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noisy neighbors  -  buy air conditioner online
For nearly 13 years, Hollywood's Ben Smith has been unable to sleep with his window open at night.
Smith's house is sandwiched between two relatives, who blow six television sets to three in the morning every night.
Most importantly, the three dogs of the neighbors kept barking, and their children ran around the backyard until midnight.
Smith tried everything.
He wrote to them, called the police, sent a paid mediator, and used earplugs.
He even invited his neighbors to the barbecue, hoping they would become friends.
However, despite his efforts and pleading, there was no help.
Finally, he decided to move.
But there is no guarantee that there will be no noisy neighbors in his next house.
Noise has become a common problem in Los Angeles, where more than 9 million people live together and there is usually only one lane between them.
Not even in some places.
Los Angeles police alone received an average of 250,000 noise-related complaints a year.
"We have all kinds of complaints.
From the blasting chainsaw to the karaoke machine.
Officer Trevin Stoke of the public information office of the Los Angeles Police Department said: "You said it, we heard it . ".
Smith's case is not unusual, according to Stoke.
"But now people are getting smarter . "
"They are checking their neighbors before they move in.
"In addition to hiring Realtors, reading newspaper ads, driving around, and going to open a house on weekends, home buyers are now amateur Sherlock Holmes.
Not only are they shopping for the house, they are also investigating, asking and monitoring potential neighbors and the entire community to see if there are potential noisy neighbors.
It is worth the time and effort for many buyers.
Larry Thomas, a South Bay resident, said: "I have lived next to noisy people all my life . " He is a person who rents r for life.
"The house is a huge investment both economically and emotionally.
So, when I bought my first suite, I wouldn't let the noise spoil my peace.
Thomas did his homework.
Before he entered the custody, he knocked on the door of his potential neighbors and interviewed them extensively with questionnaires. It worked.
"In many ways, you have to be a private detective, a spy or even a journalist to ensure peace in your own home," said Susan Cuddy of Sherman Oaks . ", Three months later, she bought her second house.
"You can't rely on sellers because their goal is to sell.
You can't rely on real estate agents for this. . .
"He may not be aware of the existence of the noise problem," Cuddy said . ".
"People would say, 'I can sue my neighbors for the noise.
But the people who fought with you were very uncomfortable living next door.
So the only person you can count on is you.
"Research has repeatedly confirmed that noise is not only a nuisance, but also a health hazard.
According to Les Blomberg, executive director of the noise pollution information center, insomnia due to noise or inability to relax at home can cause physical and mental health problems.
Lack of sleep and anxiety can lead to stress, heart
Related problems, migraine, and so on, Blomberg said.
Poor work performance can also lead to irritability.
"It's hard for me to learn the lesson," said Jane Huang of the West End . ".
"My first home came with a neighbor who insisted on trimming her lawn at 6 in the morning. m. every weekend.
It's too late if you wait until you buy the house.
"Before choosing a house, these are some things to be aware of: find potential neighbors at different times of the day, including weekends, and the most time you go home.
Find out what activities usually take place nearby.
See how many people live in the house next door.
Is there a lot of walking traffic?
See if the neighbors have animals or children.
If so, will they be very noisy?
If mechanical noise bothers you, look for heat pumps and air conditioners in hotels nearby, especially near bedroom windows.
Stroll along the street to see if the dog barks at you and how long it takes to bark.
Motorcycles and "muscle cars" parked on the street could be another warning signal.
Talk to other homeowners in the block to see if there are past complaints.
Be honest with your inquiry.
Go meet potential neighbors and see what kind of people they are.
Are they friendly?
First impressions can mean a lot.
Share your concerns.
You can learn a lot from their reactions.
Ask the real estate agency why the house is sold?
Is there a noise problem?
Under the law, homeowners and agents are obliged to disclose what they know.
If after all this you will still be by the side of a noisy neighbor, you can do something to exercise your rights and enjoy peace and quiet in your own home: * talk to your neighbor.
Approach your neighbors in a calm and friendly way.
You'll be surprised how many neighbors don't know at all that they're bothering someone.
In many communities, it is not uncommon for neighbors to never talk to each other.
So, get to know your neighbors.
They may react better to the people they know and like.
* Obtain a copy of the local regulation which provides for the noise law.
For example, many cities ban mowing lawns before 7. m.
On the weekend, the dog barking all night and honking (
Unless in danger).
Noisy neighbors can be fined under the regulations.
There are copies of the Public Library, City Hall or public law library.
Many cities have local regulations online.
Noise pollution information center (
Information about municipal codes and noiserelated issues.
* If it doesn't help to speak, it's time to write.
Let your neighbors know in writing what is disturbing you.
Don't make threats.
But let them know that you will take action if things don't improve.
Attach a copy of the local regulations in the letter and keep a copy of everything in case you finally appear in court. * Try mediation.
Free in most citiescost mediation.
A fair person will sit down with your neighbor and try to resolve the differences.
Los Angeles police recommended neighborhood dispute resolution at Los Angeles City law firm :(213)485-8324.
* If these methods fail, it may be time to call the police.
If the police are present at a noisy time, they are more likely to issue a warning or a subpoena.
Let them know that you have tried other ways to solve the problem.
They will be more compassionate.
* Another option is to sue in a small court of action.
If your noisy neighbors unreasonably interfere with your right to peace, quiet and enjoy your home, you can sue them because they will cause you trouble.
You can also ask for emotional damage.
The small court is cheap and simple. you don't need a lawyer.
But there are three things you must prove: your enjoyment of your home has been reduced;
You have done everything you can to resolve the issue, including writing letters, mediation, defense, etc. ;
There is also unreasonable, excessive, disturbing noise.
You can also bring along recordings and testimonies of local decrees, police reports, witnesses, other neighbors who are also victims of your noisy neighbors.
Calculate your compensation.
Ask yourself: have you lost sleep?
Can you continue your daily activities?
Is there an existing impact on your worksheet?
Can you hear yourself?
Come up with a reasonable number and multiply that number by the number of days you have been seriously troubled.
As in most states, California's damages limit is $5,000.
There is also a "for sale" sign on Smith's front lawn.
"All I can say is to learn from my mistakes.
"Before you sign any documents, do your homework and look out the neighbors," Smith said . ".
"Don't be a prisoner in your own home.
Clara Young is a freelance writer in Los Angeles.
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