i'm fryin' my nuts off! - outside air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
i\'m fryin\' my nuts off!  -  outside air conditioner
Hola, amigos.
I know I haven't talked to you for a long time, but things are getting worse and worse here.
First of all, I run like a chicken with a cut head, trying to find some new tires for my Festiva.
Tires are tires, I know, but these are weird.
No one made the size of the ass.
I found an apartment in an apartment and now I have been driving for about a month in my spare time.
I'm not worried at all, but if I change an apartment, I'm done.
In addition to this, I have shortened my working hours in the e-store.
My manager told me that people don't buy anything because of the economic downturn.
I told him if none of them were complete
Time check, I won't buy anything either, so what does this help?
It's hard for him, but it's good.
I had to find another part in order to live the lifestyle I was used --time job.
I went to the pizza shop because they always needed delivery staff, but they all got hung up because they had proof of insurance.
I told them I had insurance but I only paid a few months late but they didn't hear it.
Man, when are you getting so nervous? assed?
What really annoys me is how hot it is.
They say it's not heat, it's humidity, but I really don't care what it is.
Anyway, after spending some time outside, my underwear stuck on my ass and there was pit stains on my chest.
Last year I pulled an air conditioner from my neighbor's side of the road and put it in my window.
It succeeded.
I spent a lot of money on the boat when I got my electricity bill, but it was worth it.
It couldn't open this year, so I dragged it back to my neighbor's house.
During the day, the weather wasn't that bad because I was working and they kept the electronics store cold 72 degrees.
I will go to the discounted cinema at this time.
But after the fourth time I saw the cartoon of the chimpanzee going to space, I couldn't stand it anymore.
It's not just a movie, all the families with kids are looking at me like I have a shit on my head.
Really, I don't mind the heat when I just sit in the apartment and watch TV without being cold or hot, but sleeping is a real bitch.
I tried everything.
I put some cardboard down so I could sleep on the floor, but it smells like moldy pizza skins and socks.
I got an old box fan from Ron and plugged it in, but it kept ringing all night and barely cooled me down.
Then I try to sleep with six people. pack of ice-
Cold Miller Real draft on my bed, but I ended up drinking it all.
I think this way works.
Finally, after my fourth night of not sleeping, I came up with a plan.
I think since they keep the store cool even at night, I should sleep there. Why not?
I can kick back in the video game chair and finally close-eye.
The only thing is that I had to figure out how to stay in the store before they were locked up.
I should only work until 6: 00 as I usually leave around 5: 30 so it looks weird to stay four and a half hours longer before they close.
I ask everywhere to see if I can pick up someone else's class, you know, kill two birds with a stone and make a little extra money.
I almost got this guy Wayne in trouble, but he's leaving next weekend and he needs as much time as he can. What a dick.
Because I can't hide where I can't see it, I think I should do the next best thing to hide where I can't see it.
Now, if I know that I have to keep a low profile before everyone leaves, I will arrange a place to park comfortably for a few hours.
I had to like my man Vin Diesel and improvise because I didn't.
I do my thing like when I'm leaving, then go out and walk to the door.
Last minute, I pretended to be interested in watching computer monitors.
To keep people out of my sight, I told one of my colleagues that it looked like some kids would steal video games.
He went to the security guard and I hid in front of the TV once the coast cleared.
Sure enough, there is enough space on the shelf behind the display model.
I climbed up and found my place.
It looked uncomfortable, but I was wiped.
I dozed off as soon as I was sure I couldn't see it.
Everything was dark when I came. Perfect.
As I planned.
I have to go down and find the video game chair and finish the evening work.
When I realized my leg was asleep.
Not only fell asleep, but almost died.
Must have been caused by lying on the tangled rope.
I tried to twist my toes but it didn't seem to work.
All of a sudden my leg was cramp and I kicked one of the TVs off the shelf.
My first thought was that I could pick it up in the morning before anyone arrived, while I could grab more Z.
When the alarm rings
I looked around for another hiding place, but my legs were dead and there was no place to find.
Also, I was unable to sleep as the alarm sounded.
I drove the car to the emergency exit, which caused another alarm.
I didn't want to go to my car because I could hear the police coming, so I had to go as fast as I could to the parking lot at the mall across the street where I could wait until the coast cleared up.
I was running away from it most of the time, but next Monday my colleague Wayne told me that he knew it was me who caused the alarm, because when he left that night, my car was still in the parking lot.
So now, in order to keep him quiet, I have some time to pick up a class for him and only I hit his card so he can still get the money.
One day, I will press the injury on that person, but it will be cold.
It would be great if any of you got the lead at work.
I can't live on mac and cheese for too long.
Well, I can, but I'm really tired.
On 1993, Jim Ancher joined the editing staff of the onion, and after several years of work by the staff who came back to the hotel to wash the dishes.
His comments on the community
Car, employment and other issues.
He attended lafleite High School in Madison, USA.
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