power supply is ok, but utilities urge cuts in use - room evaporative air coolers

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power supply is ok, but utilities urge cuts in use  -  room evaporative air coolers
There are two power companies in Southern California.
The information provided to consumers who are worried about power outages is: sufficient power, but please use less.
After a power outage on Saturday, even a 25% reduction in electricity supply from outside producers will not affect local residents and businesses, the Los Angeles hydro sector and Southern California Edison. said Tuesday.
But the roar of the air conditioner and the prospect of continuing the three-in-one
The two agencies have issued protection calls due to excessive temperatures.
Reducing the use of electricity in the region will help lack the resources to deal with neighboring utilities in such crises, officials said.
"DWP has enough power reserves to meet the needs of all customers," said Marcie Edwards, director of bulk power at the agency . ".
"However, we are working with other major utilities in the state to ask our customers to transfer their non-essential electrical use from 10 a to 10. m. to 7 p. m. peak hours.
"Many consumers seem to have only noticed part of the information about the power companies. Conservation?
"I tried it on Monday," said Larry Kendrick, 37. year-
Old construction analyst living in Tarzana, one of the hottest places in the San Fernando Valley, works in one of the hottest places in the San Gabriel Valley.
"We adjusted the air conditioner to 80 degrees.
But this place is 110 when we go home.
We never calmed down.
"I won't do that again," he said on Tuesday, when temperatures reached 104 in Monrovia.
While saving electricity and saving money is attractive to some, many agree with Kendrick that the heat wave is not the time to start changing the habits formed in a lifetime.
"I work hard and I'm willing to spend whatever I need," said Stefani Lennon, manager of the Hollywood apartment building . ".
Her final DWP bill was $129, she said. "Conserve?
"I'll put it on if I'm warm," she said.
"But I turn off the lights when I leave the room.
"But with temperatures soaring in Southern California, officials are targeting air conditioning, not lights.
The highest temperature in Los Angeles is reported to be 109 of Mount woodlands.
Although Tuesday's highest reading of 94 people in downtown Los Angeles made it one of the hottest days of the year in Civic Center, the days of the year have been hotter.
DWP's Edwards says these two messages-
Utilities have enough power and people should save anyway ---
This is only a cautious suggestion for consumers to save money and maintain supply.
"I am worried that customers will have some difficulties in understanding how to respond," Edwards said . ".
"As far as our current reserves are concerned, everyone is fine, and all utilities have enough reserves, but the temperature is very high.
We have just got rid of the severe downtime and it is absolutely necessary to use our resources carefully.
Steven Conroy, a spokesman for Southern California Edison, agreed: "I know, it sounds like we're talking about two different things, but they complement each other.
Officials from DWP and Edison said they called for protection to be a routine response to power outages and hot weather, with air conditioning being the main source of energyDiners at home
Ron nunali, manager of grid planning and strategy at Edison, said the company is in good condition, but he agreed that some utilities in Northern California and Arizona are facing problems caused by heat waves and power outages.
A statement from DWP just suggests moving "non-essential electrical use" from peak to peak-
Use time, if no one is at home, the air conditioner is set to 78 degrees or higher, 85 degrees.
Aidi gave birth to a imitation.
Statement on money written on 1994saving hot-
Weather tip: "Open the window for cross ventilation in good weather and at night", Plant shade, water your home with caulking and insulation, use a fan, set the AC thermostat to 78.
This proposal was made in the case of the Western Grid, which is supervised by a consortium known as the Western system Coordination Committee, ordering a 25% reduction in the amount of electricity delivered from the Pacific Northwest to California.
Energy officials plan to raise the cut to 33% today to prevent another power outage they call the Pacific Internet.
In Southern California, such cuts will not have much impact.
Officials said DWP had its own power generation facility and bought only a small portion of it from Intertie.
At any time, they say, electricity in the Pacific Northwest accounts for only 670 MW of the 21,000 MW Edison can provide.
In any case, there are not many individual consumers who can do it to prevent such power outages, and the Public Utilities officials and members of the environmental movement have agreed.
The problem, both groups say, is not lack of energy.
Ralph Kavanagh, director of the energy program at the National Resource Conservation Commission, said that although the state has enough energy to meet demand, recent power outages suggest that high usage may tax vulnerable systems
"Under the current system, everyone in the West is tied up by a very fragile grid, and accidents anywhere in the grid will affect all of us, which is a surprising fact, said Cavana.
"The best insurance for this damage is to reduce the load on the grid.
"Truly reducing demand is only realistic in terms of high efficiency in the public business unit ---
Cavanagh said this did not reduce the use of consumers.
While DWP's electricity usage fell 3% on Tuesday after its energy-saving request, Edison did not.
Customers respond faster to energy
Save the request when this is a money issue. . .
"This bill is a huge incentive," said Cathy Sedik, a spokeswoman for Edison . ".
The person who enjoyed the air conditioner agreed on Tuesday.
Throughout the West End shopping district, the front door of the store is open, inviting customers to come in and cool down the sidewalk slightly in front of the store.
Jill Frankel, a 28-year-old legal assistant who lives and works in Beverly Hills, admitted that she found air conditioning a waste.
But she also admitted that her performance in saving energy was due to careful consideration.
"I really don't think L. A.
"The weather is too hot and the fans and loose and comfortable clothes won't keep you cool," Frankel said . ".
Victor grauaug, a salesman at West Lake Village, has a similar view.
"My habits have not changed at all," he said . "
"If you can afford to pay extra for a higher electricity bill, pay it.
If not, cut it.
"Of course, some people are trying to cut their spending.
Gary Wilcox said that although Tuesday was 104, he only used the air conditioner when he came home at 78 degrees. "Seventy-
Compared to this, eight is like heaven, "42-year-
Old contractor 11-year-
Aaron, the old son, helped him load the building supplies into the van.
Others are more selfless.
Bob casterouta, 42, said he relied on ceiling fans to cool his Elmont home.
"This is the only Earth we have," he explained . "
"If I set my six ceiling fans to slow motion, it's 30 watts.
Up to 80 watts-
Less than a light bulb.
It will please Martin Rose's heart.
Acadia residents, professor of electrical engineering at Los Angeles, California, have planned to postpone the laundry load in the afternoon to the evening to save electricity during peak hoursuse hours.
Why should others follow the example set by him and castrita?
"If we don't, they will have to build new power stations, which will pollute the air more," Ross said . ".
"Will the public see the light?
"No," said Rose.
"They will do anything convenient for them.
The Times staff writer Nicholas Riccardi, Andrew Blankstein, Miles Colvin and Eric Malnick contributed to the story.
* More problems are imminent: the complex power grid in the West will face increasing pressure. D1(
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There are several ways to keep calm without breaking the banks with high electricity bills.
* Monitor the thermostat: set the temperature at the highest level still comfortable.
Keeping control at 78 degrees instead of 70 can reduce air
Adjustment costs up to 30%.
Lowering the thermostat won't cool a home faster, it just keeps cooling after the House is already comfortable.
* Try the clock thermostat: you can set up an automatic timing thermostat to keep your home cool when no one is at home and turn off the air conditioner.
* Use room air conditioning: they are more flexible and efficient as they are used to cool specific areas as needed rather than the whole house.
* Wind and rain: heat insulation, caulking and weather stripping can help you use energy more efficiently and reduce the energy usage of air conditioners by up to 40%. A full-
Evaporation cooler, whole house fan, high-
Efficient Electric central heat pumps and central air conditioning also help to save energy costs.
* Obvious: Use fan and shadow-
Plants, trees and awnings, for example, can prevent sunlight from coming in from the windows.
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