how to seal an air conditioner in winter - outside air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
how to seal an air conditioner in winter  -  outside air conditioner
The common cold in winter means that your air conditioner will not work during those long months.
However, you can still blow some cold air flow into the house, especially the windows
Air conditioning is installed. Often window-
Loading units cannot be disassembled and stored.
In order to prevent the cold of winter from entering the space of these types of air conditioners, you must seal the gaps around the air conditioner.
Move the air conditioner in the window frame to occupy the center of the space.
Take a tape measure to measure the width of the window frame and the length of the wood (
Or other covering materials)
Put the air conditioner in the window frame.
Cutting foam seals (
Air conditioning unit for Windows)
Facing those lengths with a knife
Insert these sealing tapes around the air conditioner to provide tight insulation.
Lay a cover with a reflective panel on the surface of the air conditioner.
This will keep the heat indoors during the winter months.
The cover matching your decoration will provide a good fusion.
Lay a cover with breathable material on the outside of the air conditioner to prevent premature rust of the air conditioner components.
This will prevent wind and cold in winter so that it is easy to get rid of the ice on the back of the air conditioner.
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