homemade air conditioner with cool water - evaporative cooler central air

by:HICOOL     2019-08-30
homemade air conditioner with cool water  -  evaporative cooler central air
In the summer, the temperature in the House rises to an uncomfortable level.
The usual reaction of homeowners is to turn on the air conditioner.
As a result, the house is cold, but at a cost.
Most likely, energy bills will increase dramatically as air conditioners require a lot of energy to run.
If you are considering ways to save energy and save money in the process, consider these alternatives to using water to cool down the house.
If you're on a tight budget, vaporizing your homemade air conditioner with cold water can be the best way to cool your house.
There are many ways to cool the house with cold water, but all of them work because there is a process called evaporation cooling.
Evaporation cooling is basically cooling an area by evaporation of water.
Usually, the absorbent material is soaked in water, the large bowl is filled with water, or sprayed with spray water.
When this happens, open windows, fans or pumps circulate air throughout the room.
The idea is to let the thermal cycling air cool the air through the cooler water, forcing the water to cool the air by evaporation.
The cooler air then cycled in the room, reducing the room temperature.
There are several ways to make an air conditioner with cold water.
For example, place a large bowl of water on the coffee table at one end of the room and place an oscillating fan behind it.
Let it aim at where you will sit.
The air blown out of the fan will cool a little bit in front of you as it will pass through the water bowl.
Placing ice cubes in the water also helps cool the surrounding air.
Another way to cool the house is to place water-soaked sheets near open windows.
When the warm air enters the house, it goes through the sheets and is a little cooler.
If you have an open porch, hang a few dipped sheets around the porch and pull the air out of the sheet with a fan.
During the night, the breeze cools the porch well.
When you are ready to upgrade to a professional evaporation cooler, remember that it is cheaper than the air conditioner and that it uses almost half the energy of the air conditioner.
The evaporation cooler consists of a fan, a suction pad, a reservoir and a water pump.
The unit can be installed on a window or as a central unit.
The fan attracts warm external air through a damp mat and blows the cooled air into the house.
The central unit requires pipe work to deliver the cooled air to the entire house.
Images from Lowjumpingfrog from Flickr sprint by extending the idea of evaporation cooling to the roof, you can invest in a sprinkler system designed to spray water on the roof during hot summer
When water evaporates, the surface of the roof cools.
This will help reduce the temperature in the house. Reference1.
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