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by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
lady gaga says she\'s \'single and celibate\'  -  water cooler ac
Pop singer and quirky Lady Gaga have broken the story about her relationship with artistic director Matthew Williams
She insisted that she was "single" and "Single ".
A few weeks ago, it was reported that the forever tailor had been re-established.
Ignited her relationship with her ex.
Williams boyfriend
The singer holds Williams's son 10-month-
An old young man named Cairo was at a recent party. up.
News of the world (NOTW)
Williams has abandoned his partner, Erin Hirsch, as his youngest son's mother, so he can stand up under Gaga's desk, according to reports on Sunday.
The newspaper claimed that the despised ex-boyfriend was "destroyed" after seeing a photo of Gaga holding her son, but she was determined to "occupy the moral high ground" instead of airing her in public
"I'm afraid I have to take a moral stance for the sake of my son," she told reporters.
I don't want to talk about it openly because of him.
"But one of her" partners "was more than happy to get rip and blab involved, saying:" Irene is very upset about what happened.
Losing the child's father to the woman is bad enough to see the picture of him kissing her.
"But seeing Gaga holding their children in public is totally devastating for Irene.
There was something between her and Matthew, but he never apologized.
"Choose to be alone and guess everything you like, don't you, Gaga says she's not in the mood to play with doctors and nurses with any man right now.
She is, in fact, a single person.
The silence of the peanut gallery.
When she launched her new AC Viva Glam Lipstick in London, she dressed in iconic quirky costumes and dressed up as a hill with the post-80 s singer Cyndi Lauper, gaga says there's nothing special about her life right now.
"For myself, at this point in my life, I chose to be single because I didn't have time to meet anyone.
Do you know? It's OK.
Even Lady Gaga can be alone, "she says, wearing a black lace bodice, tights, high heels and a huge black floral headwear. Gaga -
Stella Germanotta-
She added that she prefers to meet a man before going to bed with them.
"If you can't know someone, you shouldn't have sex with them," she said . ".
"It doesn't matter at this point, we have grown up in this era, and we know now that with your love we can't be so free.
"There is no love without gloves. . .
She also encouraged her fans to engage in safe sex and warned of the danger of playing "Russian Roulette" through unprotected sex.
"I see them every night, they are so beautiful, precious and lovely, but some of them are insecure, very upset and not confident," she said . ".
"I met them and they cried and they said 'Gaga, you made me feel like I belong to you '.
"I said to myself that a girl or thousands of girls met the man at the club who made them feel like they belonged to them, but they didn't negotiate.
We all know that sex can be done without a condom. . .
Russian roulette
Asked if she had a man in her life, she joked: "I am alone, it is painful. . .
But I like to be alone.
"I 've had a love relationship in the past, but because I'm on the road and I'm too focused on my work, it's impossible to stay in love," she added . ".
At the same time, Gagaloo is busy again dealing with rumors of those nasty yin and yang people.
She put her tongue firmly on her cheek and said yes. co.
She plans to "tie a d * to my vagina *".
Enjoy your lunch.
She added: "We all know that one of the biggest topics of the year is that I have d *, so why not give them what they want?
"I also performed on stage in a male way and sang in low voice.
It's not out of life, right?
"I want to comment on this in a beautiful, artistic way.
I want to show you.
I want to call this song lady Gaga hard to die.
"Come on, come and see if I try to convince everyone to put me on my penis.
"No matter what your boat is, baby.
The nights of Dirk Digler and Buggi are fresh in memory. P. S.
More tour dates announced by Gaganot NZ).
Video: Lady Gaga
Happy baby is not romantic?
At the same time, the rumor factory spat out this lovely gem about Katie "female" Holmes.
News from the water dispenser said that Mrs. Tom Cruise had been receiving intense "auditions" from Scientology so she could prepare for another sprog.
According to the New York Post, Holmes spent "a few hours" at the Hollywood Science School Center last week, sparking rumors that she was getting married.
A whistleblower told the Post: "This is exactly what happened before she conceived Suri.
Tom made no secret of the fact that he wanted another child.
She was almost preparing for the matter.
Rumor Control: sandaki followers spend time at the center of everything sandaki is not a motherin-the-making make.
Guys, cool down your plane.
When it comes to baby. .
Jude Law has apparently reached out his finger and finally done a decent thing by meeting his model, former Samantha Burke.
Burke gave birth to their son last year and reportedly met with the law over the weekend to discuss issues such as child support.
This is good news.
No matter what's wrong with you, sweep them aside and think about the children.
They are always the first. More details .
Love. . .
No matter what you do, don't click. Oh, too late. We warned you.
Is this how Lindsay Rohan has a little mileage behind him?
Movie Trailer: Karate Kid, another classic in his 80 s
Imagine treatment.
The star has some serious martial arts skills for Smith's son, Jayden Lapin.
This jury hasn't decided yet.
Feud by female provost Sharon Osbourne's Feud left an old injury to Australian singer Dani Milo.
The pair had a famous discord in judging the British draft, factor X, which led Osborne to withdraw from the show in 2008.
She told the Guardian, "In fact, I have left The X Factor because I can't stand the Bulls anymore.
My salary is very high.
High salary
So it was hard to leave but I left because they didn't like me to tell the truth.
"They would rather have some dolls like Danielle Milo as judges to support the bull * t. Dannii -
I can't stand her.
She is not so much a dim light bulb as a light bulb with a power outage.
Useless. " Feud No.
What is this razor?
Joan Rivers had to say to Victoria Beckham: "Victoria Beckham is so annoying.
Why wouldn't she go home directly? !
Her clothes are beautiful, but I don't care what she does.
She's mean to the people around her.
She is too short to be the heroine.
"We all use the same hair stylist,
Luxury car, artist
The driver and welcome at Los Angeles airport, no one has anything to say about her.
They said she was rude.
She can't always have a bad time.
Victoria Beckham should have his own life.
I don't like outrageous consumption.
I think it's vulgar. " Ouch!
There's more.
She used: "The only good thing about Victoria Beckham is that she never gives anyone a finger --
Because she's always busy in her throat!
"Blogger's briefing * who is Brad?
Whatever you do, don't ask Juliet Lewis about her affair with Brad Pitt. She's over it.
Actually, so do we.
Label yourself as not smart
Back to blonde.
Britney Spears, our favorite pop survivor, has a new look.
We almost didn't recognize her.
Blonde Ambition
* Whoopi Goldberg is talking about incontinence.
The bladder controls movement.
* "Charm" model Katie Price (aka Jordan)
Once again, she yelled at her predecessor, Peter Andre.
We couldn't get through the headlines. .
* Note Camden, Wino is back in town.
Amy Winehouse is considering moving to the old part of London to find her muse, and real estate prices are plunging. .
* Can't put our fingers on it, but Johnny Depp has some different places. Got it, he .
Madonna and Gladys Paltrow ended their friendship? .
Jennifer Lopez should have finished her career.
Back on the drawing board, baby.
There's always your perfume. And finally. . . R-
On today's show, Patz is meditating on his new movie remember me. Just because. . . Visit msnbc.
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