hey, haters, keep your hands off my ranch dressing - air conditioner dripping

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
hey, haters, keep your hands off my ranch dressing  -  air conditioner dripping
Trouble brewing in the hidden valley of America
The country's most popular salad dressing was attacked by a group of granola. eating, tree-
Embrace the hipsters looking for handmade beets on food trucks.
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Take a look at the Washington Post's recent headlines: "Ranch dress is the problem in the United States.
Columnist Ben Adler made a wild attack on America's most popular salad sauce-called "milk -"
"Rot" and warn that it could destroy the Earth.
"This is disgusting," the writer declared . "
"It tastes exactly the same as it does, half the rotten milk.
If someone accidentally smells it in the fridge and puts it on the salad, why would someone want to take what they would throw away? ”Mr.
Adler also had problems with air conditioning, Hummer and Pizza Hut's new grilled cheese stuffed pizza.
"Turning the crust of the pizza into a fake grilled cheese sandwich, or applying ranch dressing on it, is equivalent to turning the air conditioner to 62 degrees or driving a Hummer, he believes.
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The writer sounds like one of those pretentious people who wander around solar power.
Power Vespa, sipping the kale smoothie in the Mason jar, pondered the contemplation of the famous meteorologist Al Gore.
"There is at least one reason to put the ranch on the salad: Many people don't like vegetables and feel the need to apply everything to processed fat.
Okay. "He wrote with ridicule.
"But why would someone use it on chips? Because deep-
Fried food is not greasy enough, not enough heat?
Putting it on a pizza-which is a terrible, common practice-is crazy because the pizza is already dripping with mozzarella cheese.
"I bet this guy has a pre-designated security space. Mr.
Adler writes for Grist, an organization worried about "the upcoming climate disaster.
If I read it right, he seems to think that the ranch salad sauce takes a prominent place in the "end of the day.
"Our vulgar luxury will destroy the planet and starve the world's poor," he warned . ".
"Unless we control our habits, we will run out of resources to feed 7 billion of the people on Earth --and-
The growing population has caused tremendous climate damage.
"He even had a problem with organic beef purchased locally.
"But no matter where you raise beef for the burger, it's still not healthy, and there's more carbon emissions --
"This is before you put the ranch dressing on the fries," he wrote . ".
I really don't understand the author's hostility to the ranch salad sauce.
Maybe his mother bought a normal brand instead of Hidden Valley?
I can understand if it's pothered seasoning from Catalina or Paul Newman.
Hidden Valley?
I believe their salad sauce will make the world a better place.
This is a very good condiment-American.
From bean sprouts to vegetarian egg salad, Ranch salad dressing can cover many violations.
It makes everything easier.
Given everything, maybe I should bring a bottle when I vote on election day.
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