life hacks for beating a heat wave - evaporative air cooler best

by:HICOOL     2019-08-30
life hacks for beating a heat wave  -  evaporative air cooler best
As Canadians, we face two extreme temperatures.
It's hot and cold.
When in one, we want another.
However, the summer is getting hotter and many of us either don't have air conditioning or don't want to pay electricity for it.
Here are some tools.
From friends, colleagues and life hacks you can find online --
Keep cool without it. Window of (cool)
Window of opportunity is a friend and enemy in the heat wave.
Sure, they let the heat in, but they can cool you down even if it's not full of air conditioning.
Hang a wet sheet on the open window
The breeze cools down from the moisture of the sheets.
According to eco-
Friendly Magazine Mother Earth News says the science behind this trick is similar to the evaporation cooler, where cool moisture spreads across the room, reducing heat.
To achieve a similar effect, you can also spray the curtains simply.
As another way to counter the heat of the window, pull the curtains during the day to block the sun.
Homemade A/c fill the bucket with ice, dig the vent holes on the side, and hang the fan on the ice, facing below.
Cover the rest of the bucket opening so the fan's air can blow out of the hole you carve.
For a simpler option, put a bowl of ice in front of the fan.
Another way to make your home feel cool is to strategically ventilate.
All you need is a fan and a window.
By the fan facing the window, you can create a cross breeze, pull the cold air in and push the hot air out.
Bonus if you have a window fan.
If the air outside is colder, place it in the position of pulling the cold air, turn it around, pull the hot air out of the room and push it outside. No-
When you try to cool yourself and your home, it is important to eliminate the heat source.
Oven included.
If you desire a homeCooked food, no
Boiled food, such as Spanish cold dish soup (ironically)your best bet.
Homemade popsicles, and surprisingly, spicy food can withstand the heat you're experiencing.
It is not surprising to eat spicy food in a hot climate.
Spicy food will make you sweat and cool your body.
It also provides the inner endorph that calms your body, thus reducing the production of heat.
What food can do is not just cool you down from the inside.
Put a few slices of cucumber on your face
Especially your forehead.
Calm yourself down
Ignoring how silly they might make you look.
Let your pet lick a piece of ice, put them in the shade and keep them cool as well.
Your body is a machine and you can let it cool down by pressing some buttons.
According to life hackers, these buttons are in the form of "pulse points", the point where the skin is thinner and closer to the blood vessels.
They include the inside of the wrist, neck, elbow, knee and ankle, the top of the foot and temples.
Pour some cold water or rub an ice cube over any of them and you will start to feel the cold of lasting comfort.
Cold quilts trying to sleep in a heat wave can be the worst part of the day.
Your bed feels warm and your body is sweating. all you can do is turn over and over.
Try to get the bed wet
Not that, but spray or dip a piece of paper (or towel)
Make a phone call in the water before going to bed so it will be damp and not soaked.
You can lie on a foggy sheet or you can put it on yourself.
Another sheet tip: atomize the sheet before going to bed and put it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
Also, turn off and unplug the electronics as much as possible to help eliminate the heat source
In the evening and during the day.
Rice on IceFill a sock is put in the fridge with rice to compress things that keep cool but don't melt on you.
Another way to keep the grain cool is to use a buckwheat shell pillow, which does not keep the heat like cotton does.
You can easily make a pillowcase at home by sewing the pillowcase together and filling it with buckwheat skin.
Get a little help from the city. Downtown Toronto has a cooling center open throughout the city, where you can dodge the hot sun, cool in it for hours and get some water.
They started business at 11. m. to 7 p. m.
As of June 25, most of the outdoor swimming pools in Toronto are open, and many outdoor swimming pools are open before 8 in the evening. m.
Later during the high temperature warning
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