greening your outdoor space - how to make a swamp cooler

by:HICOOL     2019-08-30
greening your outdoor space  -  how to make a swamp cooler
According to Carson Arthur of the HGTV key list and other shows, the beautiful outdoor room you planned might not be the kindest thing you could do for the planet.
Sacrificing green for the sake of sofas, fire pits and outdoor kitchens means that you eliminate the absorption bodies of the climate, even if they are small --
Change carbon dioxide emissions, maybe have to give up the ecological space
The vegetable garden is friendly.
If you are in front of the tree in the backyard, you are also in front.
"We have to go back to putting the tree in our space," Arthur said . ".
"People think they are not safe because of ice storms and wind, they do a lot of work, (their shading)
Can reduce the demand for air conditioning.
"Suburbs with mature trees are two to three degrees cooler than new suburbs without trees.
A study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that trees planted in the west and south of the House can save up to 18 cooling costs per year and up to 8 heating costs per year.
Arthur, his other suggestions include pressure from tradition.
Treating wood into MicroPro Sienna wood as it releases less copper preservatives to earth and water is just one of the many voices that the ever-expanding chorus has urged us to make the outdoors greener.
Even if you don't want to give up that wonderful outdoor kitchen, these people also have other Green tricks.
Perhaps it's time to relax in the lawn, Arthur suggested.
Like many others, he said we wasted too much water, not to mention the money spent on fertilizer, trying to reach the perfect green carpet.
He asked, "Why are you doing this ? "
"Adults don't even need grass.
"If you want to know how popular it will be in front of your home without something green, you can stroll around Little Italy, Chinatown or almost any place for a long time --
In July, a region was established in the city.
The abundance of flowers, vegetables and vines will inspire you to go home, tear off those boring blades and plant something completely different.
Anne said, don't want to take off the leaves in your garden in the fall, don't worry: they will provide covering next summer, and the plants will grow through them too
Mary Schmitz
Don't worry about trimming all the bushes into pictures
She suggested: "They will look a bit messy, but they have to take care of themselves and that's where you get lower --maintenance (gardening).
"Bohemian gardening (with)
Schmitz recommends the use of "native adaptive" plants that grow well under multiple conditions --black-
Susan, for example, has purple cornflowers, bee balm and fennel.
Like most of the roots, they are drought-resistant and attract bees.
Once they are established, they don't need too much pampering to produce lovely results.
"I have never looked after my SUGEN plants," she said . ".
"This is a double benefit.
Red Oak, sugar maple, Canadian service raspberry, stupa and reed grass are recommended.
Jody McClaren isn't planning on having an eco-conscious backyard in or, but in her quest for "The Pokémon garden in the heart of the suburbs", that's almost what happens
"The more things I read about attracting birds and the like, the more I start doing them.
The retired teacher installed hummingbird feeders and bird baths, added a path of coverage to keep weeds growing while allowing water to penetrate into the soil, and built a small Zen
Maintenance of Jade sta and honeysuckle.
"I can't let the UN
"Native plants, because I have to bring them in winter, I have no space," she said . ".
McClaren also imported Moss from a friend's farm, re-using 150-year-
By building the old door into a rear fence (
"It gives the illusion of extending the Garden ")
I bought wood and cloth chairs.
Even the metal bistro will be recycled when the time is right.
This summer, she will shop locally by adding vegetables to the yard.
Most of us are aware of the destruction of the number of bees, butterflies and songbirds, and it seems that we are doing something about it as well.
"We are selling a lot of red Marsh malingosteen seeds," said Neil Ritchie . ".
He said that since the common malingosteen was considered an invasive plant, the malingosteen seeds were not available in the past.
But don't worry: It's obviously not easy to colonize the red horse tendon, and the emperor butterfly will love you for planting the horse tendon.
Red swamp seeds $1.
A package from Ritchie.
The wild Naturalist Club in Ottawa has a guide to building a butterfly garden. .
Don't worry about being stung, says Schmitz.
Don't bother the bee, it won't bother you.
"People are afraid of bees --It's ridiculous!
We are a terrible society.
"For ideas on attracting songs and other birds to your property, check it out.
The guide was written for the Toronto area, which is in a different temperature area than Ottawa, so please check the toughness of the plants in the guide before ordering.
Permeable paving provides a solid surface of the patio while allowing rain to replenish groundwater.
They can also be used for lanes to help limit the amount of water entering the Storm Management System
An important consideration during the heavy rain. installs Techo-
About $20 to $25 per square foot.
As more cities are looking for ways to reduce runoff, Dan Poirier of the company says the use of permeable paving "will grow rapidly.
"Corn gluten is a non-
Toxic herbicide used in lawns, flower beds and vegetable gardens.
Jinhua City recommends three applications every year.
It can be bought in products such as Home Depot or asScott lawn builder Weed Prevent in Rhone.
The worm used to attack the lawn
Eliminate maggot, Ant Hill now available.
The $30 supply will eliminate two hills.
Feed and seeds are provided in Ritchie.
Barbecues emit carbon dioxide, whether propane or natural gas.
Find a unit with heavy and tight construction-
Install the covers as they contain heat and use less fuel.
High BTU rating-
Basically, the measurement of heat output-
This does not mean high efficiency.
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