plant a tree and you'll have it made in the shade - air conditioner dripping

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
plant a tree and you\'ll have it made in the shade  -  air conditioner dripping
-My family is fighting.
My husband John is always hot. I mean sweat-dripping-down-his-face-in-65-degree-weather hot.
He blew up the air conditioner and slept in shorts without blankets. Me?
I'm wearing less than two layers of my fleece pajamas.
Whenever he comes home, he is taken to the living room to run the air conditioner and two ceiling fans.
If he stayed upstairs for two hours, I turned off the unit while he was away, and when he came back he always complained.
I can wear a sweater, he said.
If he was warm in shorts and vests, there would be no shortage of clothes on him in the upper class.
So the responsibility is on me.
But unless it's very humid outside, I'm an open-the-
The girl in the window.
Here's the problem.
When we first moved into the house three years ago, there were three huge white pine trees outside the front door that dwarf the house.
They are messy, with sap all over the front porch, garden benches and walkways.
They completely blocked the house.
But on that hot August 1 you have to notice that when you walk from the driveway to the front door you feel a strong 10-
Temperature drops. It was nice.
When I think about it afterwards, we didn't really run the air conditioner in the first summer.
But when the vacuum cleaner became a permanent fixture in the foyer, I realized that the trees had to leave.
The house has been much warmer since then.
As a matter of fact, I recently read that the shade can reduce the electricity charge of the air conditioner by 15 to 50.
If you want to know all about its environment, there is more: a tree can absorb the carbon dioxide production of four cars every year, while producing enough oxygen for a family of four.
In fact, planting trees is still the cheapest and most effective way to remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
According to the trees in Bailey's nursery are cool projects, if only one tree is planted in each American family, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will be reduced by one billion pounds per year.
This is almost 5 of the number of human activities delivered to the atmosphere every year. The U. S.
DOE estimates that there are 25 in the United States as plant productivity and conversion efficiency increaseS. -
Plantations could replace imported oil.
Trees will be planted by 2050.
So I'm going to salute the shade today.
I'm wearing a sweater.
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