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Israel will start an arson investigation in the Haifa fire;
ISIS claimed responsibility for the truck bombing in Baghdad. 10:00a-
November 25, 2016 -september 11
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Host Andrew Stevens: I'm Andrew Stevens from Hong Kong.
Welcome to the news stream.
Dozens of people have been killed in an ISIS suicide attack near the Iraqi capital.
This is because we have heard more tragic stories from those who fled the terrorist group's control in Mosul.
Return to business for President
With the end of the US holiday, Donald Trump wants to build his team.
Shopping in the storm.
Black Friday deal at the American SchoolS. into a frenzy. Iraqi-
Leading forces have been pushing forward their biggest attack on ISIS, but terrorist groups are fighting back in an evil and unexpected way.
ISIS said it was behind a trap bomb attack near the ancient city of Babel in southeast Baghdad.
At least 80 people were killed, most of them Shi'ite pilgrims from Iran.
ISIS said it was behind a truck explosion in the area near the ancient city of Babel in southeast Baghdad.
At least 80 people from Iran were killed, most of them Shiite pilgrims.
ISIS said the bombing was a response to the action to retake the city of Mosul.
Well, now there is concern that civilians may be trapped in Mosul due to the destruction of the fourth bridge in the United States. S. airstrike.
CNN's Phil Black is in the east of El Bille.
Phil, how much do we know about the conditions inside Mosul?
Phil black, CNN International: Andrew, they are very difficult and dangerous.
Now, the Iraqi government has suggested that civilians in Mosul squat down at home, waiting for street fighting to rage around them, waiting for the battle to end, because what they are worried about is, if the fighting causes a large number of people to flee the city, it will lead to a humanitarian crisis and more human suffering.
As a result, Iraqi forces say they are changing their combat tactics to ensure minimal harm to civilians.
They say that this reduces their ability because they cannot use heavy weapons or call air power, but what we have seen in Mosul with our own eyes is that ISIS has not shown the same concern. (Start Video)
Blake: these people have just gone through the horror of the city war.
They have been shrinking at home for a few days, and prayers and white flags are their only protection because Iraqi forces are fighting in communities east of Mosul against the fierce resistance of ISIS.
Food, water and medicine are scarce now.
There is no electricity, but there is a lot of relief.
Unidentified male: Is ISIS like a dark thing on your chest?
Black: ISIS is like a dark thing on your chest?
Male: Yes. Yes.
Blake: it's gone now?
Man: Yes, Daesh--
The darkness disappeared.
Blake: you can hear the fighting in the distance.
It is still a dangerous approach.
ISIS has disappeared from these streets, but its ability to hurt these people has not yet disappeared.
Just 24 hours ago, we were told that a family was sitting outside their home and there was a mortar hit not far away, an 18-month-
The old girl was killed.
Her name is Amira Ali. ph)
Her father Omar was overwhelmed by grief.
He shouted, "What did she do wrong?
She's just playing.
She left me and she was the only one for me.
"This temporary clinic in Mosul sees the terrible consequences of mortar fire into civilian areas every day.
This is a damn production line.
The wounded were taken to hospital, repaired quickly and transported to an ambulance.
Sometimes when an ambulance leaves, another military vehicle carries more injured civilians, which seems to be endless.
When the medical staff worked hard to help the victims of another ISIS mortar attack, they were carefully unloaded.
But they can't save everyone. This man's 21-year-
The son was killed.
He said: "A mortar has just fallen in front of the door.
We're here. he's just a piece of meat.
Four or five of my neighbors stood with him and they were all dead.
"Here, another parent fell to the dusty ground in front of her son's body.
The men, who lived under ISIS for two years, were killed by the group's desperate military tactics and complete indifference to innocent lives.
Now, it's important to remember that it's really just the beginning in this city with a million people.
Only then did Iraqi forces really start the early stages of the deportation of ISIS. (END VIDEOTAPE)[08:05:26]
Blake: they just started fighting to occupy the land in the east of the city.
So they have to keep pushing west.
The hardest battle has yet to come.
Of course, all of this means that, logically, there is a lot of concern that the humanitarian situation, the humanitarian costs of this military operation will only get worse, too--Andrew.
Stevens: Phil, as you said, as they move forward, they actually can't do anything to those who are still trapped in the city, change their fighting strategy and move slowly.
People in the city must rely on themselves to survive.
Yes, that's right.
Some people choose or leave.
As far as we know, some 70,000 people have left Mosul or the surrounding area due to this ongoing military operation, but most of them are still in it and many are considered understandable and dare not try to leave, aid groups are increasingly concerned about what this means for these people, because it is clear that it is very dangerous, and as fighting is raging around this civilian group, it is becoming more and more dangerous within the city.
But beyond that, aid groups are also concerned about the challenges of obtaining the necessary supplies and assistance, food, water, which are essential elements to keep these people alive, even in liberated areas.
What they hope is that Iraqi forces will be able to establish security corridors that will allow people to leave, but also allow aid to enter ---Andrew.
Steven: The bombing that started with ISIS is clearly continuing.
Thank you very much, Phil.
Phil Black joins us from Erbil.
Now, on the Syrian border, some people in eastern Aleppo may run out of food in less than ten days.
The head of the Syrian Civil Defense told Reuters rescue workers also had little resources to rescue people from the rubble.
He said at least 59 people were killed in the besieged city on Thursday alone.
Well, coalition forces have been fighting terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq for a long time, and most of the battle has been helped because of the team in the air.
CNN gets exclusive access to a secret plane, just like the one you see here that monitors ISIS militants.
Fred Pleitgen, CNN's senior international correspondent. (Start Video)
CNN Senior International Correspondent frederik pleitgen (voice-over)
: Fight ISIS in a space suit.
We can only identify the pilot by his name Captain Steven and his call sign Meathead.
He's on his way.
High-level reconnaissance mission of U2 reconnaissance aircraft
I was told by a pilot that we rarely had the opportunity to participate in the highly mysterious missions of preparation, launch and landing, which had a clear goal. MAJ. MATT, U. S.
Air Force: with U2, we'll be able to find the guys, track them, and get information on the type of fighter, bomber type.
So, when they go out, they already have the best intel, the best information about where they are, and then obviously do what needs to be done.
PLEITGEN: U2 can fly very high, over 70,000 feet, and can get pictures and information from ground forces very quickly.
It's a Cold War.
Its cameras and sensors have been fully upgraded since the 1950 generation. (on camera)
With many technology upgrades, U2 Dragon remains one of the main assets in the U.
Efforts to combat ISIS.
But, of course, intelligence gathering takes place on many levels.
Most of this happens on drones like the Global Hawk, patrolling over Iraq and Syria almost every day.
The information on these monitoring platforms is key to helping American warplanes. S. -led anti-
The ISIS coalition hit their targets to support forces fighting the group in places like Mosul, Iraq.
But while U2 can fly higher than almost any other plane, it's hard to land.
We were on a chase, and after the plane took off, our speed helped the pilot reach the ground in almost 10 minutes. hour mission.
Captain Steven said he believes U2 will have a big impact. CPT. STEVEN, U. S.
Air Force: what we can do when we are there, and how often we are there, thanks to the maintenance staff, we have been in the air to support the people who need it most. [08:10:03]
PLEITGEN: the demand for U2 services is still high when ISIS may lose ground, and the organization is still deadly and elusive.
CNN correspondent Fred plligan reports in the Middle East. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Stevens: When Donald Trump becomes president of the United States, fighting ISIS will be one of the main challenges he faces, but when he and his team are busy filling government and cabinet positions, reports say Trump has skipped most of his daily intelligence briefings since he was elected.
The Washington Post says the president
Elect has only met with an intelligence analysis team twice.
Vice president-
The elected Mike Pence received his briefing almost every day.
But Trump assured the public through his Twitter that he was working hard even on Thanksgiving Day.
In March, he and his family spent some time in his manor --a-
Lago, Florida, but with more meetings scheduled over the next few hours, there may be more announcements.
Jason carroll, CNN correspondent. (Start Video)
CNN National Correspondent Jason Carroll: A conference call scheduled for 10: 30 today.
Basically, it will be a transition team who will be interviewed for cabinet positions on Monday.
Having said that, we may hear something about the minister of commerce later today.
As you know, Wilbur Ross, a billionaire investor, is preparing this special job.
Also, we may hear some news from Ben Carson who is preparing for Secretary HUD.
He basically said there was an offer.
Trump at least turned part of the holiday into a work holiday.
You know, he said, throughout the campaign, many times a 35% tax has been imposed on businesses that transfer jobs to Mexico, including Carrier air conditioning.
Well, he said on Twitter, "even on Thanksgiving Day, I was working hard to try to keep the Carrier air-conditioning company in Indiana, USA.
Progress was made.
We will know soon.
The operator air conditioning weighed this, saying that "the operator has had discussions with the incoming government and we look forward to working together.
There's nothing to announce at this time.
"In terms of these other announcements, the position of secretary of state.
Mitt Romney, the leading candidate, is on the side and checking the matter with advisers.
It was not until later next week that I was expecting to hear about this. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Stevens: Jason Carroll reports there.
Now, as Trump prepares to have more talks with his transition team, his former campaign manager is speaking out.
Kellyanne Conway says Trump's supporters are not happy with a possible cabinet position for Mitt Romney.
The 2012 Republican presidential candidate is said to be vying for the secretary of state, but he made strong criticisms of Trump during the campaign.
Conway wrote on Twitter: "Romney has received a lot of social media and private comments.
Some Trump supporters have warned Romney as secretary of state.
"Now, China has ordered all residents in Xinjiang to hand over their passports.
Those who want to travel abroad need permission now.
The government did not say why they seized the passports, but activists said Beijing had deliberately targeted Muslim Uighurs.
In the past, China has repeatedly accused ethnic minorities of launching attacks.
Our Matt Rivers has reports from Beijing. (Start Video)
CNN International correspondent Matt Rivers: Last month local authorities across Xinjiang began issuing orders requiring all residents to hand in their passports at local police stations.
They say this is an annual review, but after that these passports will be kept by the police and anyone who wants to travel abroad must apply for permission.
Anyone who does not comply with the order may be banned from leaving the country.
This affects millions of people far northwest, where ethnic tensions between Uighurs and Han people have intensified several times in recent years.
The majority of Uighurs are in Xinjiang, while Han Chinese are in China.
The passport recall applies to all residents of the region, but the German-based World Uyghur Congress says it is a deliberate action to limit the movement of Uighurs.
Amnesty International says this is the latest example of how the government can combat people in the region to control and prevent unrest.
William nee of Amnesty International: we have seen that in the past few months, the government has been collecting passports in different regions, announcing the regulations, people who want to get their passports back or want to travel must provide DNA samples, blood samples and speech recognition.
This model is in line with the government's use of big data and biometrics to control the population.
China has accused Uighur separatists of launching a series of deadly attacks in Xinjiang and other parts of China.
It compares them with terrorist groups such as ISIS and al Qaeda.
But human rights groups say the unrest is caused by Beijing's oppressive religious policies and the economic marginalisation of Uighurs.
The authorities did not give specific reasons for this passport recall, but millions of people in this vast area are now reviewing their travel plans more carefully and taking more strict control of their actions.
Matt Rivers, CNN correspondent. (END VIDEOTAPE)[08:15:26]
STEVESN: The death toll from scaffolding collapse in eastern China has now risen to 74.
It is reported that a crane hit a platform where 68 people were working, and the disaster happened.
According to Chinese media, 13 employees of the factory in southeast China have been detained.
The Myanmar embassies in Thailand and Malaysia are still holding demonstrations.
They said it was an angry day for alleged ethnic cleansing.
We will tell you how the Malaysian government has stepped in.
Wildfires are occurring in Israel and parts of the West Bank.
While some residents were able to return to their homes, international aid forces have been called in to help put out the flames.
We live in front of us.
In addition, consumers struggle to get the final chaos of Black Friday trading.
We stayed in the activity center of a shop in Jersey City and had all the details on the other side of the break. Stay with us. (
Business break)
Stevens: I just want to show you this picture of the dramatic problem facing the oppressed ethnic minorities in Myanmar.
We are looking at new developments in violence against the Muslim population of Rohingya, Myanmar.
The Malaysian government condemned the brutal military crackdown.
Demonstrators were furious for a day outside the Burmese embassy in Kuala Lumpur, as Malaysia's foreign minister demanded an early meeting with Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi and the Myanmar ambassador conveyed Malaysia's concerns.
Now there are protests in Thailand.
Let's go to Saima Mohsin and she's live with us on the latest from Bangkok.
First of all, Saima, tell us how much we have learned so far about the growing protests.
Matt Rivers: CNN International: Well, Andrew, local authorities across Xinjiang are starting to issue orders, as you said, in Asia and the rest of the world, people are calling for an angry day, because they are under increasing pressure in the state of Rakine, people are trying to show solidarity with the Rohingya
Andrew, there's nothing new, but some of the photos that have been released in the last few days are terrible.
The limited number we were able to show, of course, we showed it on Thursday's show.
As the photos appeared, people saw them and they decided to show up on the streets outside the embassy in Myanmar, Asia.
As you said, hundreds of people gathered outside the embassies in Kuala Lumpur, Bangladesh and Bangkok to call for action, write letters and hold high letters for Aung San Suu Kyi.
Thousands of people have come here in Bangladesh.
Of course, Bangladesh borders Myanmar, and as you said, this is one of the places that decided to show up on the streets outside the Myanmar embassy in Asia.
Hundreds of people gathered outside the embassies in Kuala Lumpur, Bangladesh and Bangkok to call for action, write letters and lift letters high.
Of course, Bangladesh borders Myanmar, one of the places where Rohingya refugees are desperately trying to leave Rakine state.
We hear from some of the people who describe scenes of rape, torture and sexual assault, some of whom have lost family members, either lost their lives in the rivers they have crossed, or lost their way, and abandoned their way in the evening ---Andrew.
Stevens: The United Nations says the Rohingya are the most oppressed people on Earth, horse racing.
Let's talk about Aung San Suu Kyi.
She has been under house arrest in Myanmar for 20 years.
But so far she seems to be silent. Why is that?
Yes, Andrew, the silence is deafening.
Like you said why when you see the pictures we see from Rakine State, it is difficult to understand why there is an absolute and explicit denial of violent repression in general.
What the Myanmar government says is that they only target people who have staged violent protests against the Myanmar government.
You will remember that it all started in early October when some so-called Rohingya attackers attacked the border forces and the crackdown on the Rohingya was actually a response to that.
100 people, maybe more, we really don't know--
Let's remember that the state of Rakine is now blocked.
Non-governmental organizations like me, the United Nations and journalists are not able to enter.
So we believe that at least 100 people have been killed so far.
And what Aung San Suu Kyi said ---
She just told CNN last month. -
This is not the only problem facing her government.
This is not a major concern of her government.
This is the concern of the international community.
Many people say this is intentional blindness.
When we hear statements or phrases like ethnic cleansing, Andrew, this is not the first time, and it is worrying that when we see that the Rohingya are repeatedly systematically attacked, as you said, why are women like Aung San Suu Kyi not responding?
She may not be the president, but for decades she has been the flag bearer for human rights, and many hopes have been pinned on her when her government comes to power.
Of course, she is the strongest voice in the civilian government.
Of course, many people say that the military controls a lot of security matters and still holds a 25% stake in the government, which holds 25% of the seats in parliament.
But Aung San Suu Kyi should at least be able to publicly condemn this human rights violation, and I was told by a group working with the Rohingya that they were very disappointed, not only the deafening silence of Aung San Suu Kyi, and her civilian government ---Andrew.
Stevens: of course, Aung San Suu Kyi, as you said, the conscience of her country is really called Silence, deafening.
Saima Mohsin in Bangkok, thank you very much.
Malaysia is now also angry at the arrest of a prominent civil rights leader.
Abdullah ()ph)
In a counterextremism law.
Police said in a search that they had found documents that were not conducive to democracy, including many related to the George Soros Foundation, an American businessman who funded groups around the world to promote democracy.
Today, thousands of people marched in the streets of Kuala Lumpur to support Abdullah.
Activists believe the arrest was politically motivated. (
Start Video Editing)
Ivy Josiah, a female rights activist: I think there are three reasons.
I think to calm down the anger around 1MDB in the first place, because Malaysians do want answers around 1MDB.
The second is to instill fear.
They want relations between the two countries. -
Our leaders are amazing. they have no fear, but more importantly, Malaysians have no fear.
I think the third reason is that they hope that by removing the leaders, they will pull the carpet under our feet and we will get into chaos. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Stevens: Now, wild fires continue to rage in Israel and parts of the West Bank.
Authorities say there is evidence that some fires were caused by arson.
An official said at least 10 people were detained in connection with a fire that began Tuesday in northern Haifa.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanya told reporters that the sons would be treated as terrorism. (
Start Video Editing)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin.
By translation)
: Every fire caused by arson or inciting arson is terrorism, and we will regard it as terrorism.
Those who attempt to burn parts of Israeli territory will be severely punished. (END VIDEO CLIP)[08:25:05]
Stevens: Let's bring CNN's olun Lieberman, who is now covering the latest news in Haifa.
And, Oren, first of all, on the fire, are they under control now?
CNN International correspondent oren liebermann: the fire we are in, that is, in the city of Haifa, the largest city in northern Israel, has been under control at this point.
We saw a few hot spots.
We also saw fire fighting aircraft moving in this area and dumping flame retardant chemicals on the western slope of the mountain.
But, to a large extent, the flames of Haifa and much of northern Israel are still under control at this point.
The new concern is a fire outside of Jerusalem, because the conditions here, the dry conditions around Israel and the windy conditions mean yesterday's fire, that is, the hot spot, can be restarted, rekindle the flame.
However, the damage has been assessed here in Haifa today, which is serious, especially where we are now.
Look at this home behind me.
This is actually in the center of the city of Haifa, in the center of our city.
The flames came out of the back side of the mountain where we are now standing and burned these houses.
The roof collapsed.
There was a washer and dryer inside and it was all burnt out.
Not only this home, but also all the homes in the area.
The homeowner is now home and the evacuation has been lifted hours ago.
Homeowners now go home to assess the loss and find out where they are going from here.
Some homeowners have come up with us and say they can't believe the extent of the damage.
They have nothing at home and now they have to figure out how to move on from this point.
In terms of the number of fires, this number is actually quite amazing.
Israel has handled about 1,200 fires since last weekend.
At least 250, according to the authorities, are major fires, not just here.
The Palestinian Authority has also dealt with a number of fires there, mainly in the northern West Bank.
As far as we know, these fires are under control.
This has become an international effort.
Israel is asking for help from the region.
Firefighters and trucks were dispatched by Palestinians.
Russians, Turks, Greeks and Americans are also helping to make sure the fires are under control and put out.
So what caused these fires, the police chief said, in fact, some of these fires were arson, and some were negligence.
This is part of the investigation. Andrew, that --
Once all of these fires are under control, the focus will be where, find out which fires are arson, and then who caused them.
Stevens: Thank you very much, Ellen.
Lieberman of olenhaifa lives with us.
You can see the damage caused by those wildfires there.
You're watching the news now.
Trump is still ahead of Syria.
Bloody Civil War challenges the presidentelect.
What is his campaign promise, which analysts think is possible. (
Business break)(HEADLINES)[08:31:31]
Stevens: Now, the war in Syria will be a key challenge for the United States. S. president-elect.
Syrian leaders call Donald Trump a natural ally.
Trump seems to want to change Washington.
CNN reporter Becky Anderson reported what that might mean. (Start Video)
US President barack obama: we know very well that a red line for us is that we are starting to see a bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being used.
Anderson: Four years later, the red line was crossed over and over again, but there was little progress in the action in support of President Obama's warning, although activists recorded the frequent deadly use of chemical weapons across Syria.
Shocking horror, even in this country that is almost numb to cruelty, this country that has been in civil war for nearly six years, where ISIS has been deteriorating for most of the time, plundering the country's complex and poisonous mess.
But the next president of the United States, Donald Trump, saw this in a simpler wording during the campaign.
ISIS pays tribute to President Obama.
He's the founder of ISIS.
He's the founder of ISIS.
Anderson: that's not true, of course, but Syrian President Bashar al-
Assad has been at the center of all this, and Moscow has thrown a lot of firepower into the Syrian battlefield to help him stay in control, something Washington has always opposed.
Obama: When the vast majority of people in Syria think he's a cruel, brutal dictator, it's unthinkable that you can't stop the civil war there.
He can't regain legitimacy.
Anderson: America. S.
Weapons and other support were also provided to the rebels who wanted Assad to step down.
This may change.
We support the rebels.
We don't know who they are.
But I want to see what's going on.
I want to know who these people are and we want to give them billions of dollars.
We don't know.
Of course, Assad is a bad guy, but you may be worse off.
Maybe these people are worse.
Anderson: some analysts think we should put it all aside.
Fawaz gerges, London School of Economics: We should not take what he said during the presidential campaign very seriously because of the inconsistency.
This is contradictory.
Will backfire.
If he did translate what he said in the presidential campaign-
During the presidential campaign
This will be disastrous.
But the Kremlin does not seem to think so.
Reports say Trump and Putin are very close to Syria.
At the same time, millions of refugees were forced to leave their homes and many flocked to Europe.
For them, Trump has some familiar remarks.
Trump: We need to build a safe area.
We will do it in Syria.
We will let the Gulf countries save the money. They'll do it.
Anderson: There are calls for more to be done in places like here, the UAE and other Arab countries to help refugees.
Most of them have not been answered so far.
They would rather use it as a bay, a chaotic, uncontrollable network of fighters, jihadist forces and others, all armed and fighting in Syria. What President-
It remains to be seen whether or how Trump will resolve the issue.
Becky Anderson, CNN reporter. (EDN VIDEOTAPE)
Stevens: French police are looking for a suspect, a woman found to have died in a nursing home for religious people.
A local official in southern France said a masked man forced into his home early Friday morning.
The intruder tied a staff member who was able to release himself and call the police.
A source said that killing the victim with a knife seemed to be her intended target.
Police believe the attack has nothing to do with terror.
Well, with the Colombian government signing a new peace agreement with its largest rebel group, the bloody conflict of more than half a century may soon be over.
The president and leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia signed an agreement on Thursday.
After voters rejected the original agreement, negotiators returned to the negotiating table.
But the president pushed for an agreement. (
Start Video Editing)
Juan Manuel Santos, president of Colombia (
By translation)
: Due to the contribution of society, this improves an adjusted agreement that contains the vast majority of proposals made while maintaining the core objectives of the Cartagena agreement.
What have we Columbian achieved through this agreement?
We have managed to end the armed conflict with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and have laid the foundation for a broader, deeper, stable and lasting peace.
We managed to end the bloodshed and make sure there were no more victims.
We are confident that we will play an active role and full legitimacy in the upcoming debate and fair politics.
We emphasize the importance of the establishment of a transitional government for the country, whose basic objective is the full implementation of the Havana agreement, which all departments and forces have worked tirelessly to achieve and should be merged. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Stevens: voters will not decide whether they like the deal with the rebels this time.
Congress is now meeting.
On the news stream, stores across the United States are still leading because Black Friday brings crazy shoppers and stores are starting to mess up.
We live in one of the states. S.
Just in front of the store(
Business break)
Stevens: welcome back.
Actress Florence Henderson has died of heart failure at the age of 82.
In the family sitcom Brady Gang, millions watched Henderson grow up as a female parent. (
Start Video Editing)
Woman: Oh, hi!
Actor Florence Henderson: What is the shout above? What's wrong?
Unidentified Woman: Oh, nothing, nothing. HENDERSON: Uh-huh.
This is the thing that bothers me the most. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Stevens: Henderson's manager said her death was unexpected, but she was surrounded by friends and family when she died.
As Americans leave Thanksgiving behind, locals are fidgeting as they look for bargains on "Black Friday" as retailers hope the big sale will push their books to black.
Well, shoppers across the United StatesS.
They hope to make some big deals at the beginning of Christmas.
Let's take a look at CNN's Alison Kosik in New Jersey, where eager customers are waiting to snap up all night.
Nice to meet you again, Alison.
How crazy is it?
CNN reporter alison kosik: Well, I heard that there was really a madness that happened last night.
I'm talking about Thanksgiving night, about 6: 00, and the goal is actually to do business with hundreds of people waiting outside to come in.
Yes, toys always make people happy.
He caught the ball and it was a good one.
But I want to tell you what the gift is for this year: TV.
Target told us that when it opened at 6: 00 last nightm.
, 3,200 TVs were sold every minute in the first hour of the opening.
That's great.
So, yes, remember that those TVs are something that a large group of people like.
The clothes are done very well.
I know you have 30% clothes at Target.
One of my favorite robots is the vacuum cleaner.
Andrew, I don't know about you, but I like when I can vacuum the floor, sit on the couch and watch TV while others do it for me.
What do you think? [08:40:48]
Stevens: It works for me too.
As long as you have a gin somewhere in your hand.
Those TVs, I saw the price there was $899.
Is this a good deal?
This is obviously the case.
They bring special offers.
They don't usually sell the brand, so they introduce these special brands to attract customers.
You know, looking at the holiday sales period as a whole, in general, retailers are very optimistic about this year's expectations.
The National Retail Federation expects total holiday sales in November and December to increase by 3.
Sales were 6% more than last year.
Over $605 billion.
Part of the reason is: the job prospects are bright, the income increases, and the gas prices are low, so one's expectation is that Americans may have a little more disposable income in stores this year ---Andrew.
Stevens: Yes, you know, over the years, as people flocked into the sales market, we 've seen some very ugly scenes, and you know, it's getting really bad.
Is there any report that something similar has happened this time?
I haven't personally heard of this.
From what I 've seen, what the store is doing now is that I know Wal-Mart has handed out an orderly queue of tickets for people.
Target has put this rope out so that people can stand along this line and keep it in order.
You know, everyone wants to get those special deals, you know, the greatest toys, everyone will be in line to enjoy life --
The scale of Star Wars.
But, you know, they realize they want to get these deals, but they also want to be in order.
I think you will see the store stand up and stay as calm and uncluttered as possible.
Stevens: Yes, I know there are too many people in this office who will buy one
Alison, the man in Star Wars.
Yeah, they're fine, right? Look how --
They are really big. they are really tall. See?
Stevens: Wow, you're taller than anything. it looks good.
We have to go. Good shopping.
Go buy that vacuum cleaner. OK, got to go.
This is news stream.
Thank you for joining us.
I'm Andrew Stevens.
Don't go anywhere.
Christina Macfarlane is in front of the World sports competition.
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