‘It was like a monster’: On the ground in Puerto Rico as residents try to cope with Hurricane Maria's aftermath - outside air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
‘It was like a monster’: On the ground in Puerto Rico as residents try to cope with Hurricane Maria\'s aftermath  -  outside air conditioner
Washington and San Juan politicians are arguing over the slow pace of recovery in the hurricane --
Former National Post graphics editor Richard Johnson turned his eyes and pen to the middle in the USA Today mission.
I arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on my way to record the damage caused by Hurricane Irma to San Juan IslandMartin.
My contact said: "Just go to San Juan and we will take you to the island.
"I traveled with the United States. S.
The army and plans to land right after Hurricane Maria crossed the area.
As we glided on the tarmac at Luiz Muños Marin International Airport, I can see that many buildings and hangars have suffered serious surface damage.
"For all of you who come home, I sincerely hope that you will find your family," said the flight attendant, sitting in his seat --
The belt lights are out.
It took two hours to get off the plane and collect luggage. The jet-
All luggage must be carried by hand.
Inside the airport, someone tried to clean up the damage caused by the storm, but everything was covered with thick condensate.
The floor is ice. rink slick.
Closed areas far from the ground are only a few inches deep in the water.
On the way to the hotel, the degree of damage became apparent.
Hardly a tree stands, and every fallen tree has a nearby telegraph tower.
Billboards and road signs are folded like fallen paper, or scattered like playing cards.
When cars try to pass, they weave in the water and block the road.
Especially the wooden structure, but the concrete structure also has scars.
Wall panels and black holes that glass should be torn off.
"It's like a monster," said Francis mojikan, who stood at her house on the 18 th floor of the apartment building.
"First of all, the frame of the window is surrounded by water flowers.
Like it tried to get in.
Then it blew the air conditioner into the room.
I can see outside.
"When all the things that were not tied began to spin around her, she tried to open the door and go out --
But the power of the strong wind closed it.
There is even 18 floors of water in the apartment.
"I managed to get into the lobby in some way, but the storm is now in the building and growling like a monster.
Francis walked to the central stairwell. after the earthquake, the stairs quickly became a swaying waterfall --
The proved building moves from one side to the other.
Others also gathered there, and they walked down to the front hall downstairs where the security guard was trying to close the door. He failed.
As the storm blew the doors and frames inside the building, people ran deeper into the building, hugging the walls and holding hands.
"It seems to be chasing us," Francis said . ".
Puerto Ricans say they are proud Americans, Puerto Ricans who are equally proud.
After the storm, there were signs of community pride and concern almost immediately.
On a block Street, a group of people cleared the debris and cleared the path of the vehicle.
But that's all they can do.
One week after the storm, the limits of social structure are being tested.
It may take several months to restore power;
The tap water is intermittent;
The bank's cash supply is extremely low;
Grocery stores are running short of food and running short of gasoline.
Inside the capital, people are learning how to accept rationing and queuing.
Hundreds of cars lined up at a gas station manned by security guards.
Many people have given up half the time to drive
A dozen gallons of gasoline are allowed.
Instead, when they kill time, they arrive with the container and sit in with the lawn chair.
Banks also have similar queues, where ATMs issue up to $100 per person per day at pharmacies and food stores, and managers can issue four cans of canned ravioli per person.
At a station in the Red Cross, Jose is lining up to prepare food for himself and his wife.
"A lot of people have left (the queue)
"Because the only thing they give is sandwiches, cornflakes and water," he said . ".
"You can't live like this.
Jose retired and moved from the United States to the United States. S.
Continent 27 years ago
"I have been through a hurricane before.
But it's not that bad either. "He said.
"A lot of people are not ready.
National Guard of the Muiz air force (ANG)
A base attached to a civilian airport, where many temporary buildings are severely damaged and permanent buildings-
Like an airplane hangar.
The door was torn.
But with the addition of the United States, the activities of the ANG Base are extremely active. S. Air Force C-17s and C-
130 unloading cargo and loading personnel from other Maria-hit locations.
The Marine Corps set up a communication station to dismantle the destroyed temporary building.
At the front door, civilians appear looking for water, food, gasoline, or, in some cases, a way out.
But apart from giving friendly instructions to gas stations or aid organizations, ANG personnel have nothing to give.
Basic gasoline is available only for those with military or rehabilitation qualifications.
Even at the base, it takes hours to line up. "At first, they (civilians)
I'm looking for things like water and ice.
Now they are trying to get out, "said a senior pilot after handing cold water to his mother and children.
At civilian airports, things look chaotic as officials balance the needs of aid organizations and the army, trying to get supplies in touch with people trying to get out.
There are very few flights in and out every day, so hundreds of civilians sleep where they sit or lie.
At the same time, some major airlines have opened refugee flights free of charge.
The electricity is still dead, so I moved the bag with my hand.
The security check is manual.
You still have to take off your shoes, though.
"Goodbye, Puerto Rico.
I'll be back in a few years, "shouted a man in socks.
It is likely that Puerto Rico will take that long to recover.
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