heat wave breaking east coast records - in a heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-03
heat wave breaking east coast records  -  in a heat pump
This summer is expected to be one of the hottest summers on record in the Atlantic Canada as the Coast continues to be suffocating hot and humidto-
Coast, experts say.
"It's just relentless," said David Phillips, a senior meteorologist at Environment Canada, adding that the heat wave is expected to last until the end of August, throughout most of Canada.
Weather historian Rolf Campbell collected more than a hundred years of original statistics from Environment Canada, and the average and highest temperatures in all four Atlantic provinces in July were higher than in previous years.
Most people hold long
Running continuously for several days, with high humidity and soaring temperature.
"I 've only been in the Marine Times for a few years, but this is by far the biggest record --
Campbell said: "I have seen the days of the past . " He runs Twitter accounts and reports Historical weather statistics across the country.
Halifax has been in a row for more than two weeks, with a maximum temperature of 25 degrees.
Broke the record set in 1876.
And a 41-
The day run with a maximum temperature of more than 21 degrees, the longest streak ever.
Charlotte on Monday, P. E. I.
For 17 consecutive days, the temperature is 30 degrees or higher, the longest streak since 1967. Saint John, N. B.
It reached the hottest August in nearly eight years, with a temperature of 30.
4 degrees on Monday, holy. John's, N. L.
For the last two consecutive days, the highest temperature was 28 degrees.
It is quite mild for a province known for its cold climate.
On Monday, almost every province in Canada issued a high temperature warning, and some regions are expected to reach a low in their 40 s with humidex.
"This constant heat wave hit most of the country, which is rare," Campbell said . ".
"It's not normal for a province, or even just the Marine Times, to have an unusually warm spell, but it's not normal for weeks from Toronto to Newfoundland?
This is very unusual.
As the hot and sultry summer continues, there will certainly be more records, says Campbell.
Phillips said in a telephone interview on Monday that the system that brought heat to Canada is sometimes called the "Bermuda Heights" where hot and humid air enters Canada from a height
Pressure system over Bermuda
"It's like a heat pump that delivers American air to the north," he said . "
Phillips said that from July 1-8 to 5, Halifax has a temperature of more than 25 degrees for 28 days.
This is twice the average number of days in the past 30 years.
During these four days, the temperature reached 30 degrees, which he said was not common for Halifax.
"Halifax can spend the whole summer without being over 30 years old," he said . ".
Phillips said he was most interested in the ongoing heat.
Often, when Halifax has a heat wave, things tend to cool for a few days between two high temperatures before temperatures rise to their 20 s.
This year, the city has been experiencing
Stop the high temperature for more than two weeks.
"It's not just one-
A miracle of the day, "Phillips said.
"It's almost like the weather is stagnant, it's stuck in such a high place --pressure area.
"While this may require some people to get used to, according to Blair fettmet, this heat surge may become more prevalent in the coming decades, with the University of Waterloo's complete director of the center for climate adaptation.
In an email, he said that temperatures in southern Canada are expected to rise by three to four degrees by 2040, and temperatures in the northern region are not growing proportionally.
This estimate is related to an average temperature rise between 1975 and 2000.
"My concern about Atlantic Canada is that residents in history have not suffered from extreme heat," Feltmate wrote . " Feltmate recently hosted a federal advisory group on climate change.
"We have to convince people to be prepared for a heat wave that hasn't been seen in history, but because of climate change, the heat wave will definitely come.
"People should consider building houses with air conditioning, building more cooling centers in the community, and implementing emergency systems during the heat wave to check vulnerable people, he said.
Halifax recently took a bold step by planting nine palm trees in the park on the Dartmouth side of Halifax port.
As we all know, the Palm variety is cold.
Hardy, the jury is still discussing whether they can spend the winter in a North Atlantic City called the North warden.
After being transplanted from the greenhouse this spring, the Heat also helped an agave plant in Halifax's Public Garden blossom.
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