how to cut cost of pumping heat - in a heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-02
how to cut cost of pumping heat  -  in a heat pump
The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority says the heat pump is a great thing, but it needs to be used wisely to avoid the blow out of the electricity bill (EECA).
The number of heat pumps in New Zealand has more than doubled from about 35,500 in 2004, nearly 80,000 last year, and is still rising.
As the number increases, the cost of running the pump is also getting more and more attention.
Slome users complained to power companies about a sharp rise in electricity charges.
Some Island consumers have more than doubled their bills from last year.
But power providers tell them that there is no problem with their metering or billing.
They were told they saw the effect of the new heat pump installed since last winter.
The estimated bill is calculated based on last season's power consumption and when the current reading comes out there will be a "catch up"
"To be accounted for in the bill.
Contact Energy and Trustpower tell customers that the cost of heat pumps running on a daily basis may be between $5 and $7
That shocked those who invested in the pump because they thought the operating costs were low.
EECA yesterday released a list of tips on how to get the best out of the latest heating trends without destroying the bank.
They include: * Do not let the heat pump run 24 hours a day.
Use the timer and don't set the temperature higher than you need.
* Select energy star heat pump-
The star assured customers that they had purchased an energy source. efficient.
* Buy right-
The size of the space you want to heat the heat pump.
* Isolate your home.
* If you live in a place where temperatures are often below zero, choose a heat pump to test a cold climate.
* Avoid using heat pump as air-
Conditioner unless you really need to do so.
Mike Underhill, chief executive officer of EECA, said heat pumps are one of the most effective household appliances, but must be used wisely.
Having the heat pump run 24 hours will obviously push up the electricity bill.
In June, consumer magazine told concerned subscribers that if people keep their houses at the same temperature as before installing heat pumps, heating costs can save a considerable amount of money.
Consumers say that if they want their house to be warmer than before, their heating costs will not drop much and it will be difficult to achieve the goal of heat pump paying for themselves in 10 years. -
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