regardless of fierce opposition, rooftop solar is unstoppable - rooftop air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
regardless of fierce opposition, rooftop solar is unstoppable  -  rooftop air conditioner
As the Spanish proverb says, the Sun is a blanket for the poor.
Thanks to technology, our heating system, air conditioning, refrigerators, and a bright spot illuminate the future of our clean energy.
The solar industry is the fastest growing industry in the United States.
At present, the company employs more than 200,000 employees, of which thousands are Latinos, twice as many as the coal industry.
For us in Latin America, solar energy is three. fold blessing.
"Since I installed roof solar panels last year, I spent less than half of my money on dirty energy," said Oscar Medina, a client at Tucson Sun City, AZ.
"Not only does it keep my home in the Arizona desert cool, it also keeps me from using dirty coal to generate electricity.
One of the thousands of Latino solar workers is another Tucson resident Roberto "Bobby" rostenhosler whose mother is from los moches, Mexico.
He supported solar energy with enthusiasm.
"It's a good choice if you're Latino," said Bobby, who installed the panel for net zero solar.
"We will have work as long as the sun is there.
I want to be a pioneer because there is only room for improvement in this industry.
But the sun is shrouded in clouds-
A rebound in utilities.
Over the past four years, the explosive growth of rooftop solar has made it a serious threat to an ancient system based on a monopoly model that relies heavily on dirty energy.
Tucson Electric, Arizona utility (TEP)
At least four pieces of coal to a certain extent.
Burning plants including San Juan power station in northern New Mexico.
TEP will review its energy plans for the next few years, which provides an opportunity for it to at least give up most of its coal fleet and expand its clean renewable energy portfolio.
Alas, TEP plans to stick to dirty coal-fired power plants, raise customer interest rates and disrupt Arizona's growing rooftop solar industry by charging new fees to solar customers like Oscar.
Utilities across the country believe that rooftop solar customers continue to rely on the grid without contributing their fair share to the maintenance of the grid, thus justifying these rate hikes.
However, studies after study have shown that roof solar energy reduces the pressure and wear of the power grid by reducing the use of electrical networks.
In addition, it limits the construction of expensive and dirty factories, thus greatly reducing coal pollution and the climate change it causes.
These misdeeds may bring a bleak future to the roof solar industry.
However, progress in clean energy is unstoppable.
A study from the University of Cambridge shows that photovoltaic solar panels will soon be more competitive than any fossil-fuel energy source.
This turned off the lamp of life for energy dinosaurs.
"They need to bring in other environmental companies to provide a service that is particularly good for work --
"Class family," Oscar said.
"It's clear that utility companies need to stop the pollution that makes people sick, especially Latin Americans in the United States. ""My four-year-
"The old man has autism," Bobby said . ".
"This is another reason why I am moving into clean energy.
I am worried that the chemicals in the air will affect my children.
I can give this back to him.
"No matter how hard the utility works, you can't block the sun with an umbrella.
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