how to change swamp cooler pads - how to make a swamp cooler

by:HICOOL     2019-08-30
how to change swamp cooler pads  -  how to make a swamp cooler
Swamp cooler is a cheap way to cool your house during the hot summer months.
Occasionally your swamp cooler needs maintenance.
When your swamp cooler doesn't work properly, it's usually just a case of a worn-out swamp cooler pad.
Swamp cooler pads can be replaced and once you have replaced them you can enjoy the swamp cooler again at full load.
Open your swamp cooler and find the mat.
Measure them with your tape measure to tell the size your new swamp cooler pad needs.
Buy a New swamp cooler pad at a local hardware or household goods store.
You should be able to find them in the heating, cooling and electrical sections.
Remove the old swamp cooler pads by unscrewing them to a mesh screen in place.
Keep the screws.
Remove the screen and simply pull out the pad.
Install the new mat by placing the new mat in the swamp cooler where the old mat is located and placing the mesh screen at the top to keep them in place.
Screw firmly into the mesh.
If you notice that the sides of the mat are a little protruding, please scroll them.
Hide them under the grid screen for the best results.
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