portable air conditioner is a cool way to save money - portable swamp cooler air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2019-08-31
portable air conditioner is a cool way to save money  -  portable swamp cooler air conditioner
Q: I have a central air conditioner-
But I also thought about using portable.
Air conditioning in different rooms sometimes requires extra cooling.
Does that make sense? Are they valid?
The answer: it makes a lot of sense in terms of money --
Save and comfortable stand.
Even though I have a super
The central air conditioning in my home is very efficient and I also use portable equipment.
I ran in the study during the day and rolled into the bedroom at night.
Almost every house has a room, even a whole floor, which is never cool enough when the rest of the house is comfortable.
Instead of setting the central air conditioner thermostat lower to cool those rooms that have problems, use portable devices in the room.
Overall, this will save a lot of power.
For example, portable devices are often used in the kitchen when cooking.
After dinner, roll it into the living room when you watch TV.
Move it to a bedroom that is always a little too warm while sleeping.
I set my speed at low and quiet speeds at night so it can remove moisture from the air more efficiently.
Portable equipment is small in size and light in weight (
Low to 36 pounds)
And installed on casters to roll from room to room.
Most models also have built-in
In the handle that allows for easier carrying of stairs.
They all operate according to standard 110.
Volt house power, so you can plug them into any wall power outlet.
Many units are very high (About 25 inch)and narrow (About 11 inch)
So they fit in a corner.
If you're sitting in a nearby chair, or in several directions, you can guide the cooled air to blow in one direction.
In order to obtain the optimal airflow distribution, a model with oscillating blinds is selected.
The portable model works a bit like a super
Efficient window air conditioning in addition to the entire unit being indoors.
The heat extracted from the indoor air is discharged outdoors through the flexible clothes dryertype of duct.
Adjustable pipes for all models
Adapter board for any window.
You just have to open the window, move out of the adjustable slide and close the window on the plate foam seal.
It only took me about a minute to get my study out and have it run in the bedroom.
The newer model has automatic digital control of fan speed, cooling output and temperature.
When it cools the air, the moisture is condensed to reduce the humidity level for better comfort.
The water is collected in a small water drawer and you will sneak out and empty it once a day.
The most efficient and powerful model has a separate condenser unit that can be placed outside the window.
It is connected to a quiet indoor unit with a long and thin hose. Write for (
Or download it at the update announcement number
Buyers of 704 and 9 manufacturers (25 models)
List portable air conditioners for efficiency, cooling output, size, function, price and costto-operate chart.
Please include $3 and a business. size, self-
Address, stamped envelope and email to James Dudley, Los Angeles Times, 6906 Royal green Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45244.
We have a home built air barrier film package that should not capture moisture.
Our architect said the House should be wrapped in a film of air barrier.
Builders say the air barrier captures moisture in the walls. Who is correct?
A: Generally speaking, it is a good idea to wrap the entire outer surface of the house with an air barrier film before applying an external finish.
It will reduce air leakage through the wall.
Most air barrier materials allow moisture to pass through them so that moisture is not captured.
Please consult the builder for any specific reasons why using the film can cause moisture problems.
Keeping the cool air under the House makes more sense: I have
There is a story house with a crawl space below.
I think it would be nice to run a small pipe from the crawl space to the attic.
I will blow the air to the attic with a fan for cooling. Make sense?
A: Actually, it's not a good idea from an energy point of view.
Most of the heat coming into your house from the attic is the radiant heat of the hot roof, so cooling the attic air won't help much.
Also, leaving the cooler air under your house will help keep the floor cooler and more comfortable.
The power used to run the fan will offset any minor benefits from installing the pipe.
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