metro to use geothermal ac system, to save 15% power | nagpur news - times of india - coleman heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-01
metro to use geothermal ac system, to save 15% power | nagpur news - times of india  -  coleman heat pump
NAGPUR: MahaMetro, who has sought solar energy to reduce the electricity bill, decided to further reduce the electricity bill by entering the underground geothermal air conditioning system
Opposite the building Deekshabhoomi.
The system is expected to reduce operating costs by 10% to 15%.
An official at MahaMetro said the geothermal heat pump is a central cooling system that transmits heat to or from the ground.
It uses the Earth as a radiator.
The design uses a gentle temperature on the ground to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs for heating and cooling systems.
The temperature of the ground below 20 feet is roughly equal to the annual average temperature.
He also said that the heat pump consists of a series of 80-
100 m deep hole well with double u-shaped hole
Tubes, as well as the manifold used to connect these drilling arrays.
Vertical holes provide heat dissipation media on the ground.
After that, the water was 80-
The depth of 100 underground is constant temperature, from geo-
He added that the exchange is in a constant temperature area between 25 and 30 °c.
The official further said that given that the cooling water temperature of the cooling tower varies greatly due to changes in the ambient wet bulb temperature, usually 4-
Higher than the cooling water temperature provided by the geothermal/Earth Exchange system at 5 °c.
This provides air to save operating costs
Air conditioning system up to 10-15%.
Experts say operating costs could rise by 8% as temperatures rise.
Brijesh Dixit, general manager of Mahmahametro, said the agency decided to join the system because of growing concerns about costs and water and electricity supply.
We will install a 175 thermal response (TR)cooling system.
Test the installation and thermal response test of drilling holes (TRT)was conducted.
He added that the rest of the closed loop drilling field is in progress.
The ground loop array will be connected to a water cooled cooler that mainly provides cooling for buildings.
An important factor in the development of this device is the procurement of drilling site materials from Indian manufacturers and suppliers.
Didixit further said that using this technology will significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared to existing systems.
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