hello sailor - industrial air conditioner

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hello sailor  -  industrial air conditioner
It's not an apartment in Redondo, but it may be. Norma King-
Wilson apartments in Ontario lake is more of Marina del Rey, California.
More than the beach.
Overlooking Billy Bishop Airport and the National Yacht Club.
All you see is water and sky: floor-to-9-
The foot ceiling windows are all facing the water, 180-square-foot balcony.
The floor was bleached;
The flowing curtains rummaged in the breeze, like a sail for a boat. King-Wilson, third-
The Lord of Shoppe d'Or, the legendary high-
Final designer consignment shop at 18 Cumberland Street
A sailor.
The store was founded 67 years ago by her grandmother Vera and taken over by her mother Joey, who recruited the King
Wilson continues the family tradition, although she works indoors in Vancouver --design firm.
Her background is art and design;
She studied furniture design and textile printing in OCADU.
She hopes to return to school one day to study architectural design. King-
Wilson's design style is reflected in her excavation, where modern furniture is mixed with antiques inherited from her world --
Vera, the grandmother on the trip, unpacked her suitcase.
If Vera can unpack it, that's hers.
George the giraffe is an exception, King.
Wilson's ersatz doorman/Usher looks more like a hyena with osteoporosis.
"George is definitely from Yongji Street.
About 1986, "King"Wilson explained.
"I had a big fight with his mother for him.
I bought him for about $1,800 and it was a ridiculous amount.
We rented a car to Parry Sound.
Great Lincoln-
I said I would never have such a big car to cheat him so we had to buy him.
983 square feet of space: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, walk-
In the closet and a "study" space, there is ice as a dining area
The tables and chairs are creamy.
Her office is a bedroom;
There are three telescopes on the table.
She has been here for a year and a half.
"It took me more than two years to look for this," she recalls . ".
"Once I have identified where I want to live --the lake —
I visited every building here more than once.
I have been here five times before I found this apartment.
There is nothing in front of me, there will never be --just the lake.
It faces the West, so the sunset is great.
The balcony was sold to me.
"It's a hot day, but with the breeze blowing on the balcony, there's no need to turn on the air conditioner. “The balcony (
Her favorite room.
Four Seasons, "Kim-Wilson was very enthusiastic.
"I don't save anything in winter;
Because of exposure, I use it every night and during the day.
January and February, I'm in T-shirt.
Balcony available in outdoor rooms.
My balcony is the party area.
I have 28 people in CNE for the airshow, which is not crowded at all.
Everyone on the railing has their own position.
Her decor is modern and classic.
The living room is probably the attic of Manhattan.
The coffee table is in the shape of a roundabout ang, about 1948 Noguchi purchased at Palazzetti.
This arc light comes from the Pavilion of the West Queen West. “It is a knock-
"Come down from a lamp at aquire and Pier Giacomo," she explained . ".
Two black people.
Her red velvet sofa was produced by Roche Bobois.
"It's six years old and most of the Red Velvet is hidden with wine stains," she shrugged . ".
In the office, she has a leather busier recliner that can accommodate overnight guests.
But not high either-end.
The chairs on the balcony come from Brian Gluckstein in the Bay. King-
Wilson is the only one who keeps moving furniture.
"I have moved everything in every room," she said . ".
"There are several ways to reconfigure.
People refuse to edit and block rooms full of stuff.
Things should be independent and should be seen.
People can sit here without moving things.
"There was no clutter on her kitchen table.
This is a kitchen with granite surfaces, stainless steel appliances but no center island, which is terrible in the storage room but is good for her party space.
"There will be an island there, a dance floor," she noted . ".
Her decorated cocktail table is a tea car from grandma Vera.
"It's at least 70 years old," Kim-Wilson explained.
"I replaced the wheel for the stainless steel industrial wheel because it has the traditional wheel.
Rolling bearing wheels can be taken abuse. “A hutch (
Villa's courtesy)
It is used to store sound equipment and various bar accessories.
"God bless Vera and her taste is very good," said her grateful granddaughter . ".
"She bought it at an auction 30 years ago.
The Queen Anne slippers chair in the bedroom is also Villa's.
"She got it in her 30 s;
My mom did. now I do.
Recovered at least 10 times.
"The Chinoiserie table next to the chair is a music box that Vera brought back from a person next to her --the-world cruises.
"She uses it to store cards when she plays bridge.
This is a real music box made in Switzerland.
She blew it up and played "Capri ".
"Vera will come back with two suitcases and 10.
In those days when they went abroad, they could do so.
The lamp by the bed was in her suitcase.
When she came home from the age of three, it was like Christmas --month cruise.
I don't have that gene.
"A box next to the king --
Wilson's bed was a military suitcase belonging to her grandfather.
"This is the suitcase that he used when he went to garribo during the First World War," she said . ".
"Empty, about 125 pounds.
I used it as a bedside table all the time.
It can store blankets and pillows if I don't have storage space, but I don't.
"Of course not when walking --
In the closet next to the main bathroom.
"It's like a built in room --
In the shelves and drawers, "King-Wilson says.
"This is a closet that you have never seen in an apartment with a linear hanging space of 10 feet. I put a full-
There are drawers and chairs in size.
"The design is very good.
OK as a result I have a small main bathroom but do you need a huge free bathroom?
Or need a closet?
Her bedroom overlooks a park with lush greenery and water.
"I was in the South of France when I woke up," she said . ".
"Last night, the moon was bright, as bright as the day.
There was no shade for her: "I have always been a Sky man.
"An open window with a picture of the curtains blowing from the sea on the wall opposite the bed.
"I bought this picture three years ago --
The Sea and the curtains, "KingWilson recalls.
"I hung it up as a nod to the irony --
Why look at this when you have something real?
"Staying here is like on vacation," she said as we watched the Porter's flight land.
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