how i use the sun to cool my house. - air cooler working without water

by:HICOOL     2019-07-19
how i use the sun to cool my house.  -  air cooler working without water
This instructions will show you how I can convert a 240 V roof evaporation air conditioner to a mobile device running on my DIY 12 v solar device.
My setup supports the two most important things in the house.
12 volt beer fridge and air conditioning.
Without these, the summer here will be unbearable.
Sitting in a cool house sipping cold beer on a smelly hot day, knowing that the sun has cooled all the temperatures, is also very satisfying.
First of all, you need an old evap air cooler.
I bought mine on ebay for about $200.
Winter is the cheapest time to buy.
A trip to the local junk tips made me find an old BBQ on a stand with wheels at one end.
I put the rusty BBQ there and brought the booth home.
I brought a wooden tray.
Then the air cooler has all the appliances, the huge 240 V motor (
Unfortunately not a permanent magnet)
And the 240 V pump was not ceremoniously torn (
Take up space in my cabin now if you want).
It is then attached to the above tray, which is screwed to the top of the grill.
It is now ready for the second step.
Looking around, I found out that ebay has the cheapest 12 volt pump that looks able to deliver enough water to the top of the cooler panel.
I chose 360 gallons per hour purely based on the cost and the amplifier used (
It uses about 2 amps).
It turned out to be not strong enough, so I stopped the flow of water to one of the panels, so there was enough water flow to the other three panels (
I covered the panel that is not in use now with plastic).
If your 12 volt system can support a larger pump then buy a larger pump.
About 500 gph will be perfect.
Every amplifier produced by my panel must be careful.
The hole diameter of the old fan is 20 inch.
The fan I chose for the unit is the single speed 16 "after the market car radiator fan ".
It delivers a lot of air with only 7 amps.
I have to do an adapter to connect the fan. I used Ma Song.
I cut a 20 "circle in the middle and cut a 15" hole.
I drilled a few holes and tied the fan with a cable.
I installed the wire cover on the old fan at the top of the fan to prevent the frog from entering the fan.
What I should have just mentioned is that the air cooler has become a habitat for frogs.
Seven people lived in the last count.
Any dry port.
After playing with the kids for a while, the 3 M curved shiny stuff is attached to the bottom of the cooler with adhesive tape, approaching our adults.
I made a square wooden adapter for the end of the house and installed it on an open window.
I bought a pipe vent attachment and screwed it to a wooden adapter.
The pipe is attached to it and the cooler is ready to be wired.
I made a switch box with an old pc power case, added 2 car on/off switches and 2x10 am p fuses, and run the wires on the pump and fan through the load outlet on my solar controller.
It sounds simple because it is.
Our water pressure is too high to connect the float valve in the cooler directly through the hose, so I drop water into a 10 liter container, then flow into the float valve and cooler from the container for oil storage as needed.
Any excess flow into the 10 liter container flows through the overflow pipe to the barrel.
Edit 30/11/2016.
We have moved to the village of Bethungra with much lower water pressure.
This allowed me to connect the cooler to the water pipe in town and greatly simplified things.
There are no more filling containers that can be fed to the cooler by gravity and there is no better water flow on the mat.
But there are frogs inside.
I don't know how they got in, but they seem to like it. That's it.
Open it now, grab a beer, sit down and watch cricket (
Australia is playing in South Africa)in style.
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