major crane collapse in new york city: 1 dead, several injured - industrial air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
major crane collapse in new york city: 1 dead, several injured  -  industrial air conditioner
On Friday morning, a large construction crane collapsed in heavy snow in New York City, killing at least one person.
It is reported that the crane collapsed around 8: 30 a. m. m. at Worth St.
Located on West Avenue in TriBeCa district, Lower Manhattan.
It crashed a row of parked cars into the building.
The streets were littered with broken bricks and pieces.
Slide-main crane collapse in New York City> New York City Fire Department (FDNY)
One person was confirmed dead upon arrival and at least two others were seriously injured.
A family Bay Crane
The crane rental company in Long Island has collapsed equipment.
When Yahoo News contacted, a representative of the company refused to discuss the matter at this time. “No comment.
"The incident is still under investigation," he said on the phone . ".
Bay Crane's mission statement describes the company as a "reputation for excellence" and a well-known enterprise
How to deal with New York regulations.
"Our focus and mission is to meet the needs of the crowded and highly regulated New York market," it wrote . ".
Last year, the company was involved in a similar incident when an industrial air conditioner crashed nearly 30 floors while being transported by another crane.
Meilian, waitress at Plaza restaurant near Leonard Street.
According to Yahoo News, the scene was very tense this morning.
"There are a lot of fire engines and a lot of police," she said . "
"Several families came to the restaurant to escape.
The police told them to stay away from the street.
Emergency workers rushed to the scene to search for trapped people in the car.
Authorities blocked the area with yellow emergency tape.
Several nearby streets were banned.
It is not clear what caused the crane to collapse.
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