lower wattage for smaller wallets: eco-solar home tour showcases affordable energy efficiency - in a heat pump

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lower wattage for smaller wallets: eco-solar home tour showcases affordable energy efficiency  -  in a heat pump
Forget the line that green is not easy.
Even the little doll's famous frog kmitt, if he's going to build an energy-efficient house in Edmonton today and try to sing the blues, it's not easy to tell how green is.
This is because of Version 2016 of Edmonton's annual eco conference.
Runhome Tour, runningJune 4 and 5, not only show the new energy-efficient homes and how they are built, but there is more emphasis on being a green homeowner, how to no longer have such a high price tag as before.
Andrew Mills, president of Eco-Mills, said: "I am encouraged to see some more affordable energy-saving homes on this year's Tour . "
Solar Home Tourism Association.
"These are not energy-saving houses with net zero --
Produce and use as much energy as the House
But they are priced at market prices.
They are quite energy efficient families and for me this is the next step that has to happen.
Landmark residence with two markets
The reasonably priced energy-efficient home in Laurel green, southeast Edmonton, and another entrance to Clareview Kernohan, are among the builders who help new buyers afford the energy-efficient home challenge.
"We have been working on this since 2008 and how best to apply it to a new home without making it daunting or difficult (
For buyers)
And do what we can to integrate it, "said Tanya rumarc, sustainable development and public relations manager for the landmark corporate group. The free two-
15 other sites, including 7, offer landmark products
And the Canadian Association of Residential builders-the recipient of the Alberta 2015 Green House Award.
"We still have some of the best big houses with high efficiency and technology, but this year I'm happy to see some affordable houses," Mills said . ".
Laurel Green River or walk to Laurel green show house in Prague and Athens, you don't know the ecology
Friendly gems inside.
In fact, walking past any of the landmark showhouses, they seem to be similar to most of the other showhouses on the surface.
But dig deeper and you might be surprised by the high display rate of these "typical" families on the EnerGuide scale --
Standardized methods for measuring household energy performance.
While Prague's upgraded model is priced at $427,660, the energy-saving feature does not affect the price increase.
"We want people to be able to adopt energy efficiency at an affordable cost," said Rumak . ".
"We paid our price. ”The 1,636-square-
Three bedrooms, two. and-a-
Prague half bath includes more traditional energy-saving features such as sprayfoam insulation, three in one
Pane window and low
Mobile toilet, shower head and faucet.
But the landmark has built a family further and registered 87-
For a new home, a rating of 80 or more is considered excellent with a top rating of 100.
Features that help to get a grade 87 rating include basement board insulation, drain heat recovery system, heat recovery ventilator, tank-free water heater, 96-per-
High efficiency furnace and two-
Kilowatt solar photovoltaic system with monitoring. The two-kilowatt (eight panel)
Solar system is installed in each display home, which generates about 2500 KW-
The annual electricity consumption should offset the demand for electricity near the average family of four, says Rumak.
"We want to show people that taking a single incremental cost
The family home in EnerGuide 87 is not as expensive as they think, "added Rumak.
Alberta has done six years of work and research on improving the household energy footprint, rewarding Tim and Lucy Heinz.
Last year, their efforts in the new Alberta Beach House received unexpected returns, and was awarded 2015 Green House Award winner by the Canadian Association of Residential builders-Alberta.
The former Edmonton couple studied before placing an energy-efficient home in the countryside.
The end result gives them the opportunity to develop a sustainable lifestyle while minimizing the impact on the environment.
"We chose an energy-efficient family because we wanted to prove that you can have a modern family and that you can do it in a responsible way," Tim said . ".
"We started thinking, 'What does energy efficiency mean and what will it look like for us? We have changed from an unconventional family to a traditional one.
We watched people talk about Geothermal, trying to understand Hay
Build houses or mud and straw, "added Tim.
"Throughout the process, when it comes to energy efficiency, we find that there are a lot of niche markets and not many suppliers.
We are not a couple. we need to build our own home.
They recognized two things along the way.
First of all, passive solar energy is an ancient technology that uses the sun to distribute heat in the winter and reject solar energy in the summer, which will be one of the key elements of their home.
Solar power will also play an important role.
They also decided that they would not rely on natural gas, propane or any other additional power supply other than electricity.
"An electric family will be passive," said Tim . ".
"One day, we will eventually achieve net zero using solar energy.
Heins worked with Effect Home Builders and did not look back.
Their home has received an EnerGuide rating of 93 points, including 4 points
Inch insulated concrete basement floor with pickling finish and two-
Inch concrete floor in the dining room/living room area, add extra heat in the first half of the house.
There are three more in this hotel. glaze argon-
Filled PV window, air source heat pump with secondary heating of electric coil, high
Efficient heart rate variation system for life breathing
An efficient water heater
Efficiency wood fireplace and 5.
5 degree solar photovoltaic system.
"It doesn't involve rocket science and it's very efficient, it's our pleasure, it's the message we want to convey," said Tim. ”ECO-
17 edition of solar home Tourism in 2016
This weekend, solar home tours will take place on 5 and June 4.
This tour is organized by volunteers who are passionate about the environment and sustainability, allowing them to share their passion, educate and encourage others to consider sustainable options in new technologies and building practices. Edmonton-Area Eco-
Solar Home details: 14 families in this version of the tour, located in Edmonton, Alberta Beach and St. Albert.
The viewing time is generally from noon to 4 p. m.
Although some sites may be open earlier at 10, this is the case every day. m.
Tickets are not required.
Not just families: three more earth complex stores have been added to this year's Tour.
They have 5 KW solar in their stores, and the Evans Dale Community Alliance has a new community solar trend, where the alliance has installed 14 KW solar.
In June 4, the NAIT alternative energy lab was the place to learn how energy-saving technologies work.
Saturday location: Alberta Beach (
Open at 10. m. )
Kenohan Chapel Laurel Green Street.
Albert of Westmont (
Two different locations)
Alternative Energy Technology Labs and integrated Earth stores in NAIT.
Location on Sunday: Belgravia, hazerdean, hollyluther, mcnan, Otterwell, strathona, Windsor Park, Evansdale Community union and Earth
Bicycle version: held on Sunday, June 5.
Online registration for more information: the exact location, specific time and details of each website can be found on or www. ecosolar.
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