quick and easy ways to go green at home - outside air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
quick and easy ways to go green at home  -  outside air conditioner
Green at home sometimes means significant renovations and huge investments, but not always.
You and your family can do a lot at home and save you $100 a year in less than five minutes.
Here are five tips for greening your home in five minutes or less.
Use energy-saving bulbs in all lights.
It looks like a lot of money to buy energy-saving bulbs, but they quickly save themselves Energy.
If the whole family is put in to replace a few bulbs in each room, it may be easy and quick to replace the bulbs.
Energy-saving bulbs may look interesting, but the savings they offer are nothing to laugh.
Of the 2007 Americans
Switch to Energy Star standard light bulbs of $5 billion.
Turn off the lights and unplug the appliance.
Once you have more efficient lights, it is important to use them only when you need them.
Make sure you and everyone in your family turn off your lights while you are not in the room or if there is natural sunlight.
You can also take a walk at home and unplug any electronic devices you don't use every day.
In my 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment I found 18 things plugged in and used only 4 of them a day.
Computers and cell phone chargers that are not currently in use, as well as video game consoles, toaster and microwave ovens, are examples of electronic products that can unplug power between use.
When you plug something in, it's still using energy even if it's not turned on.
By unplugging unused electronics, you and your family can save an average of $45 a month.
If you can invest in a digital thermostat, you can program it to turn the AC on and off while you are away.
Most power companies offer free installation and discounts for the use of energy-saving tools.
That means all you have to do is pay for the new thermostat.
If you can't afford to change the thermostat, develop a habit that is a little higher than the normal temperature.
When you go out to work and school with your family, there is no reason to make your house cold.
It looks hard and dirty to start compost piles, but it doesn't really have to be.
Specify a place for the heap in your yard or buy a compost container.
If you have potted soil or fertile surface soil, start by mixing organic waste in your kitchen.
I put a small bucket under the sink for food residue, and at the end of each day I walk it out of the compost pile.
If you want to speed up the compost time, add some earthworms to the mixture.
The prepared compost soil provides fertile soil for flowers or vegetable gardens.
I even have a few neighbors who are willing to pay me to help build their own compost pile.
So I can help them recycle and at the same time make a few more dollars for my time.
Have fun.
The easiest way to get your family involved is to make it a game.
Make a poster with everyone's name on it and make a green X whenever that person remembers to do something green.
If mom is sure to check all the lights at home before she leaves, she will get a green X.
If the young Billy had planted a window herbal garden for his mother with some fresh compost, he would have got a green X.
Who wins at most at the end of the month.
In my family, it means that this person can decide what green activities we can do as a family, such as picnics in the park.
By making some small changes in your daily life, small changes will increase and you will soon find out how fast and painless it will be to turn green in your home.
Make a change or two and stick to it for a month or so and it will soon become a habit for you and other families.
Good luck with green!
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