moving the air throughout a home - outside air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
moving the air throughout a home  -  outside air conditioner
Jay romanomarch 25, the word "whole" for many homeowners
"House ventilation" produces an image of a large Louver fan, and when it draws in external air through open windows, corridors, corners, it creates an indoor breeze, up the stairs, then in and out of the attic.
However, there is a difference between ventilation and cooling the house and bringing it fresh air.
There are different products to implement one or the other. “A whole-
Gary Church said: "The house ventilation system is not the exhaust fan of the house.
Smith, technical service manager of energy Federation, energy distributor
Effective products in that iron, quality.
Exhaust fan may not be a whole
Ventilation system of house.
The difference between the two, sir. Church-
Although the exhaust system is mainly used to help cool the house, the overall
The Residential Ventilation system brings fresh air into a sealed and insulated home.
Steve Herzlieb, project manager at Southface, a non-profit research organization in Atlanta, said that
There's usually a house fan of 30-
Inch blades are usually installed in a central position directly below the attic.
Fans like this cost $150 to $350 (
Installation is not included)
Only a few pennies an hour.
But ads must be used correctly.
"You must make sure to open the window before opening the fan," Mr. Herzlieb said. Since a whole-
The house fan can move 4,000 cubic feet of air per minute, it will quickly reduce the pressure of the House and will cause a return wind in burning equipment such as gas water heaters.
Since the air is exhausted into the attic, there must be enough ventilation to get it away. Whole-house fans, Mr.
Herzlieb said it should only be used if the outdoor temperature is lower than the indoor temperature;
This usually means evening.
To avoid losing heat in the winter, the fan should have insulated the lid on the attic side cover.
The attic fan is another way to cool down the house.
"The Attic fan is anything that makes the attic vent," said Nick stracan of improventdirect.
A company in Chico, California
This fan, usually 12 to 18 inch in diameter, is mounted on a roof or a gable to take away heat from the attic and make the air at home easier --
Air conditioning system that does its work.
When using the attic fan, the most important thing is to make sure that the attic is completely sealed with the living area.
"You don't want air-
The air conditioner was pulled into the attic, "said Mr. Strachan said.
Most loft fans ranging from $100 to $200 (
Installation is not included)
Automatic constant temperature control and operation.
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For homeowners who want to improve air exchange in their homes, there are four basic systems.
Alex Wilson, president, green building, Vt. Brattleboro
The "exhaust only" system is represented using a fan and piping system
Think about the bathroom exhaust fan-
Take out the fresh air from the house and suck in the fresh air.
He said that the "supply" system operates in the opposite way --
Usually by using the existing force in the home
The air system sucks in fresh air and emits it through the house, thus draining the old air through gaps.
Under the system of "balance"
Wilson said that fans and pipes circulate air inside and outside the house through the installed external vents.
"Energy Recovery System ".
Wilson says it works the same way, but is able to transfer heat from the air in and out, thus "recovering" most of the heat or air
The air conditioner lost to the outside.
Victor Flynn from Panasonic Home and environmentJ.
For an ordinary family, he says, one or two of his company's WhisperComfort fans pass heat from in and out of the air to a minimum loss of energy, you can change the air at home about every three hours.
Not installed, about $600 per fan.
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