if you're heating with propane or oil, study says, go electric - in a heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-02
if you\'re heating with propane or oil, study says, go electric  -  in a heat pump
Analysts are looking at the carbon benefits of switching homes to electric heating, and they have also discovered the economic benefits of some households.
In places like Providence, Rhode Island, home burning heating oil or propane can not only reduce carbon emissions significantly, but also reduce heating costs by switching to an electric heat pump, according to a new study by the Rocky Mountain Institute.
Sherri Billimoria said: "There is a low hanging fruit opportunity to power people there who use propane and heating oil, they are not able to get gas, and the savings there will be a lot of assistants in RMI power practice.
Costa homeowners will spend $25,600 to buy a new heat pump and operate within 15 years, while replacement furnaces that continue to burn heating oil are $39,200 and propane is $.
If homeowners can get gas, it's a little cheaper than a heat pump at the current price, but these prices can change as the country finally deals with climate mitigation.
Much less carbon reserves.
According to current fuel sources at Providence power grid, the heat pump's annual carbon emissions will be 8,200 pounds, compared to 17,400 for heating oil, 13,900 for propane and about 12,200 for natural gas.
"The heat pump is much less carbon-intensive than all other options," says Billimoria, "compared to natural gas, the New England grid is clean enough to see the direct carbon benefits of electricity, it can also be compared to heating oil and propane.
"The RMI study examines the carbon benefits and financial costs of home heating in four states of the United States. S. cities.
In addition to Providence, they also visited Auckland, Houston and Chicago and they found that all electricity except coal has direct carbon benefits
Rely on Chicago.
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