how solar air conditioners work - portable swamp cooler air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2019-08-31
how solar air conditioners work  -  portable swamp cooler air conditioner
The environmental benefits of solar air conditioners operating in the heat of the day are traditional air conditioners that help meet the power grid needs that often lead to power outages.
The solar air-conditioning unit provides environmental benefits, including reducing power grid demand and load transfer during peak hours, reducing power costs, reducing power outages, power outagesthe-
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
There are two basic types of solar air conditioners: Hybrid and chiller.
Hybrid system combining photovoltaic technology (PV)
DC (DC).
It automatically switches between solar and battery as needed.
When it is set to hybrid mode, these systems charge the battery when the sun shines;
When it is not there, the system runs on the spare battery while charging the battery through AC (AC)power.
For example, GreenCore Air designed solar energy-
Fully detached from the grid or an electric air conditioner working as a hybrid solar/battery air conditioning unit.
It's made up of a single 170-
Watt solar panels, run using a DC power supply and have the ability to cool about 600-square-foot (55-square-meter)room. Solar-
The power absorption chiller, also known as the evaporation cooler, is heated and cooled by evaporation and condensation.
The Chiller cools the air by blowing air on the surface of the water
Saturated material-
The power of the fan and motor comes from solar energy.
For example, SolCool's hybrid solar air conditioner uses solar energy, which can be plugged into the battery or run out of the battery.
Even plugged into the conventional power supply, it operates at a power of up to 500 watts per hour, while the power of the traditional window unit is about 900 watts (
Central air conditioning 3,500 watts an hour).
Its cooler option provides air conditioning for a few hours after power failure.
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