portable evaporative coolers - choose tradewinds and champion - room evaporative air coolers

by:HICOOL     2019-08-04
portable evaporative coolers - choose tradewinds and champion  -  room evaporative air coolers
The first thing to know is how the evaporation cooler works.
It is important to recognize this as it will have an impact on the type of cooler you purchased and the placement location.
All evaporation coolers, or what some call swamp coolers, produce cold air in the same way.
When the water is pumped to the mat or medium, it is evaporated into the air.
This evaporation process causes the temperature of the discharged air to drop.
The more water is absorbed into the air, the greater the drop in the temperature of the discharged air.
Wet air has been saturated with moisture, so the temperature drop will be much less in the cooling medium.
More water can be absorbed into the air in very dry areas.
This causes the temperature of the discharged air from the outside air to 20 to 30 degrees to drop.
The evaporation cooler uses about 25% of the energy that the air conditioner will use.
They may be a very economical option in dry areas.
Stationary or portable cooler?
Many people prefer to use the evaporation cooler installed on the roof or windows.
They usually provide cooler air, but both need to be installed.
The cooler installed on the roof requires a roof stand, a roof penetration and a piping system in the attic.
This will cost you thousands of dollars just to install.
The cooler installed on the window is much cheaper, but a separate unit is required for each room to cool the house.
Both coolers breathe in outdoor air.
This dry external air moving through a cooling medium is cooler than the air circulating continuously through a portable cooler.
As the air in the room becomes more humid, less water is absorbed when the air passes through the medium.
Therefore, it is better to place the portable cooler at the door or window or near the door or window.
Portable coolers have the advantages that other types of evaporation coolers do not have.
The cooler installed on the roof is more difficult to enter and maintain.
It also cools the house with a larger motor and uses more energy.
If only one or two rooms of the House are used at a time, this is not necessary.
The window cooler is more accessible, but it is difficult to move from room to room.
Portable evaporation coolers are ideal for moving to different areas of the home when needed.
Which portable evaporation cooler model should I buy?
Several manufacturers produce high quality portable evaporation coolers.
Tradewinds manufactures a wide range of products and quality products.
Their Gadabout series currently has five models.
Tradewinds M500 is their largest model and is usually used in areas such as workshops and garages.
The wind belt M150, the trade wind M201A, the trade wind M301A, and the trade wind M401A are portable coolers suitable for residential use.
These models are different in size and CFM flow (
Cubic feet of air per minute).
Champion has also produced several portable evaporation coolers of high quality.
They produce three stylish base design coolers.
These are the champions CP35, the champions CP65, and the champions cp70.
Many people like these models because of their oscillating blinds.
Champion EC302 is a model similar to a box fan.
This model can be rolled on its casters or placed on the stand in front of the window.
There are quite a few companies selling portable evaporation coolers.
I recommend looking online for the brand and model of the cooler that best suits your needs.
All businesses that sell these coolers online will ship them to your home.
To find a list of many companies carrying portable evaporation coolers, go to Google or Yahoo and type in the swamp cooler online.
The competition between portable cooler businesses can be fierce and you can often save money by shopping online.
I hope these tips will help you find the best portable cooler at the best price.
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