home truths about benefits of heat pumps - in a heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-02
home truths about benefits of heat pumps  -  in a heat pump
Heat pumps are not just energy-
An effective approach to home heating, but half of respondents in a survey also thought they had other health benefits.
Of the 856 respondents to the consumer satisfaction survey company Canstar Blue, 53 said they had noticed improvements in health since the installation of heat pumps. Eighty-
Nine out of the respondents bought energy
Efficient heat pumps, half said the machines reduced the electricity bill, and 88 said they made the home more dry and easier to heat.
When the survey is divided into different areas,
Organized by Colma Brenton, Australia for Canstar
It shows that Aucklander particularly feels the health benefits of the heat pump and 71% notice the improvement of the heat pump.
Among Auckland respondents, 87 said the machines are now "must have" in any house they own "--
Compared to average 79
And 93 Fengsheng Bay accounted for respondents to buy energy saving
Efficient model.
Derek Bonnar, managing director of Canstar New Zealand, said people benefit from simple heating options.
"Many people have even seen an improvement in their health, even if their home is insulated before the heat pump is installed," he said . ".
According to a study by the World Health Organization, families should be heated above 18 degrees Celsius to ensure health.
Mr. Bonnar said: "More than three of New Zealand heat pump owners feel financially strapped and they have to reduce spending on other projects so they can pay for their electricity bills.
However, only 31 of those surveyed used government subsidies to buy their machines.
New Zealand: Healthy Families government subsidy program provides free ceiling and under-floor insulation for low floor insulation
Income families where people with health needs live are linked to cold and humid housing.
The survey respondents rated Mitsubishi electric as the preferred brand, followed by Deakin and Fujitsu, taking into account reliability, efficiency, cost performance and other factors.
In just three months, the two heat pumps stopped the spread of mold and made life more comfortable in Auckland.
The Cox family installed two energy sources.
The efficient Panasonic heat pump entered their Howell home in July, and although they did not notice less disease in winter, they were impressed by the simple heating options.
"It's great, we spent about three years in a house without heating," says graphic artist Rob Cox . ".
"Although it is a sunny house, so it is not a big house, the biggest difference is that the cold in winter has passed.
"A timer system means a family of five, including three kindergartens and schools --
He said that elderly children may wake up and come to a warm house, and there is no obvious difference in electricity charges.
"I didn't notice any big increases in electricity.
It may be a bit, but not enough for me to think that we have to stay low or that we have opened the pump for a few hours.
Mr. Cox also said that the house is definitely dry now.
"I noticed last year that we may have several mold spots in several places and I have never seen them again.
"The family chose their model after their relatives recommended it.
Heat is conducting a consumer satisfaction survey of 856 Heat pump owners, and the results show that 53% of people noticed an improvement in health and 89% purchased energy.
Mode-50% found cheap electricity bill after installation-79%, the machine is now "must have" • 88% believe their home is dry, easy to heat-31% took advantage of the government's subsidy to buy their pump Source: Colmar Brunton, Australia, on behalf of Canstar Blue.
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