lisa scott: kicked out of the us - 33 hours of hell - outside air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
lisa scott: kicked out of the us - 33 hours of hell  -  outside air conditioner
While journalist Lisa Scott and her partner were on a trip to the United States, Homeland Security's Jail time was not on her radar.
Both of them are having problems getting visas, but these inconveniences are nothing compared to the reality of US border security.
From the perspective of the safety of the plane home, Lisa tells the whole story.
Donald Trump is the front line
The runner-up in the Republican presidential race, returning home with older generations, conservatives and evangelists, promised to let others speak in this week's Republican debate.
Jeb Bush promised not to make another mistake like he recently made "let's not fund women's problems.
Yes, an orange man with the stupidest comb in the world
Probably the next president of the United States.
But if you think it's ridiculous, you don't hear anything now.
It's hard for me and my partner to get J-
His visa for leave.
We decided to buy a simple and quick 3-for $14-
Travel authorization month electronic system (ESTA)visa waiver. No worries!
We flew over from Frankfurt and were so excited to dream of beer and cycling around Lake Michigan.
My partner said that upgrading to a high-end economy is a sign of good times in the future)
Finally arrived in Chicago last Monday.
When we entered the arrival hall, a megaphone played a notice on measures to prevent the outbreak of the footand-mouth disease.
"Have you had bed and breakfast near livestock?
See the nearest agricultural officer.
We appreciate your cooperation. operation. '' ''Hello!
We said with a smile to the heavy people
A lady for passport control.
"Come with me," she said seriously.
It was a two-day hell-like start for the Department of Homeland Security.
Starting with a happy and carefree New Zealanders, we will gradually
Humanized, into a trembling little beast.
33 hours later, when we left, we were both trembling and wounded.
Even now, I think we're just living out.
I know it sounds ridiculous, but I think it will take me a long time to get over it.
First of all, we were detained without a phone call or a passport.
Next, in the damn waiting room for hours, hours: crying baby, crying woman, man with handcuffs taken away, a lot of yelling, Alsace-mouthed guards.
The increased demand for Homeland Security staff means that those who usually push brooms now hold a Glock, don't they like to show it off in front of doctoral students around the world?
Everyone in the room came down from an international flight, which meant they were tired and excited.
The air conditioner, which was deliberately set in the lunch box, exacerbated the situation: bone pain, people trembling in summer clothes.
Why don't you wait for your J-1?
The Inquirer with a gun, a spike, and rubber gloves asked.
First of all, we turn our eyes. who will think we are a threat?
New Zealanders, babies in the world, are harmless.
Is this some kind of error, of course? Nope.
Apply for ESTA after J-start1 was illegal (
US visa website let us know very well)
We were denied entry.
In a state of shock for a few hours, it seems impossible for such a thing to happen.
Looking back, I made a few mistakes.
I should say good to the phone call to the consulate in New Zealand: even if they can't actually do anything, at least someone will know where I am.
I am not in the United States and I am not anywhere.
I have no legal right: the act of applying for the ESTA itself waives my right to petition the judgment. Finger-
Printed out, our pictures were taken and then we were left to think about our fate until midnight, when we were awake for almost 24 hours.
I told him that we would not leave until the next night, that night we would spend it in jail, and I began to cry and I never really stopped.
Stupidly, I didn't expect me to be separated from the economist, and several times in our 15 years of getting along he was separated: he entered the man's cell and I entered the lady's pen
I cried and cried, worried that someone had hurt him, and he did the same.
I was in this state all the time when they locked me in and he was worried about my sanity.
Have you been in jail?
The lights are on all night and the noise is loud.
In my American prison, it was caused by speakers set up on the ceiling, broadcasting the same feetand-
Send public information every 30 minutes.
"Have you ever stayed around livestock, had bed and breakfast?
After a while, it no longer makes sense and becomes a strange garbled poem.
"Spence time lipstick.
Lying on top of vinyl --
I began to hallucinate.
The shadows stretched and changed, and I think I heard the officers outside laughing at a good thing about their colleagues --
No, this is true.
Time passes slowly when you lose freedom and autonomy.
The fact that I couldn't get out of that bare concrete room filled me with fear.
Also, I don't know if the person I love is safe or even if I'm safe: the only thing I can see outside the cell window is a poster with a hotline number posted, rape or abuse of detainees was reported.
Unfortunately, all our phones were taken away.
Humiliation, lack of sleep and other Guantanamo themes abound.
Most importantly, however, isolation: no phone, no email, no idea what's going on.
Flying to the plane by a prison truck with mesh windows, we will fly back to New Zealand to find a safe place and hug in Lufthansa's wave of love: When they see the fascist, their staff recognized it and felt scared about our story.
Well, they might, Lufthansa Airlines had to pay the fare because we were rejected so they didn't recognize us coming to the US.
The chief officer of the plane rubbed my arm: "What can you get from that country?
Ironically, what we have suffered reminds me of something about Germany in 1941.
The production of appealing lies: it is not a prison, but a comfortable room to lie down.
"I'm so sorry" when they sent people who have lived in the United States for six years back to China to arrange for their property to be removed from there, they said with no sincerity.
This is a brutal rule of law without compassion.
That's why we found friends and colleagues so moved. not-to-
At Northwestern they were upset and heard about our predicament and they tried everything, went to the airport to petition the supervisory officer and even called friends in Washington to try and change her mind.
She's still stubborn.
Like Americans we have never seen before, our detainees are very friendly to each other and share gum, food and paper towels.
Embrace freely.
We are all together.
When the twin towers collapsed, the United States lost some humanity and decency in grief and anger.
These people are not good people. They yell and ruin the lives of the poor. they are so tired that they are crowded together --
Although I'm sure they are protecting their country in their own view.
From the Economist and lifestyle columnist.
Fill in the form to fix all of these things.
It is a way of creating hatred and intimidating the fight against terrorism.
You have to admit that Osama won.
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