in florida, doctors see climate change hurting their most vulnerable patients - space air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
in florida, doctors see climate change hurting their most vulnerable patients  -  space air conditioner
Jorge needs to make $364 a week. 08.
His handwritten budget was posted on the wall of his windowless hut in Miami.
In small spaces, there is little room for a double bed and a worn-out dresser;
His kitchen consists of a blender and a microwave.
Without running water, mosquitoes flew in from the open door.
The money he earned was not just about living expenses.
Jorge, who has diabetes and cancer, needs to support his five children in his home in Ecuador.
To survive, Jorge asked the story not to protect his health information with his last name, who sells fruit on the side of the road.
"Rain or shine, cold or hot, I still have to work," he said . ".
Most of the time, it was his most unbearable hot weather, and the city has been hotter than ever in recent years.
Jorge said: "You really felt the change when you were working on the street.
"And the situation may only get worse.
The 2018 National Climate Assessment says the southeast of the United States has experienced a "growing summer heat wave ".
Experts say global temperatures rise by 2050, which means that nearly half of Florida will be in a dangerous hot state this year, when heat and humidity combine, it will feel like 105 degrees or more.
Such predictions are changing the climate change dialogue in South Florida.
Discussions on the effects of sea level rise have been dominant for many years.
Now, the state's medical community has alerted the health risks posed by rising temperatures.
Whether it's a longer allergy season, a problem with air quality or a mosquito --
They say the heat has made people weaker, and nearly 60% of Miami residents are probably the most dangerous to live on a salary.
Cheryl Holder, a doctor at Jorge, provides treatment for many patients living in poverty, without insurance or homeless.
Holder, a professor of medicine at Florida International University and founder of Florida climate action clinicians, said she started thinking about climate change at work a few years ago, after an older patient came to her clinic
"She needs more asthma medications and she just doesn't have control as she used to do," Holder said . ".
She soon noticed that other patients had more respiratory problems.
So she reached out to other doctors and the stories they heard all pointed to the same thing: climate change caused a series of health problems.
Holder says the past three years have been the hottest on record.
"In hot weather, her allergic patients saw longer weed seasons and earlier flowering trees exacerbated their symptoms.
High temperatures and humidity also make breathing more difficult, increasing the risk of dehydration and kidney disease.
The problem is hard to end, Holder said.
People who can't afford to buy an air conditioner will find it more difficult to sleep, which can lead to obesity.
Exposure to high temperatures at night also makes it harder for the body to recover from the heat during the day, which can lead to "insufficient heat"
"Related diseases and deaths", according to the National Climate Assessment ".
If patients can afford an air conditioner, they have an air conditioner, but it is often old and moldy is dangerous, says Holder.
In addition to these concerns, climate change has triggered a bigger, stronger hurricane that, like Jorge, can damage fragile homes.
People with limited financial resources may also be reluctant to go to shelters because they cannot buy the necessary food and water.
The storm itself will lead to later
Trauma Stress Disorder
"I found that my patient was involved in this just a vicious circle," Holder said . ".
Florida climate action clinicians, founded last year, tried to connect these points to patients and show how their symptoms relate to climate change.
In order to adapt to this situation, patients need to understand what is going on, and for this, doctors can be trusted arbitrators of information, Holder said.
"We think the messenger is crucial," Holder said . ".
For example, given climate change, Holder is more likely to ask patients who work outdoors about dehydration, or consider a longer allergy season when treating respiratory diseases where those drugs no longer meet the symptoms.
Hord and her FCCA colleagues are also working hard to educate other nurses and doctors who may not yet understand the connection between the patient's changing health and the changing climate around them.
Doctors in at least 11 other states have set up similar groups, coordinated by the George Mason University Association for Climate and Health Medicine.
Holder's Florida Chapter warned in their founding documents that future health risks will not be evenly distributed.
"The burden will fall on the most vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, children and pregnant women, patients with chronic diseases and people with less resources," the document said . ".
"Ironically, the most vulnerable people in the economy usually contribute the least to greenhouse gas emissions.
"People in their 70 s like Jorge have begun to adapt.
When the weather was too hot to fall asleep, he turned on a small air conditioner at night, but he said he had to be careful because of the cost.
He tries to stay in the shade and wear long clothes while he works outside
Long-sleeved shirts to keep the sun and rest in the middle of the day.
The city is working to increase the city's canopy coverage to reduce the "heat island" and says it targets elderly people with hurricane preparation workshops in addition to many other climate recovery projects.
But Holder said she is concerned that city and state officials are paying more attention to the huge threats facing the coastline and she wants to see people pay more attention to the ongoing changes in the health of their constituents.
"I heard more about rising sea levels, rising sidewalks and supplementing the beach.
But it will be very, very difficult for the poor, "Holder said.
"I don't know how they will survive.
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