inside the Earth?
I believe all companies and people with great wealth need to invest in finding alternative energy sources.
As we have done, who else supports it.
This is good news.
We should definitely invest in the technology, which is currently problematic, but those who know it seem optimistic that any technical barrier can be overcome.
I created an interactive map showing EGS hotspots based on the latest SMU data (
I'm glad to hear that Google is investing)
Blog on environmental protection.
If it overdraws from the crust, in a sense it may lead to unpredictable geographical changes, what happens
Activities, etc. .
There are many geothermal technologies available to families now.
I will never understand why the geothermal heat pump does not take off much.
This is a very simple, easy-to-understand technology that can significantly reduce household energy costs and pay for itself in a few years.
It's time to come up with this idea.
I want to see a project in the Midwest that is very common in geothermal(
It takes you 10 kilometers to get 200 degrees C)
-A successful project here will show that there is a lot of energy everywhere
A city can become an energy-independent city-energy will no longer be traded in the world.
The concern about cooling the crust is wrong-it's a very large planet, mainly made up of thousands of molten rocks.
For more information, check out the work of Dr. Jefferson testing at MIT
Provided by DOE. gov website.
Wennti/others: I chat with some scientists and people who are very familiar with this topic.
The hurdles are as follows: 1)
If we harvest too much heat, the area may be dug up after a while.
While it's hard for me to imagine this, I have to keep my point before the EGS factory currently in operation has more data. 2)Earthquakes.
In fact, we know that EGS plants cause earthquakes.
In Basel, Switzerland, a site was hit by an inlet pipe at the EGS factory.
Closed immediately.
I believe that in California, we have a Geyser plant operated by Calpine, and they have injected water deep into the ground for a while, causing hundreds of small earthquakes.
View any USGS real-time earthquake map for geysers in the active geothermal area (
Therefore, earthquake activity is prone in any case)is doing.
What I like is the giant company created by the right wing --
The free market, the liberal capitalist wing will free us from the strangulation of their omnipotent, overbearing politics and monopoly.
Unlimited Resources: wind, geothermal, solar, tidal-> unlimited supply, unlimited possibilities, unlimited opportunities, unlimited wealth sharing.
Limited resources: oil, coal, uranium, natural gas-> limited supply, limited possibilities, limited opportunities, limited wealth.
According to the second link:/en, the Earth's geothermal energy reaching the surface is about 23 taiwatts. wikipedia.
Org/wiki/geothermal _ gradient/en. wikipedia.
But this is only about 0.
013% of the climate energy budget.
Recording even up to 10%, 2.
3 Taiwa, energy redistributed only on the surface of the earth;
The environmental impact will be much smaller than ocean acidification.
"Of course, the $10 million R & D support is insignificant compared to the $1 billion proposed by the Department of Energy, which is what is needed to really deploy EGS on a large scale . . . . . . " Department
It can "hint" at everything it wants, but for decades it has abandoned its responsibility to the public in favor of big oil and big cars.
In California, individuals and medium-sized companies are pushing for the necessary shift from fossil fuels to alternatives, not the federal government.
We put the money on our lips. Re: afewtips.
First of all, this is Google's charity department.
Second, perhaps most importantly, one of Google's main problems (
And all similar companies)
Is there a reasonably priced energy source to run their huge server farm.
Like all calculations, it takes energy to do a web search.
As more computing moves to the cloud, energy usage will only continue to increase.
Personal computers will use less energy and it will be more effective to focus their energy usage on the farm, which will be offset. But Google will continue to be the main consumer of electricity, both now and in the future, and they can do anything to ensure that the continued and affordable source of this energy is absolutely in their interest.
Let me choose my words very carefully.
There is a special place in h * for Bush, Cheney and his cronies to burn. That’s all.
Isn't President Bush using something like this at his Texas ranch? (p. s. —
How does Google think the Sierra Club will let them stick to anything on the ground in order to create energy? )
I don't know exactly how it happened, but I started with the Google geothermal investment and ended up on the website below:/www. stefanoparis.
Com/piaev/WhyWeNeedPlugIns/2008. 06.
Implementation of PlugInConference/2008. 06.
11 PlugInConference.
HtmlAnd I watched John Bryson's speech video (
Chairman and CEO of Edison International Company)
Troy Clark
President of General Motors (North America).
While many of the keys on this blog are invested in shadow boxing about warming and cooling and carbon dioxide and cosmic rays, Sir
For safety and climate reasons, Clark is betting on electric vehicles.
Brighton is explaining how utilities will support the technology.
The real people, the real solution to the problem, are really inspiring.
Political topics are all about the next government and the consensus in Washington that electric cars must happen.
-Chuck WilsonPS.
The Conservative Party will allow itself
TR presidential election-
If elected, is the replacement actually managed like TR? (TR = Theo.
President Roosevelt, TR-
In Replace = J. McCain. )
Conservatives have certainly suppressed political parties and congressional Republicans in my state.
Nixon of the Clean Air Act, Luke Shaws of the EPA agency, Reagan, who protected ozone ,(
Postponed to Kennedy U2 and other bands.
Among modern Republicans, there is no place for the Atmospheric Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty and the Interstate system.
They are pragmatic, scientific.
The policy of the base is the curse of the base.
Or has this changed? AKB (12)
Geothermal heat pump is a great technology, but it requires a lot of money, and the current geothermal heat pump system is not allowed to be used.
For example, a typical homeowner can turn his house over before the geothermal heat pump pays for himself.
Will future energy conservation be properly reflected in the price of the house?
The solution, I think, is for the government to act.
Due to the use of electricity by geothermal heat pumps, they can actually end the use of PetroChina and natural gas for home heating, but in terms of the current situation, we are making little progress.
This is another example of the government's almost complete inaction to stop us from addressing energy needs.
22 Josh HillI was surprised at how many residential facilities there are in Europe
Switzerland, Germany, Austria? .
Do you know what the economic base is?
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) estimates that 1 billion of the investment in this area will receive the same power return as all nuclear weapons currently.
It is clean and does not emit carbon dioxide.
Why make nuclear weapons when you just want to boil water?
It's much better, and I'm glad Google gave us directions with a little extra money from them.
The Earth is so big that even with the highest mountains and the deepest valleys, it is still as smooth as a bowling ball.
The deepest hole they talk about is drilling holes, just like the width of human hair on a bowling ball, the center of our Earth is the same temperature as the surface of the sun.
This is a real deal, very smart.
Hawaii Island has had a well-run, commercially profitable geothermal power plant for decades.
It generates about 20% of our electricity.
The situation in Iceland has been going on for a long time.
So reduce ridiculous criticism, and of course it will work if used in the right place.
It's done.
And there is no subsidy at all.
As for cooling the Earth, it may take a small part, or even hundreds of years.
The quality of the Earth is a crazy huge number for people who do math.
The bottom line is that nothing we do to solve the oil problem will hurt the planet.
Anything we do to cut off Al Quaida's money supply also seems like a good idea.
It is estimated that by about 2050 people, the population will exceed 9 billion.
These billions of people will be looking for food, water and other resources on a planet where humans are already shaping the climate and life Network.
Dot Earth was founded in October 2007 by Andrew Revkin--
With the support of the John Simon Guggenheim scholarship ---
Explore ways to balance human needs with the limits of the Earth.
On 2010, when Revkin left The Times staff to teach exchange courses at Pace University, the blog turned to the Times view.
In 2011, he won the National Academy of Sciences Communication Award for Dot Earth, and Time magazine named him one of the top 25 blogs in 2013.
Revkin ended his blog on December 2016, leaving pace to return to full-
As a senior journalist on climate and related issues, time news reports for the public
Newsroom of interest to ProPublica.
Click here to view the narrative slide of the roots of the Revkin News tour.
After 2,810 posts in 9 years, a blog on a limited planet seeking a sustainable path for humanity is coming to an end.
As protests intensified in India, the Obama administration blocked a pipeline in North Dakota.
The biggest forest fire problem in California is not to let the forest burn down.
Read more . . . . . . After the death of a young and innovative field researcher, he used scat-
Sniffing Dogs helps understand how polar bears change their diet.
TED's new science curator, David Biello, explains why he saw hints of hope in the human world that is forming on Earth.
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