new products in store for 2019 - space air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
new products in store for 2019  -  space air conditioner
LG Electronics (M)
Kim Kyu Tae, general manager of Sdn Bhd, said that the three most important household appliances to meet these needs are refrigerators, washing machines with dryer functions, and air-conditioners.
Seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence with LG (AI)
It has a wide range of SmartThinQ devices and devices, providing users with new convenience.
"In the new year, we will try to expand these innovations into a full lineup and provide more points of contact with consumers," Kim said . ".
At present, the brand has 27 brand stores nationwide and plans to expand its scale, he said.
"Our goal is to open at least one brand store in all major cities across the country in the next two or three years," he said . ". InstaView Door-in-
Nowadays, smart refrigerator door refrigerator is popular, LG hopes to use its InstaView Door to lead the trendin-
"It is important to keep the food fresh because many families cook many times a day, so cold storage is an important product at home.
"Here, we have the right innovation, we have been in high school.
End the clip with InstaView, "Kim said.
InstaView refrigerators offer high energy-
Observe the interior efficiently and comfortably without opening the door, which means that the cold air will decrease and the food will remain fresh for a longer period of time.
The series is equipped with a smooth glass panel that illuminates the interior with two simple taps so that the user can easily scan the content for faster and easier access. The large Door-in-
The doors even provide storage space to maximize flexibility and convenience.
This useful compartment can be easily accessed by a hidden button under the door of the refrigerator and keeps the food fresher by reducing the loss of cold air up to 41%.
Built-in AI will send alerts when needed or due cleaning.
With LG's SmartThinQ, users can remotely control the refrigerator via their smartphone, enabling them to set the refrigerator temperature and diagnose device issues from the connected app.
There is a camera feature where users can see the entire device inside using the LG SmartThinQ app.
TWINWash washing machine lg has targeted the home appliance market in Asia through TWINWash technology, which allows the washing of two separate clothes at the same time.
It even maximizes washing capacity and reduces laundry time while redefining the laundry experience for consumers.
The main washing machine and mini washing machine can be operated independently or simultaneously, which means that it can wash laundry items that need to be set separately (
Items such as color and white, normal and delicate, large and small, clothing for adults and children).
Running both loads at the same time will shorten the cleaning time, and the two cleaning cycles will take only 49 minutes. The main front-
Loading washing machines also produce very little noise during the rotation cycle and eco-period
The hybrid dryer features the ultimate fullin-
One solution in the washer/dryer combination can meet the daily laundry needs.
The main washing machine adopts the advanced technology TrueSteam and TurboWash unique to LG, which helps to eliminate home allergens and shorten the washing time.
The mini washing machine is perfect for small, delicate or professional items that require a unique cycle, such as underwear or baby clothes, as well as smaller loads such as pillowcases and towels.
This allows for immediate and more frequent cleaning of small loads such as gym clothes or bathing suits without the need to run a larger main washing machine.
The washing machine is also Wi-
Fi compatible, allows remote control and monitoring of devices anywhere using convenient applications.
DualCool home air conditioning (RAC)
The DualCool air conditioner, combined with innovative features, is the first air conditioner to use the company's dual frequency conversion compressor, saving energy without sacrificing cooling performance.
The effectiveness of the variable frequency compressor prompted the company to expand the RAC series and install advanced compressors in more models.
In addition to excellent performance and high energy efficiency, DualCool's simple installation process saves time and effort for technicians and maintenance personnel.
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