heat wave hardest on nation's poor - what's a evaporative cooler

by:HICOOL     2019-08-24
heat wave hardest on nation\'s poor  -  what\'s a evaporative cooler
Horizon City, Texas
Cinderella, who makes up Maria Teresa Escamilla's new home, will hardly protect her from triple damage.
It's been hot in West Texas.
She has no electricity yet and the roof is not properly connected and the interior is exposed to elements.
Escamilla has been living in the air.
A conditional apartment she could not afford.
So when the lease ends in two weeks, she has to move every day because it means she can't escape the hot temperatures.
"This is what I have to expect," she said . ".
There will be no air conditioning or many mosquitoes at night.
The hottest news is that Google cloud service was interrupted. the missing connadik state mother Virginia Beach shooting protesters interrupted Harris because most people in the country were in the hot heat wave, few people are as poor as they are, and few places are poorer than crumbling communities in Texas.
The Mexican border is called a "colony ".
"From Texas to Minnesota to Dakotas, suffering is common.
On Monday, choking temperatures continued to rise in Central America. S.
Heat meters, warnings, or warnings were issued in 17 states.
In many places, the calorie index easily exceeds 100 degrees: Newton, Iowa, is 126 degrees;
120 in Mitchell, S. D. ;
And 119 in Madison, Minnesota.
The heat will almost certainly last for a whole week, and forecasters say extreme discomfort will soon spread to the east coast.
In large and small towns, the heat is the most brutal for those who can't afford to buy air conditioners.
Built on the edge of the desert, the colony often lacks electricity and running water.
Before passing the zoning regulations, people bought the land and hoped that the public utilities would follow suit.
In order to fund her house, esscamilla had to get a loan from her funeral service and purchase recycled building materials from the demolition site of Ciudad Juarez located on the El Paso border
Noma Salazar, who lives in the city of horizon on the outskirts of El Paso with her husband and six children, had to rely on an evaporation cooler, a cheap alternative to air conditioning, it absorbs hot, dry desert air through a mesh of watersoaked fibers.
But it only cooled half of the trailer and didn't even cool when the heat climbed above 100.
"When the weather gets very hot, we open the fans and stay in there," Salazar said . ".
Going to the library or shopping center to stay cool is not an option, she said.
"There is no air conditioning in the car, so, getting there is worse than staying inside.
"In the heart of Minni aporius, where the heat index reaches 106 degrees, the Salvation Army Port Light Center opens the door for anyone who needs to cool down and drink a glass of ice water.
Bill Miller, executive director of the center, said he allowed about 200 people sleeping in the shelter on Sunday night to stay instead of being asked to leave in the morning.
"It's so hot that we won't let them leave," he said . ".
"The weather is hot enough to dehydrate, especially when you drink.
It may kill you at this high temperature.
"Betty Joan, 55, sleeps in the center on Sunday night and then takes a chance on Monday morning to get into the hot weather.
She was only six blocks away when she was almost defeated.
"I almost fainted because of the hot weather," Jean said . " She explained that she had diabetes, epilepsy, high blood pressure and other health problems.
She pushed the baby.
The stroller returned to the center full of her belongings.
"I could have died," she said, if it had closed.
Chicago officials have opened six cooling centers, many of which are located in
Revenue community and hundreds of airlines
Public facilities such as library, park facilities and police station are provided.
Anne Shane, spokesman for the city's Department of Family and Support Services, expects that the number of people seeking asylum in these centers will increase as temperatures rise and is not expected to fall much below the medium termto upper-
It was in her 90 s all week.
The city also offers rides to the cooling center.
The Chicago authorities strengthened.
In less than a week, 1995 heat waves killed more than 700 people.
Now, temperatures above 90 degrees have triggered an emergency plan that includes city workers calling and visiting elderly people who are weak.
Chicago public school officials say they will provide 1,500 fans to schools that are not fully broadcast --
Conditional and requires teachers to take precautions such as keeping the blinds closed, moving to a cool room and making sure the students have water at all times.
Spokesman Marielle Sainvilus said that due to the poverty of many students, the region will not cancel summer school courses during hot periods.
"Unfortunately, a lot of our kids don't have air conditioning at home," she said . ".
They also get a nutritious and safe environment. "In East St. Louis, Ill.
One of the poorest cities in the United States, 79-year-
Old Bernice Sykes spent Monday in a soup kitchen that was used as a temporary cooling center.
Sykes, a retired restaurant employee living on Social Security income, thinks she has no choice to seek relief: one of her two small fans failed on Sunday for $500a-month-
Efficient apartment with no air conditioning.
"I want to get out of there as soon as possible," she said on Monday . ".
"It's right here. I feel good.
But I have to use that fan when I get home.
It's too hot.
Vincent de Paul, who runs the soup kitchen, is working hard to provide other ways to overcome the heat, including deploying one of its two types of air
Conditional buses act as mobile cooling stations and distribute water and damp cloth as neck compression.
"It's cruel.
It was already 80 degrees when I got up this morning, "said Pat Hogrebe, who works in the kitchen.
"I hope to pray for the arrival of Angels in the cool weather.
Not here today.
"In the state of Orkla, hot weather has triggered a large number of applications from elderly and low-income people
Income residents to help pay for their utilities.
Steen said that the summer cooling assistance program was launched on July 11 and ended three days later with a full $22 million in the budget.
"It affects everyone's electricity bill.
The air conditioning is running at full speed, "said Rick sting, alters city councillor and field operations director, human services department, south west of Homer.
Many people spent some time in the library and retail stores like Wal-Mart.
Let's stay calm.
"We have donated donations from our fans.
"We have gone through a few of them," Steen said . ".
"We help as much as we can. We cope.
"Back in El Paso, Grace Ortiz led a task force trying to prevent high temperatures --related deaths.
She said the group has distributed more than 400 fans this year, and is expected to distribute twice as many fans before the end of the summer, mainly to elderly people with children and poor families.
"They are at the greatest risk," Ortiz said . ".
"Sometimes fans can be the difference between life and death.
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