Letters - rooftop air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
Letters  -  rooftop air conditioner
[Read the story. ]
I have to speculate that Fahad manjo is male.
In his intriguing article about finding more efficient bulbs, he once asked, as a rhetorical question, "who needs a good color rendering in the bathroom ".
Obviously, he never made up. --
Hannah shayo has other problems with fluorescence in addition to the ones mentioned in the Manjoo article.
These bulbs contain toxic substances and are difficult to deal.
And some others (like myself)
More sensitive to flickering.
If I get in touch with the fluorescent tube bank you often find in department stores for more than half an hour, I get a headache and usually start feeling sleepy.
In addition, natural fluorescent lighting emits radiation and is found to be associated with the incidence of brain cancer (
Although the correlation is quite low).
Halogen lamps, on the other hand, do not have these problems.
Very long bulb-lasting (
I replaced my first halogen lamp just a few months ago;
The light was bought in early 90 s)
, It does not flash, and is more effective than incandescent lamps (
And not releasing almost as much heat as an incandescent lamp).
I have been trying to replace all my lights with halogen lamps step by step and have had some success.
People who are really interested in the efficient lighting available now should also do so. --
Daniel Fleming who needs good color rendering in the bathroom, anyone with makeup!
This is one of the most important places in the house with good color lights. --
Thanks to Ford for taking a break from building gas.
In order to sponsor an article on energy, the monster is exploding.
10-high efficiency lighting technology20 years away. Speaking of 10-
Twenty years later, where is the Ford Escape Hybrid, which was originally scheduled for release on 2002?
I will buy Japanese before the big three catch up and produce a car that I can stand to drive.
According to our current speed, we have to ride a bicycle in 10 years.
And it might not hurt us. --
Ben BurnettLet let me start by saying that I think your green Life article is great.
Recent solar articles have inspired me to do some serious research on my solar roof.
I hope that no one in the Green Life section sponsored by Ford will lose the irony.
Cars with poor fuel economy will not only increase the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, but also increase our desire for foreign oil.
The big three automakers lobbied hard against fuel economy standards and received preferential treatment for SUVs wrongly classified as light trucks. Salon.
Com recorded the legislative battle in the Kerry/McCain bill of 2002.
KBR maybe Sharon will sponsor the next story about Iraq?
Com should consider what kind of sponsorship it accepts to make what kind of statement. --
Another drawback of the fluorescent lamp is the lack of dimming function.
In many cases, this is ideal for both commercial and residential applications.
Unfortunately, it is not obvious how to achieve this with a fluorescent bulb.
Perhaps LEDs can solve this problem by having a large number of small LEDs and controlling the number of actually opened ones, which will be the ultimate key to finding a replacement for incandescent lamps. --
Eric SalterThis is usually a good article, but you missed what I think is important.
Lighting efficiency is really important only in the air
When using air conditioning, there is a house with air conditioning.
The heat of the light bulb will heat the house in winter.
This may not sound quite the same, but it changes the economy in many parts of the country and no longer uses new expensive lights.
In warm areas, the energy used by the bulb must be doubled to explain the heat that the air conditioner must discharge. --
Mr Michael Ritz "who needs good color rendering in the bathroom"
Manjoo, it's clear you 've never made up! --Sheila Addison
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