little miss etiquette - space air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
little miss etiquette  -  space air conditioner
The arm was sore, the cheeks were red, and the air conditioner in the mall failed to face hundreds or so of bodies.
Parents stand holding their children like sardines.
Everyone is scrambling to find the best line of sight so that their children can get a good glimpse of the beloved Toopy and Binoo (
TV from Tree House).
While mall shows seem to have a lot of advantages over your standard theater fare, as they are free and have the best seats, it doesn't depend on how much it costs but how patient your tot is
But unfortunately, Vancouver's parents seem to be negligent in the etiquette department on which these shows depend.
Most shopping center shows, including Toopy and Binoo, list a cushion, which is a seating area but also a children's area.
I don't understand why parents and children sit in front because it's easy to keep an eye on them from the standing parent area.
Because for every parent sitting on the mat, two or three children lost.
I know some kids are too small and parents need to stay with them but they shouldn't be in the mat area.
Parents standing in the first line should always give to those who need to hold tots.
It seems to be a common courtesy because Hello, the show is really not suitable for adults.
I mean, is it just me or is Toopy one of the most annoying cartoon characters on the tree house?
But my son loves this guy so much!
So, I'm willing to put up with this show that excites my man, but I'm sure I won't go alone.
This is my second pet. parent-for-
The atmosphere is how early it is for one person to get to a place.
I mean, have you ever tried to have a three year old wait patiently for five minutes, about an hour.
Believe me, you will beg for these people. in-white-
The coat will appear before the time comes.
Since these waiting conditions are like sardines, it's not easy --
Keep the little ones happy.
There's no room to set up toys for them, not even play finger games because you might hit your neighbor on the head and this is another no
No, the children get hot, tired and impatient before the show starts.
This wonderful, great, fun day you planned for your dear ones quickly turned into a recipeout tantrum.
Can you blame them?
Parents can easily lose their temper themselves.
For example, the delightful parents squeezed everyone through their elbows and stopped themselves directly in front of a child.
Who stands in front of a child in a children's performance?
It's enough to make you want to leave.
But, of course, parents bite their teeth in silence or in loud comments, especially rude and rude to the other parent.
Because it will definitely make them understand!
I know it's a bit of a rant, most likely a violation of etiquette itself, but I think etiquette is something that slips away from the contemporary parental culture.
So, I want to be open to all forms of parents
All you need to do is get etiquette accidents from your chest!
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