mine water warmed by earth to be pumped into people’s homes in welsh valleys - in a heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-03
mine water warmed by earth to be pumped into people’s homes in welsh valleys  -  in a heat pump
The plan, known as a "trailer", will use underground mine water from the old Kalou coal mine, which was closed in late 1970, to heat houses, a school in the Llynfi Valley in South Wales and a church.
The Welsh government announced on Friday that it would grant the project £ 6.
EU fund 5 million.
Leslie Griffiths, cabinet minister in charge of energy, planning and Rural Affairs, said: "Our goal is to make our country the first world leader to develop low-carbon energy.
This is a cut.
Use the heritage of our coal mine heritage to create a marginal model of clean renewable energy.
Bridgend County autonomous city council is investigating how the water in the underground works of coal mines is heated by the Earth and is a geothermal energy source that can use heat pump technology and a network of pipes to heat up 150 nearby families.
Test drilling at the site of the old winery in Kalou found that the mining gap was filled with water 230 deep.
The results of the feasibility study to determine whether the water is warm enough to heat the home are expected to be released by the end of February.
The British Geological Survey was involved in testing the temperature, chemistry and volume of mining water, with an estimated temperature of around 20 °c.
Warm-Warm enough for the success of the program.
Griffiths said that the project will be the first such-scale project in the UK, which will not only attract more investment to the region, but will also solve the problem of fuel poverty by cutting energy bills, it is possible to promote it to Wales and other regions.
He also said, 'EU-
The funded program will also create jobs during the initial construction period and in the ongoing supply chain, and provide training and educational opportunities in a very innovative area.
The plan will use the existing radiator of the homeowner and the mine water will not enter the property of the resident.
Councillor Richard Young, member of the community cabinet of the Bridgend county autonomous city council, said it was the amount of water and temperature on site that made the plan possible.
He said that the next phase will complete the full scope of the plan and be prepared to provide a ground-breaking project for the Llynfi Valley.
A spokesman for the Welsh government added that while the initial heat net would involve 150 properties and nearby schools and churches, the plan could provide warmth to thousands of local families.
The results of the feasibility study will be shared with Caerau residents in the exhibition planned for spring, while construction is expected to begin in 2020.
Additional funds for £ 9.
£ 4 million project, a demonstration project by the British government
The Led smart systems and heat project will consist of the British government, the Energy Systems Corporation and the borough council of Bridgend county.
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