how swamp coolers work - air and water swamp cooler

by:HICOOL     2019-07-22
how swamp coolers work  -  air and water swamp cooler
The swamp cooler looks like there are a lot of benefits under the right conditions.
They are cheap to build and install.
The only material needed to make them is the blower, the pump, the liner (
Made or synthesized from shavings)
Some water and a box (
Usually made of sheet metal).
Pumps and fans are widely used.
The rest can be found anywhere in the local store.
According to the Institute for evaporation cooling, in 1998, 300 to 400 manufacturers in New Delhi produced 1 million coolers per year, the smallest of which cost $35 [1 [
Source: State University of New Mexico.
National Association of house builders (NAHB)
It is estimated that the price of the installed evaporation cooler is between $700 and $1,000, while the price of the central air conditioner is several thousand dollars [
Source: Tool Library.
The monthly operating costs are also much lower. -
According to NAHB, according to the cost of electricity and water, it is about 1 out of 3 of the standard air conditioner.
Electricity is saved ---
The standard air conditioner operates four times as much energy as the comparable swamp cooler.
This means saving money on your energy bill and also in the environment.
In 1998, the power saved by these 20 million evaporation coolers meant that the power plant saved 60 million barrels of oil and reduced production of 27 billion pounds of carbon dioxide.
Due to the long-term dependence of standard air conditioners on ozone, swamp coolers have further benefits for the environment
Consume chemicals to provide cooling power.
Use of fluorine-containing carbon (
Carbon Fluoride)
Since 1996, international treaties have ceased in developed countries.
Alternative by-products HCFCs (
But they still have some negative effects, and their use in new devices will end in 2010.
Environmental Protection Bureau (EPA)
A list of approved alternatives for fluorine-containing carbon and chlorine-containing hydrocarbons in air-conditioning systems has been prepared [
SOURCE: Environmental Protection Bureau.
Also on the list: evaporation cooler.
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