keeping cool, the portable way - air conditioner portable evaporative

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keeping cool, the portable way  -  air conditioner portable evaporative
In a hot summer, there is almost nothing to appreciate more than the air.
Family or apartment with conditions.
Of course, not everyone has a central air conditioner, and in some homes or apartments it can be difficult or impossible to install a window air conditioner --conditioner.
However, manufacturers have been working hard in recent years
Adjust the line of portable air
Air conditioning makes it possible to cool in places that were previously unable to cool.
Warb Lee, manager of American air conditioning company (www. air-conditioners-america. com)
A retailer in Austin, Texas
Said while there was some portable air
Their working principles are basically the same. The air-
Conditioner itself-
Condenser, fan and cooling parts--
Placed in a stand.
Only a few feet high, a few feet deep, about 1 feet wide unit.
"Most people have wheels so they can move around . "
Lee said he pointed out that portability is useful for those who want to use the same air
The air conditioner can cool the bedroom at night and the living room during the day. The air-
The air conditioner is plugged into the standard power outlet According to B. T. U.
Rating the model in use to cool up to 475 square feet of area. (B. T. U.
Represents the British unit of heat, the standard of measuring the power of the equipment. )
Advertising like most air
Mr. air conditioner.
Li said portable devices produce warm air and moisture when making cold air blown out of front.
Almost all models, he said, drain hot air out of the cooling area through hoses similar to those used on the clothes dryer.
"You only need to open a window of four or 5 inch . "
Lee said he explained that all models have a kit that can adjust the round hose to the opening of the window.
The advertisement "the vent is flush with the window and does not stand out, so it is not obvious from the outside," Mr.
Lee said he added that when it was not possible to ventilate from the windows, the outdoor warm air could be discharged by installing a small vent on the outer wall.
"Some people vent the unit into an uninhabited room that doesn't need air --
He said.
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Remove water from the air-
The conditioner is done in many ways.
The basic model either collects condensate using a removable reservoir or has a valve that can be opened to drain the unit.
In areas with high humidity, it may be necessary to empty the reservoir or drain the water several times a day, Li said. (
Most models have a switch that turns the air automatically.
When the reservoir is full, the air conditioner is off. )
Better choice, sir.
It's air, Li said.
Air conditioning with built-in air conditioning
In the water pump and a small hose, direct the condensate out of the window.
"It's just a trickle, it makes the air --
Air conditioning maintenance-free," he said.
Luke Peters, president of air and water (www. air-n-water. com)
A Fountain Valley in California
Another option for processing condensate, the retailer says, is to buy what is called "automatic
Evaporation device.
"In the newer model, some condensed water is used to cool the compressor, and some are mixed with warm air discharged to the outside," Mr. Peters said.
He pointed out that many portable air
The air conditioner can be used as a dehumidifier. some air conditioners have heating parts and can be used in winter.
Most models also have automatic timers and thermostats that can be operated by remote control. Both Mr. Peters and Mr.
Li said it is wise to buy more air
Conditioner than you think you need.
For example when a 9,000 B. T. U.
Unit can cool 250square-
It's better to buy a 10,000 B in full area. T. U.
Have extra cooling capacity on very hot days.
Prices range from $325 to £ 7,000. T. U.
The unit was $700, up 14,000 B. T. U. model.
Shipping is usually around $50.
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Keep it cool and portable.
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