new natural gas air conditioning is very efficient - portable swamp cooler air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2019-08-31
new natural gas air conditioning is very efficient  -  portable swamp cooler air conditioner
Question: My old Central AC is still working but I was wondering if I should replace it with super ACefficient one.
How much can I save on my electricity bill?
Is the new gas cooling device efficient?
A: There is probably a SEER in your old air conditioner (
Efficiency ratio)
About 6 or 7. A new super-
The SEER of the high-efficiency electric device is 15.
Installing one can reduce your cooling costs by more than 50%.
The new gas central air-conditioning unit has an equivalent SEER of up to 27. New super-
Two high-efficiency electric air-conditioning units-
Speed compressor and variable
Speed indoor blower.
Low energy saving speed (
High speed only on the hottest days)
, Each cycle runs for a long time.
Indoor temperature on-
Non-loops are actually eliminated.
The air is circulating almost continuously and the noise is reduced.
With a soft start, the initial warm stream (
Cold winter)
Eliminate the air in the pipe.
This is ideal for allergic patients as air purifiers are more effective and humidity, mold, mites, etc. are reduced.
The indoor blower is equipped with a special electric diverter.
These not only provide real variables
For better comfort, the speed runs, but they use half less power than the standard blower motor.
The most efficient single
The speed air conditioner unit adopts a rolling compressor.
Compared to the standard reciprocating piston compressor, the rolling compressor has fewer moving parts.
Rolling compressors are also quieter without pistons and valves.
Due to the wear and tear of rolling compressors during years of operation, they are better sealed and run smoother than the new compressor.
Their basic design is reliable and they should continue to operate with high efficiency over the years.
If you have gas, there is gas.
Electric air conditioning unit using no-
Absorption process of compressor.
These will also heat your house in winter. Another super-
A compressor is used for efficient gas central air conditioning and heating units.
Its equivalent SEER is 27, which can reduce the cooling cost by 75%.
It looks like a standard electric central air conditioner is outdoors and quieter.
A small natural gas
The power engine makes the compressor run.
Since the engine can run at any speed, its microprocessor can run continuously and well
Adjust the cooling output (17 levels)
Meet the exact cooling needs of your house.
Winter this year-
Circular gas air conditioning heats your house with over 100% efficiency.
It combines the heat pump principle with the excess heat generated by the operation of the engine.
This can also cut your heating costs by half.
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528 show Super buyer guide
Efficient central air conditioning-
Air conditioner manufacturers list efficiency, cooling capacity, compressor type and speed, function and quantity saved --selector chart.
Please send $2 and a business-
Los Angeles Times James in Dooley of size self-addressing seal envelope Ohio Cincinnati Roy Green Avenue 6906, 45244.
What is the most efficient sunshine room design?
Q: I plan to add a sun room to my house.
I will use it to grow some plants and hope to get some free solar heating from it in the winter.
Should I buy a tilted or vertical one?
A: buy one that is vertical or close to the front of the vertical.
While inclined front designs are generally less expensive, they tend to overheat in the summer, even in the northern climate.
If you plan to use your solar space in the winter to help warm your house, including enough sun quality.
This is usually done with a heavy brick or concrete floor.
You also need a fan to move the warm air inside.
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