raunchy airbnb confessions revealed - space air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
raunchy airbnb confessions revealed  -  space air conditioner
As a guest of Airbnb hostAirbnb, how to make money and keep your home safe.
Source: istockIF have you ever thought about what exactly Airbnb guests are doing, you can rest assured that this is a big prank.
According to the review site House method, which surveyed more than 1000 Airbnb guests and 100 hosts to find out exactly what was going on behind the scenes, it came to the conclusion that guests could be "very annoying ".
The survey found that from annoying things to creepy events, Airbnb's experience can be so bad that nearly half of the people (48 per cent)
Due to the bad behavior of the guests, many owners have considered to throw in the towel, and for this reason, the host of 22 per cent has stopped the reception.
The most infuriating behaviour is that 41% of guests admit to having air conditioning on while out.
Other common annoyance is not reading a checkIn the information (15 per cent)
, And change the arrival plan in a short period of time (
Also 15).
At the same time, about 13% of people admitted to secretly increasing visitors in order to avoid the extra cost of extra guests, and 12 per cent admitted to frequently sending messages to their owners, 8 per cent violated the master's rules on how they used space.
There are some interesting results.
Image source: some interesting results are provided.
Image: House Method Source: when it comes to steaming things, most hosts don't get frustrated with the fact that people will have sex at home, but they may not realize how far the antics will eventually leave the bedroom.
More than half of the guests said they were on Airbnb (53 per cent)
Some people did it in the living room, dining room and even in the kitchen. Eww.
We want to know how clean all surfaces are?
According to the next finding, we would like the answer to be regular and very thorough, as about 32 of those surveyed admitted to leaving "sexual liquid" on Airbnb's sheets ".
So, outside the bed, where is the most popular place for people to make contracts?
The shower is some raunchiness (28 per cent)
Behind is the sofa (22. 5 per cent), hot tub (10 per cent), kitchen (7 per cent).
The survey found some surprises.
Source: supply all, no wonder the owner will be as cautious as Airbnb
And other property rental sites-
Has made headlines on many occasions in recent years
The behaving guests, including Melbourne rental cars dropped earlier this month.
A house in Footscray, Melbourne, was thrown away by 150 young people who rented it through an online rental website.
Source: However, it is important to note that millions of people live in Airbnbs and other short-
There is no problem with accommodation and leasing around the world.
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