how to make the most out of air conditioning - outside air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
how to make the most out of air conditioning  -  outside air conditioner
Air conditioning is your best friend this summer.
As temperatures soar, this is the best way to keep your home cool.
However, continuous use can have an impact on the air-conditioning unit, and sometimes even the air-conditioning can't keep the room cool enough, especially on the hottest days.
Therefore, make sure to use it effectively to maximize its cooling performance.
Keep in mind the following points: Maintenance First, make sure the air conditioner is in the highest state.
Handle any known issues with the unit.
Call the repairman you trust, look at it, and fix or adjust it as needed.
Replace or upgrade any old or outdated parts.
If your device has a few years of history and has been plagued by failures and failures, it is best to replace it completely.
In the long run, a new model runs more efficiently and should reduce your power costs and make you cooler with less effort.
Clean linessit is simple enough: keep your unit Clean.
Dust, dirt and particles accumulate and act as obstacles within the air-conditioning components.
Clean air conditioner is a kind of air conditioner that runs smoothly and efficiently.
It's also healthier for you.
Clean the outside regularly and clean the inside once a month.
Sealing the room must also see the room, not just the air conditioner itself.
Close all the windows and doors including the bathroom door.
Close all cabinets, closets and drawers.
You want to minimize the space and surface area that your device has to cool down.
Use heavy dark curtains on windows to keep heat and light.
Put a thick carpet at the bottom of the door to prevent cold air from slipping out of the bottom.
Don't overuse your device and use an electric fan at the same time to reduce the pressure on your device.
This is most useful at the hottest times of the day, usually around noon to 2 or 3. m.
In the evening, when the temperature drops, use the timer to give your air conditioner some "rest time ".
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