nudge, nudge: trying not to lose my cool - buy air conditioner online

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
nudge, nudge: trying not to lose my cool  -  buy air conditioner online
The weather forecast says the weather on Vancouver Island will be extremely hot this weekend.
Plus smoke from B. C.
Forest fires, you may encounter uncomfortable weather.
This is bad news for all of us.
Especially Yours.
I like that my environment is kept at room temperature all the time.
If possible, the environment should contain
TV and salty snacks.
Like many of you, the hot weather surprised me.
Remember the old Monti Python skit they said "no one is looking forward to the Spanish religious referee?
Well, instead of the Spanish place of religion, with a "heat wave", my reaction is this. One of my beat-the-
There has been a big mistake in the hot strategy.
We used air in spring.
Our 1990 Volvo wagon is equipped with air conditioning.
Perhaps this is not the smartest idea because the cost is more than the actual blue book value of the car.
Our Volvo repairman also said: "My suggestion is not to buy used air.
Adjust the system because they usually don't work well.
"Still, in the streets of Victoria, bathed in cool air in a maze of buildings, the idea proved too hard to resist. The air-
Our Volvo air conditioning system works well in the city center traffic.
Yes, you have to turn the knob up to cause a tornado.
Like a rant, does this mean that the conversation is mainly composed of the word "what? ” or “sorry?
Or "turn off the stupid air conditioner a little bit ! "
But there must be a half. cool breeze.
However, if you drive more than 60 kilometers an hour,
The air conditioner is weird.
In fact, it will blow the heat to your face, which is the last thing you want the air conditioner to do.
For the first time, my wife said, "it feels like the heat is coming out . ". “What?
This is impossible.
It must be your imagination, "I shouted above the hurricane --
Like the noise in the air
Air conditioning system.
"It's hot," said my wife, lifting her hand to the vent. “Feel it. She's right.
We took it to the repair shop.
They filled Freon up.
No problem solved.
Of course, there are still some of my own fans.
My wife bought it for me. It’s a battery-
An operating propeller about the size of a pen.
If you stick it 3 inch from your face, it works fine.
The problem is that holding a small fan in front of you will make you look a little idiot.
I don't care about these things, but when manipulating a small propeller, it looks like it's impossible to be manly.
I mean, can you imagine the Clint Eastwood movie? He said in the film, "continue, make my day a good day," and then he
Once I used my fans at the concert when an acquaintance noticed me.
He walked over and said, "Hey, what is that?
"Nothing," I said, throwing my fan like hot coal.
"Kind of like that . . . . . . .
"You know, individual fans," he said . ". “Nope.
I said, "it's a mobile phone.
My friend walked away with a smile.
Apparently my trick failed.
There is no doubt that I will be called Sir from now on. Personal Fan.
This could be an improvement in salty snacks --I don’t know.
What is the best advice to overcome high temperatures? Shorts.
The question is, when can I wear shorts?
For example, is it Jewish to wear shorts at a funeral? Depends.
Is this an informal "celebration of life? Where do they play Adele at low volume and supply margar Tower wine from glass tap cans that are usually used for lemonade?
That may be fine.
I recently bought a pair of shorts at a thrift store for $5.
They are going to be part of a stupid summer event costume where everyone is dressed in loud, cheesy clothes.
These shorts are "plate shorts" below the knee ".
It's neon blue.
I feel great wearing these shorts, just like a guy who has just been surfing with Jed and laughing at "dad" with Frankie Avalon.
"Don't wear those shorts in public," my wife suggested when I put on my shorts. “Why?
I look good in these.
"They keep my legs cool," I said . ".
"They make you look a little crazy," My wife said . ".
"What if I put them on while I was trimming the lawn?
"Only the backyard? ” said my wife. “Deal,” I said.
Next week: Did former Liberal leader Gordon Wilson send his LNG report via telepathy?
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