how to remove mineral deposits in a swamp cooler - evaporative cooler central air

by:HICOOL     2019-08-27
how to remove mineral deposits in a swamp cooler  -  evaporative cooler central air
In order to prevent the accumulation of many deposits, the evaporation cooler must be cleaned regularly.
These cooling devices, also known as swamp coolers, cool the air by blowing watersoaked pads.
When water evaporates into the air, it leaves a deposit that will interfere with the efficiency of the device.
The cooler should be cleaned in spring and checked every month in summer.
Cleaning equipment is especially important when you turn off the equipment in winter.
If you wait until next year to clean up, the deposit will be harder and harder to clear.
Unplug the device and turn off the water supply.
Remove the access panel of the cooler using a screwdriver.
Access Panel on window-
The installed unit is usually on the side, while the access panel on the roof-
The unit usually installed at the top.
Drain the water from the unit by unscrewing the drain plug.
Check the mineral evaporation cooler padDeposit accumulation.
If the pads contain a lot of minerals, please replace them.
Blocked pads reduce the efficiency of the cooler.
For mats with only a little mineral build up, turn them around and turn them upside down so the air flows across the street.
Remove the deposit from the water plate with a scraper.
Clean up any deposit you see on any moving parts.
Any stubborn or hard coatto-
Deposit with vinegar.
Let the vinegar work for about 30 minutes and wipe the deposit with a rag.
Wipe the equipment inside and outside to dry.
If you want to turn off the equipment in winter, cover the water tray with rust
Prevent products.
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