replace the old fridge; get some money back - buy air conditioner online

by:HICOOL     2021-10-11
replace the old fridge; get some money back  -  buy air conditioner online
Want to save the Earth? Great.
But you 'd better get some cash back when you're there.
We're talking about tax rebates and tax incentives, which go hand in hand with the purchase of all kinds of energy --
High efficiency appliances and alternative productsenergy gear.
These types of benefits are on the rise.
For example, the Los Angeles Hydro Department budgeted about $19 million for its energy rebate and reward program in the last fiscal year.
This year is $79 million.
But don't grind.
Promotions are usually valid for a limited period of time, and some promotions are withdrawn from a limited pool of funds that may run out before you have a chance to collect.
Here is a guide to a number of major institutions and companies that currently provide incentives and programs for Southern California people.
The online addresses of the institutions and companies mentioned in this article are in the box attached.
One more note before you get too dizzy with rebates and rewards: It's not exactly money.
You may have been funding these projects for years.
Many utilities charge a small monthly fee to raise money.
So think of your rebate as a little bit of a reward.
Let's get it.
The water and power fridge department is a used car with a green rebate: at least in the end, almost every homeowner has a car to trade with and cash --
Their background programs are common. The DWP --
Hotels serving L cityA.
Is the largest municipal utility in the country. -
More generous fridge rebate than most: $65.
If you let it take away your old refrigerator at the same time, you will get an extra $35.
In addition, it will inject some energy.
Compact fluorescent light bulb for energy saving.
To qualify for a rebate, the new refrigerator must meet the Energy Star standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.
DWP plans to give 55,000 new energy-
Low efficiency refrigerator-
Income families this year.
According to spokesman Kimberly Hughes, the project accounts for a large part of the agency's budget growth.
The DWP rebate is the most profitable for a new washing machine: $250.
A new room air conditioner on the Energy Star list received a $50 rebate and central air conditioning earned $100.
Southern California edisonce, which provides electricity to 13 million people in 11 counties, offers rebates, even a small gift, for those who are green.
The utility budget is $22.
The rebate plan for 8 million to 2008 is 2006.
Vanessa McGrady, a spokeswoman for Zhongjun, said it has used about $10 million and the company expects no shortage.
An Energy Star's refrigerator rebate is $50.
Certified model, plus $35 if the utility drags the old model Away (
$50 drag freezer).
Some electric water heaters make $30.
A room air conditioner on the Energy Star list costs $50.
There is no rebate for buying central air conditioning, but if you hire a participating contractor to adjust the existing system, ce will give you an iTunes selection card worth $10.
You can buy 10 songs or an album.
Southern California.
The utility, owned by Sempra Energy, serves about 20 million people from Visalia to the Mexican border.
The rebate budget for this year is $3.
7 million, of which about $1.
1 million pounds have been issued.
If they're Energy Star, you can get a $200 return on the gas stove, $35 for a washing machine, $30 for a dishwasher --certified.
In addition, qualified gas water heaters can earn $30.
Product rebates usually need to be mailed in a form, but at the participating retailer--
Including the most famous Home Depot--
The Southern California Gas rebate will be deducted from the purchase price on the cash register.
Internal Revenue Services by manufacturing energy, you can subtract up to $500 from your income tax bill
Efficient home decor.
But unless Congress extends tax credits as part of its 2005 Energy Policy bill, they will expire by the end of this year.
So if you're going to do one of the following home renovations anyway, it might be worth it to act quickly.
Please note that the IRS provides information about tax credits in a language that is easier to read than the engineering manual.
This information is important because there are some limitations (
For example, windows has a maximum credit of $200)
Even the rating of the Energy Star does not guarantee the quality of the equipment.
Fortunately, the explanation provided by the Alliance for the Energy Conservation and Energy Star website is better, though still a bit complicated.
In general, the tax credit for qualified central air conditioners or heat pumps is $300, the tax credit for stoves is $150, the price of Windows is as high as $200, and the price of insulation and sealing is as high as $500.
Whether it's electricity or water heaters, solar can get separate tax credits that will also expire at the end of the year. (
If you start a project at that time and it is not completed until 2008, it is still eligible. )
However, the government-
The information provided on these incentives is particularly difficult to understand.
Solar Industry Association.
It's a bit easy to understand with an online brochure. david. colker@latimes. com--(
Start text of the infobox)
Some government agencies and companies offer rebates and even tax credits to consumers who buy energy --
Efficient products.
These websites provide information on national and local projects.
Energy Conservation Alliance: guidelines for federal tax credits. www. ase.
Water and electricity sector: Rebates for residents of Los Angeles. www. ladwp.
Jspcontentidladw_rebates_scidenergy Star: Energy list-
High efficiency appliances frequently used in rebate plans. www. energystar. gov/index.
The IRS plans to approve products at www. energystar. gov/index. cfmcproducts.
Edison, Southern California: rebates from Power Company customers. www. sce.
Southern California Gas: rebates from customers of gas utilities. www. socalgas.
Solar Industry Association/residential association.
: Information provided to experts in the field of solar energy on the benefits of IRS for solar equipment. www. seia.
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