how to repair an oven - air conditioner drip pan

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
how to repair an oven  -  air conditioner drip pan
Replace the range heating element when the range heating element burns out, it is easy to replace it.
But before removing the range to check or replace the elements, make sure that the range receives the power supply.
You can do this: Step 1: check the power cord, plug and socket.
Then look for a fuse or trip breaker on the main entrance panel or on a separate panel.
Step 2: Check the Fuse system within the scope.
If the circuit is broken, restore it.
If the range is receiving the power supply, please continue to check the components.
Step 3: remove the element when it cools.
In most ranges, each top heating element is attached to the junction box on the side of the element.
To remove the terminal block, lift the element and remove the metal drip plate located below it.
The element is fixed or pushed by two fixing screws-
Mounted on the terminal blocks.
Remove the screw-
Type element, remove the screw for fixing the wire.
Remove push-
Type element that pulls the element directly from its connection.
Step 4: Test components with voltageohm-milliammeter (VOM)
Set to RX1 scale.
Disconnect one of the electrical leads of the component and clip one of the probes of the VOM onto each component terminal.
If the element is working properly, the meter's reading will be between 40 and 125 ohms;
If the meter reading is extremely high, the component is faulty and should be replaced.
To test the range element without using VOM, remove the working element from its junction box and connect it to the faulty element terminal.
Do not let the Test elements overlap the edges of the elements well;
Even if the element is not perfect, put it in the well.
Power on the range.
If the working element is hot and the component is suspected to be bad, it should be replaced.
If the working element is not hot, the terminal or switch of the control element may be faulty.
Call professional service staff
Step 5: replace the burnt one
With out-of-range elements of new elements specifically made for the scope.
Bring the old elements to the device-parts store;
Production and model information can also be obtained if possible.
This data may be on the metal label of the service panel after connecting to that range.
To install the new element, connect it as if you were connecting the old element.
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